082 Praise In the Storm

Psalm 22:3 "You are holy, enthroned on praises." Enthroned on also means "dwelling in." God is dwelling in our praises. Our praise of God causes him to come down in our midst and inhabit our praises. Your praise is like a magnet to God. He can't resist your praise and worship of him. If you

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081 A Ridiculous Story

There are no limits on what God will do for you. Any limits on your life are your own doing, not his. I'm here to remind you this morning that God wants to give you a ridiculous story. Have you been coming to him with your requests to seize the ridiculous story and wildly unreasonable

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080 Brownies Are From the Devil

I wonder how often we simply settle for far less than God has available to us? We settle for less than our best and less than His best. Where have you settled in your life? I'm talking about an area where you're playing little when you were created for BIG. An area where you backed

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079 What Is God Up To

What is God calling you to? Where is he taking you? And what is he taking you through to get there? Oh how we all want the promise, but we don't want the process. We want the success but we don't want the journey to success. We're seeking instant, immediate, right now, and God's plan

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078 Overcoming Temptation

This week in BIG Life Mentoring, we're talking about willpower. Now what I don’t understand about myself is that I decide one way, but then I act another, doing things I absolutely despise. If I can’t be trusted to figure out what is best for myself and then do it, isn't it obvious that God’s

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077 How God Sees You

In yesterday's devotional, episode 76 titled "I'm Finally Ready", we heard about two brothers who were fishermen, Peter and Andrew. When Jesus walked by them and said, follow me, they dropped their nets and followed him. We learned that it is the following of Jesus, the pursuit of Jesus that changes us. We do the

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076 Finally Ready

In Matthew chapter 4 we read about two brothers, Peter and Andrew. Peter and Andrew were fishermen by trade and they were out on the Sea of Galilee doing what they were always doing, fishing. Jesus walks by these two brothers and in verse 19 he says "Follow me, and I will make you fishers

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075 Where God Provides

I often share the story of Abraham and Sarah, the couple in their 90's unable to have children and then God shows up and says "ahhh, no ... that's not the way your story will end. I will give you a child and many nations will come from you." You're probably tired of hearing about

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074 Shock Jesus

Mark 6 in my bible is titled "Jesus Rejected In Nazareth" Was Jesus the truth? Yes Was he who he said he was? Yes Was he doing good? Yes And yet he was rejected. And you're shocked that you have been rejected? Surprised that you weren’t chosen – Passed over again. Oh come on. If

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073 I Feel Glorious

Now you know you're listening to a totally unique podcast when the devotional was inspired by a song by Maclamore. Yes, the rapper. No, it's not Christian music and yet here I am as a lover of Jesus who knows every word to many of his songs. And let's take it a step further, his

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