234 Christmas Bonus

Christmas 2018 Bonus from Lonnie The ONLY way we can lose is if we allow it. May you refuse it. May you step into the confusion, the chaos and uncertainty of life with confidence. May you believe in yourself - your worth - your value to God, to your family, to us. May you accept

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233 Roll It – Work It – Trust It

Proverbs 16:3 - Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. It's time to recommit to living the life you were created for, as the girl you were created to be. Oh yeah, it’s time to get back on the horse again sister. It’s time to embrace the grind because

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232 Danger of Doubt

Doubt is a dangerous thing. It usually starts small then grows into something debilitating. It starts with doubting you can really change, and leads to doubting your life will ever be good again. How do you overcome the doubt in your life? How do you walk in confidence of who your God is and who

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231 Bye Bye Shackles

Back in 1999 I jammed out to my very first Christian song. Up until this point every "Jesus song" was out of a hymnal. Then came along Mary Mary with "Shackles." Does anyone else remember this song? Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance I just want to praise you (What ya

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230 Calling All Warriors

Psalms 18:39 You armed me with strength for battle; May I speak some powerful truth into your life this morning? YOU ARE A WOMAN TRAINED BY THE KING TO BE A WARRIOR. TO FACE THE VERY BATTLE IN FRONT OF YOU! God has armed you with strength for this battle. Every struggle you’ve overcome, every

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229 Doubt is an Opportunity

Guest Host - Rebecca Casey Well good morning beautiful. Welcome to a brand new day of life and happy Thursday everyone. I mean Happy Friday Jr - who is happy to be alive today and be just one day away from the weekend? I know I am! My name is Rebecca Casey, I am on

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228 In Full Color

Have you seen the highly emotional videos of someone who is color blind putting on those magical glasses and seeing color for the first time? Without fail, they erupt in a flood of emotions, moved to tears over the sheer beauty of the world around them in this new dimension of full color. Yesterday I

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227 I Am

God is referred to as the Great I Am. Meaning all things begin and end with him. All power is in him. Mountains crumble and demons run in fear at the name of the Great I Am. All of creation is the result of first the thought and then the word of him. Your entire

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226 More Than Enough

Today we reveal the secret of taking what is not enough and making it more than enough. Magnifying what you have to become all you need. Recognize God wants to help you take any area of lack in your life and create an abundance. There's a story in the bible you've likely read dozens of

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225 The Biggest Regret

In a study called the Legacy Project, 1,200 senior citizens were interviewed and asked about the meaning of life. And get this, the overall theme from people who have lived longer than me are saying as they near the end of their lives they share the same regret. They wish they hadn't spend much of

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