468 Unleashed Chain Breaker

Do you ever feel like maybe you're ready to move, then something holds you back? You see what you want, but you're yanked back in time and time again. BIG Life has a mascot. His name is Tank. He's a 130 pound yellow lab. Tank loves snacks, yoga, long walks and squirrels, oh how he

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467 Captives Set Free

Google shame and today you get a whole bunch of Brene' Brown quotes from her famous TEDTalk. Shame is a popular topic today and one that has been on my mind a lot. Shame. The very word brings an emotion that makes me feel like a little girl hanging my head low, hiding from what

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466 Why the Struggle?

In today's devotional I'm taking you to Sunday School. We're going to study a bible story, snack on a tiny cup of goldfish crackers and then we're going to make a little craft out of cotton balls and popsicle sticks to take home. Okay, no we're not. We're just going to study a scripture, you're

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465 Get Yo’Self On Path

You and I are on a journey. Our entire lifetime is a journey. We're never staying the same, everything is always changing. Even when we feel stuck, life is moving on and we're on a path to somewhere. At the end of the day I like to give myself perspective by asking "Pamela, if you

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464 Bitter or Better

There's so much goodness inside of you, there's the potential to change countless lives. That goodness comes in the form of your love. Your love, and your ability to love are under attack. The enemy knows the impact your love could make so guess what does that nasty little sucker do ... he works to

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463 Goodbye Fear

My 19 year old daughter got her first tattoo 2 weeks ago. She hid it from me for a few days, then finally sent me a text that said "Mama, don't be mad, but guess what..." Then, she went silent for several minutes as she gathered the nerve to deliver her confession. Little did she

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462 History and Destiny

You have a history. It's where you have been and all have you gone through. It's what has happened. You also have a destiny. It's what you have been prepared for with your history and what you can step into now. Girl, you may have lost in the past, but your losing streak is over.

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461 Waiting For Calm

I recently heard adulthood is a never ending perpetual cycle of waiting for life to calm down, then you die. Is that you? Right now life is busy and hectic, it's uncertain and stressed ... but when it calms down, whew doggies look out, you're gonna live! You're going to start waking up earlier to

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460 Girl He Must Love You

I've spent the past week way down yonder on the Chattahoochee and I've found out just how hot a hoochie coochie is. Ends up, not real hot in November. Yes, for real, we've been tiny house living in Georgia on the Chattahoochee River. Inspired by Alan Jackson's old song, I started listening to some country

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459 He’s Watching You

I want you to imagine God is preparing for this new month of life. He's aligning blessings and opportunities for November. He's creating paths and doorways to dreams that have been sought after for years. He's planning to make a way where there has been no way, and it's happening in this new month. He

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