503 Demolition Day

This new year of life has been presented to you as an opportunity. An opportunity to do things you've never done before. An opportunity to go where you've never gone before. An opportunity to become who you've never been before. And with this opportunity comes two emotions: Excitement ... and Fear. It's exciting to imagine

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502 Swimming Lessons

Potential. It's my personal word for 2020. My focus is to live up to my God given potential and guide others to realize their own. All the potential for the life you most desire is right inside of you. It's there because God put it there. And your desires are there because God put the

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501 2020 With Confidence

If there's ever been a clean slate and fresh start to life, here it is! The beginning of a brand new decade. You can step into 2020 with confidence. CONFIDENCE. An area many women struggle with. A determining factor between success and failure. There's a difference between confidence and self-righteousness. This isn't arrogance. True confidence

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500 Got What It Takes

When God formed you, he had an imagine in mind. A picture of who you could be and the life you could live. He envisioned it, then created you. He formed you with the greatest of intentions. I've always wanted to form a piece of clay at the potter's wheel. It's probably since watching that

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499 Before You Write 2020 Goals

Tonight is our annual BIG Life Goal Setting Broadcast. You have the potential of writing goals that will radically change your life, and I will be your guide. I will show you in very practical steps how to dream, how to plan, and how to take action without being overwhelmed. This could be a moment

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498 New Level of Living

Are you ready for what God has made available to you in 2020? Have you prepared yourself for the next level of living? Think of your life like a video game. There are levels of the game. No one ever gets through a level in one try. You try, you fail and you try again.

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497 Allocating God’s Power

A few years ago I read a book that changed my perspective on prayer. It explained prayer as allocating God's power. So imagine when you pray over a specific situation or person, you're sending God's power in that direction. Sometimes I don't know the words to pray, so I simply call out to God with

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496 3 Men Wise

Today I am going to do another take on my bonus podcast from last Christmas Titled - 3 Men Wise. I am borrowing from the 3 wise men of the Christmas story to talk about the 3 "Men" in my life who have added to my understanding of love. The first man who taught me

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495 The Thrill of Christmas

My favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night. It's one of those songs I sing every year during a candlelight service that gets me all choked up. It says: "A thrill of hope; the weary world rejoices, for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn. Fall on your knees. Oh hear the angel voices. O

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494 The Potential In You

POTENTIAL. Ya'll know I love my P words. But this one in particular has been running through my mind continually. I believe 'potential' is the key we seek for the changes in our life we desire. The potential for more in your life. The potential for better of yourself. The potential for a higher level

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