493 The Hand You’re Dealt

My family has two very unlikely Christmas traditions. When we gather around the table, we play. Our first game is BINGO. My great-grandma started the tradition before I can even remember. She loved her BINGO. In the center of the table is a pile of random wrapped gifts. When you BINGO, you unwrap a gift.

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492 It’s Already Here

What do you have today my sister? Understand that is exactly what God wants to use. Understand the solution to your problem lies in what you already have. 2 Kings chapter 4 begins with a story titled 'Elisha Helps a Poor Widow'. Within this story is something for you today. Let's read together starting in

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491 Best in the Mess

God can use anybody. Anybody can be used by God to show his power, to prove his majesty, to fulfill his divine plan. You with your past failures, your current problems, your list of what you can't do or don't have, your limitations, your insecurities and fears ... all of these things are tools for

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490 Your Rescue Story

You have a rescue story. A story of what could have been, but you were miraculously rescued from it. A story of a path you were on, then an intersection that changed everything. A story of despair, now exchanged for a story of hope. This is your rescue story. Some mornings I wake up with

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489 The 3 Day Fast

Fair warning now, you probably won't like what I'm throwing down today. This may make you so uncomfortable that you need a passport to get back in your comfort zone. May the brave continue listening (or reading). Have you ever done a fast? Fasting is the intentional abstinence from something that is available to me,

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Do you ever feel alone in your trouble? Like you're the only one in the world this stuff happens to? I know sometimes in life it feels like you're constantly struggling to keep your head above water and just when you learn how to swim there's another tsunami coming your way. Like sweet Lord, I

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487 Vision for 2020

2020 is only 3 weeks away! 2020 is the year of vision. The year of seeing our God-given potential clearly, the year of new perspective, the year of focus. 20/20. It's time to SEE exactly what God can do in a fully surrendered life, anxiously seeking to become all he created us to be. As

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486 We’re Up For It

Morning. The beginning of a new day. A welcoming of things which have never been before. An opportunity for that which we have never, and will never, experience again. Morning. The time when God's mercies are new. A time when God responds to our human need personally, in a heavenly way. An offering of life.

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485 Strength to Surrender

Have you ever given up on something in the past and just wish you would have kept going? Where would you be today if you wouldn't have given up? Oh dang! Healthier, stronger, further along perhaps? It's easy to imagine how life could be if we would have stuck with the things we gave up

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484 Rock On Girl!

We're all seeking the secret to getting to the next level of life. How do you level up? How do you graduate to more? How do you get that promotion to higher grounds? How do you climb up from where you have been and taste what is available now? I'm completely humbled by the journey

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