540 Making Space for Jesus

Before Jesus went to the cross, he went to the desert. For 40 days he withdrew from all distractions and prepared himself for the path ahead. Now, as followers of Christ we are invited to remember his sacrifice and go into a season of reflection and preparation ourselves. Lent is your personal invitation to experience

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539 Middle of the Mystery

In a movie, there are certain parts you wouldn't dare leave and go to the restroom. In a book, there are pages you just can't put down. What are those parts? Think about it. What are the best parts of the story? The parts where something is about to happen, but you don't know what

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538 Calling Out Potential

What should do you do when someone is on the wrong path in life? How can you genuinely help them get back on track and live well? Well, I can tell you what doesn't work ... nagging. Nagging never works. I've never seen a changed person as the result of nagging, pushing, or complaining. Never.

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537 Unleashed in 3 Steps

God is taking you somewhere. The enemy is trying to hold you back from going. God has a great plan for your life. The enemy has the opposite plan for your life. You're either actively seeking God's plan, or you're passively settling for the enemy's. This morning we will look at a story in the

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536 He Is Willing

Luke 5:12-13 "A man came along who was covered with leprosy. When he saw Jesus, he fell with his face to the ground and begged him, 'Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.' Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. 'I am willing,' he said. 'Be clean!' And immediately the

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535 The Miraculous Stumble

What do you do when you genuinely don't know what you want? What do you do when you're unsure what your purpose is, where your passion could possibly lead, or where your path begins? Hey sometimes, you just don't know. You're unsure of God's desires for you and uncertain of your dreams right now. There

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534 Call to the Unknown

I've decided when my time is up, I don't want to arrive to Heaven pristine and perfectly preserved in proper condition. You see, I don't want to have an ounce of living left in me when I step on those golden streets, because I used it all up here on Earth. I want to come

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533 God’s Box of Chocolates

Today is the designated day of love. But how many of us know, the high expectations of today often lead to major disappointment? Valentine's Day is not a globally celebrated holiday, so just in case you're listening from a country where all of this is new, let me explain. Today is a day most men

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532 Are You Willing

What happens when we get too comfortable in life? What happens when we resist the change God is calling us into? What happens when we settle for where we are instead of going where God is leading? What happens when we are no longer moved by the desires God places within our heart? We miss

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531 The Blessing Perspective

Perspective can change everything. Seeing things from a different perspective will take the hardest of circumstances and make them bearable. A shift in perspective helps us make sense of the nonsense. Just like the perspective from an airplane window shows us streets that all intersect and rivers that connect, getting a glimpse of God's view

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