152 Damsel in Distress

If you're going through a storm in life, this devotional is for you. If you're just coming out of a storm in life, this devotional is for you. If you see a storm brewing on the horizon, this devotional is for you. There now we've covered everyone haven't we? Psalm 91: 1-4 1 Those who

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151 Strayed From the Best

The story of the prodigal son tells of a son who betrayed his family, left home and got on the wrong path. Greed got the best of him. Wild living got the best of him. Maybe you can relate, but you probably can't. Unless you're one of the fortunate few who has royally screwed up

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150 I’m In 100

We are relational creatures. We were created to crave relationship. I mean watch Tom Hanks in Cast Away and you'll see, we can't sanely function all on our own. We'll create a relationship with Wilson the volleyball if that's all we have. You may think you're a loner. You may think you would be happy

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149 Why You Hate Mornings

Ahhh, the struggle is real. Morning time can be tough. When that alarm rings and you know you have to get up. The day is starting and you're already behind. The general consensus among Americans is, most of us hate mornings. If we could skip the wee hours of the morning, we would. If we

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148 Thoughts Gone Wild

God is more interested in changing your mind than your circumstances. Within your mind are thoughts that control your life. Your thoughts are either propelling you toward your destiny in Christ Jesus, or your thoughts are holding you back in a little life far short of what you were created for. And this is why

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147 You’re the One

In Exodus chapter 3 we read about God and Moses having an argument. God is giving Moses very clear and detailed instructions on what to do next. How many of us would love for God to show up right now in our house and tell us exactly what to do? We think we would like

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146 Whacked Priorities

Could the struggles in your life be the result of a priority issue? When we elevate certain things and people to a level of importance above God, we subject them to removal from our lives. Did you know the 10 plagues on Egypt were a direct response to 10 different gods and goddesses the Egyptians

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145 Devil Is a Butthole

Fair warning on this Friday morning, the Devil woke up early and he's in a bad mood. He's trying to wreck havoc in your life and today his mission is to be the biggest butthole he can be. You'll likely see his works around you. You'll see his attempts to twist and manipulate. You'll see

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144 Circle It

This is a special back to school devotional ... for parents. Our schools may have kicked God out, but we have the power to invite his presence back. Today is the first day of school for my family and it is our last first day. Our youngest are both seniors and they're beginning a brand

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143 How To Get Peace

Psalm 139:23 - Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. If God were to search your heart this morning and examine your anxious thoughts, what would he find? Hmmmm, did you know he already has. Every moment of every day, God has been listening to your anxious

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