426 Are You Disappointed?

Have you ever gotten your hopes up over something specific happening and it's a big ol' let down? You're excited thinking "finally, this is it" then wa-wa-wahhhhh it's a sore disappointment. What do you do when you're disappointed? What do you do when time and time again life just doesn't quite work out the way

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425 The Call on Your Life

What would happen in your life if you showed up? Really, what would be possible if you started showing up every day with all you can do in your own life? The truth is, the battle has been won, you just have to show up. God won't give you the victory sitting on the couch.

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424 Credit and Value

Oh, sounds like a lesson on finances. Nope, this is a lesson on self-worth! Today we're digging into the story of my favorite disciple. The one whom I most identify with. The one quick to speak, first to get up and go, and first in line to create a big ol' mess as a result.

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423 Receive Grace Today

John 1:16 - Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given. GRACE - the free and unmerited favor of God. We have received grace in place of grace already given. Let me explain what this means ... yesterday you woke up with grace from a mighty God, and

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422 Just What You Need

I wonder if anyone is listening this morning that feels plain ol' tired and you're beginning to think life may never get better. I wonder if anyone is listening that feels beat down from the daily fight. Is anyone listening that feels outmatched, discouraged or stuck? Yes, you're listening? Great. You're right where you're supposed

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421 Who Am I

Where do you find your worth? Where do you find you identity? Do you find your worth in the kids you're raising? Ahhhh, be careful my friend, prodigal sons and daughters come from even the best of families and if your worth is tied up in them, you may be heading for the clearance rack.

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420 Rich and Satisfying

  As followers of Christ, we know our souls are saved. But does your life suck? You're guaranteed heaven, but what about your life on Earth? Does it matter? Are we supposed to just endure this life, somehow drag our miserable butt through our days here while we just wait on heaven? Does God care

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419 The Look of Temptation

You were created for a BIG Life, however you're being tempted with settling for a little less. Right now, today, you're being tempted with less than the best this life has to offer. Have you been settling for it? Are you walking in a life filled with cheap imitations of God's best because you have

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418 Rock Bottom Turn Around

Someone I love desperately is on the wrong path. I dreamed of her lastnight. I dreamed of hugging her and telling her this whole mess is going to be worked out. It's been over 3 months since I saw her. 3 months of praying. Praying for that rock bottom. Rock bottom is what we often

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417 Plug Yo’self In

Often times we're going through life running low on power and energy because we've failed to plug in to the one thing our soul most needs. What is it our soul most needs? Connection with our creator. Ahhhhh yes, when is the last time you connected with your creator? He is your power source. Are

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