292 Not Today Fear

Somewhere in your life fear is holding you back. There's your fear of what may never happen, and then there's your fear of what could happen, so basically there's fear around everything. Where does that fear come from and what is it doing to you? Fear doesn't come from God. 2 Timothy 1:7 says "For

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291 Why the Desperate Rush

What would happen if you could catch the vision of what God wants to do in your life? If you could only see how God is using everything to make you into so much more, to bring your life more purpose, to use your days for greater impact. The vision. God, give us vision today.

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290 Take A Step Back

Have you ever felt like God is distant from you? Like he’s gone silent? You’re seeking but he is nowhere to be found? There are times in our lives when we see the fingerprints of God on EVERYTHING, and then there are times when we feel alone, forsaken, forgotten. Times when God seems to speak

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289 Why Me God

Have you ever said it? Why me God? I'm not especially proud to admit I have. I've struggled to understand the meaning behind some hardships. I've searched for the purpose and came up empty handed. Why the ups and downs of life? Why the build ups followed by the let downs? What's the point of

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288 Unleashed Potential

There was a moment in time when God was at the work of forming you. You are not the result of some mass production assembly line. You are the result of a creator who wanted you and his desire for you lead him to handcrafting you with great detail. And while the color of your

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287 A Notorious Sinner

Just how perfect do you have to be before God walks with you and guides you? How much more cleaning up do you have to do before Jesus wants to hang out with you? What would need to change in your life to get God to listen to you. Gosh, and then imagine how much

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286 The Blank Spaces

You know what makes me uncomfortable in a conversation? Pauses. Moments of silence. I fumble to fill those pauses with words. It's as if I have a personal mission to never allow silence when I'm in a conversation. Do you do this as well? Are you uncomfortable in those moments of dead air? I suppose

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285 Our Unimaginable Future

You must learn to trust there is a future waiting for you that is beyond anything you can grasp at this moment. Today you cannot fathom what your future can be. Your mind cannot comprehend what is truly possible with the spirit of God living in you, guiding you. But oh sweet child, if you

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284 Highlight the Good

Here we are, the final day of February. That itty bitty short month of winter that has proven to be a tough 28 days for many of us. The general consensus is February has been a struggle. Perhaps it was the polar vortex which affected so many, shutting us in for several days at a

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283 God’s Relentless Pursuit

Your relationship with your creator isn't a result of your works, what you've done or chosen not to do. You've been offered a relationship with God almighty because of his relentless pursuit of YOU. His grace has simply drawn us deeper into the life he created us for. The bible is filled with countless stories

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