478 Day of Thanksgiving

Every morning when we wake up, we get to choose our attitude. Any attitude we wish is available for the taking. We can put it on and wear it the entire day, and just like the right pair of shoes can change the outfit, the right attitude can change your experience. Most days we wake

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477 10 Year Challenge

Have you seen it going around on Facebook? The 10 year challenge. Post a photo of you today compared to a photo of you from 10 years ago. Sounds scary because, girl, you've gotten older! However, have you noticed what I've noticed? Everyone looks remarkably better today at 10 years older! What?!!!!! Ya'll we're getting

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476 God’s Big Project

Have you ever taken an honest look at your life, where you are, how you are living, and who you've become, and honestly been a little disappointed? Or maybe a lot disappointed? This isn't how you imagined your life would be. You thought by now you would have things figured out. You thought by now

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475 Offer of the Day

Maybe you woke up this morning feeling less than. Well, are you ready to be lifted up on this Monday morning? Are you ready to receive life today, direction for today, and energy to do exactly what needs to be done today? God is here to meet you, to revive and restore you. Where have

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474 How God Responds

Today, I will teach you one of my greatest secrets to living well. A tool that has guided me countless times. It is a tool you're guaranteed to already have, but perhaps no one has taught you to use it yet. That changes today! But first, I must take you to Hebrews chapter 11. A

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473 You’re Up For Promotion

I have a truth bomb to drop on you this morning. A truth that perhaps you haven't thought about. This truth is going to change your day - FOR REAL. Are you ready? Now I mean, are you really ready? This one is big. Write this down ... God's end goal is ALWAYS promotion. Every

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472 Let’s Talk Willpower

Jesus did not come and die for you so that you could live a defeated life. He came to give you victory. Yes, victory in the area you've been defeated. Victory in the very circumstances of your life where you're struggling most. We become slaves to the things which we cannot control. Jesus came to

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471 You’re a Powerhouse

What if I told you direct access to the single most powerful force in this world is available to you today? Would you be so bold to use it? If the power is available, would you believe that you're worthy to tap into it in your life ... or would you shrink back and tell

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470 What’s Next?

There's a moment in our lives when we face the biggest invitation to just coast, go through the motions, call it in, and give less than our best. A moment when we wake up without direction and no real excitement to find it. When is that? Surprisingly it's not after disappointment. The most volatile time

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469 The Road to Yes

Today is one of those surreal days in my life. May I share it with you? I'm here in Illinois to fulfill a longtime goal. A big stage awaits. A stage I've envisioned for years. The TEDTalk stage. This is a goal I've pursued relentlessly multiple times and let me tell you, it didn't just

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