394 Rock This Month

What's the recipe for a successful new month of life? How do you rock this thing and make August count? What if I told you God has it clearly lined out for you in scripture? Yes, a clear plan for making August 2019 one of the best and most successful months of your life is

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393 Bad … Real Bad

Do you remember when this month of life all began? It was a fresh clean slate and you dared to believe this month could be different. This month could be BIG. This month you could change. And you were right. This month had all the potential to be BIG. You could change ... but did

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392 Get God Involved

Do you need God to come down like ASAP and get in the middle of your situation? Do you need him to show up and do something? Well, I know his call card. I know the guaranteed way to get his attention and move to action. Here it is ... it is your praise. Psalm

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391 What’s In Your Way?

I wonder how often we simply settle for far less than God has available to us? We settle for less than our best and less than His best. Where have you settled in your life? I'm talking about an area where you're playing little when you were created for BIG. An area where you backed

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390 God’s Doing Something

What is God calling you to? What is he doing? Where is he taking you? And what is he taking you through to get there? Oh how we all want the promise, but we don't want the process. We want the success but we don't want the journey to success. We're seeking instant, immediate, right

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389 When Willpower Failed

Have you ever felt like surely there is something wrong with you because you struggle hard core to simply do what you know you should do? Like when God was passing out willpower, you must have overslept? Of course ... because you lacked the willpower to get up and show up! We like to complicate

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388 How God Sees You

When God looks at you, what does he see? He sees who he created you to be. He sees your potential. He sees his beautiful creation on a journey to becoming all he imagined ... and girl he's moving heaven and hell to help you get there! Today I'm here to help you lean into

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387 I’m Ready Now

I recently read "your new life is going to cost you your old one." That's a really scary thought ... and so true. If you're seeking a new healthy life, your old Cheetos snack time's gotta go! If you're seeking a rockin' marriage, your old life of nagging and complaining is bye bye now. If

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386 Where God Provides

Some of us woke up today to the life we once prayed for. You're in a season of blessing and fruits. A season of joy and happiness. God has been faithful and you have proof of it. He has provided. He has made a way when there seemed to be no way. Look around you

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385 God Said Yes

God has made promises over your life. He always keeps his promises, that's never in question. So, why are you still waiting? Why the frustrating delay in your life? Here's a thought ... maybe God has already said yes, he's already made a way, it's already completely possible, HE'S JUST WAITING ON YOU. Remember the

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