115 Field of Dreams

Today is one of those surreal days in my life. May I share it with you? Today is a day in my life where BIG dreams are coming true and I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm awake. This is the opening day of the BIG Life Bucket List Retreat. I'm hosting a

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114 Get Out of the Way

Are you in someone's way? Are you so determined that your way is right and their way is wrong that you have now become a stumbling block? What God is telling each one of us today is GET OVER YOURSELF AND GET OUT OF THE WAY. Romans 4:13 the MSG translation says “Forget about deciding

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113 Fireworks For You

Today, we celebrate freedom. Friends and families gather. We fire up the girl. We jump in the water. We light up the skies with fireworks. As a little girl, there was no single day of the year I looked forward to more than the fourth of July. As a 42 year old woman, I still

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112 When the Car Sinks

  How exactly do you put into words witnessing the power of God at work to not only save a life, but rescue a life from anything that falls short of the potential he placed within that person? I'm in the business of helping people change their lives. You want to lose weight, you want

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111 I Saw The Light

As a teenager I went to a little country church were we sat in wooden pews and people stood up and testified on a weekly basis. At the end of each service the pastor would look out across the congregation and lock eyes with someone, then ask them to pray aloud. I made the mistake

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110 In Due Season

Do you ever feel like you're 11 months pregnant with a dream? The time for the birth of your dream has way since past and now you're wondering if this whole time you were just bloated. Who am I talking to today? Who is to the point of being OVER IT? What was once exciting

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109 The Losing Streak

Your losing streak is over. You've been defeated a few times and ended up on the losing end, but your time to begin winning is now here. You were made to be a winner, but all good winners must be humble. How do we become humble? We first lose. If you never taste the bitterness

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108 Bite Out of Life

How good are you at making choices? How many clothes are laying piled on your closet floor because you struggle choosing what to wear? Is meal planning nearly impossible for you because a plan would require a decision and you're just not sure if you would rather eat tacos or bury your face in a

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107 Weird Puzzle Pieces

Isaiah 55:9 "“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." God has a plan for your life. He didn't just start a story in you, he has the end in mind. He sees the big picture while we see the puzzle

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106 Take A Bath

If God told you today to do something big and great, you would do it, wouldn't you? If you knew without a doubt this big thing was from God, you would be excited to follow his plan, right? But, what if God is telling you to do something specific today, however it's not big and

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