We’re all familiar with the expectation behind the word URGENT. I don’t know one mom who isn’t familiar with an after-hours crazy rush to the local Urgent Care center with an injured or sick child. We understand urgent means... “Get the heck out of the way this needs to happen right now!” Yet when we

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Hope; It's such a great, wonderful thing. The belief that bigger, better things are coming is what keeps us pushing forward. The faith that things will come together, despite obstacles, as we work toward a goal is essential to maintaining a positive mentality. Hope is a great blessing. But hope is a double edged sword.

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Where Is My Support

So, you’ve decided to work toward becoming your best . . . Everyone around you should be thrilled, right . . . wrong! Now why wouldn’t you have the undying support of all your family and friends? Why wouldn’t everyone be just as excited as you are about this change in your life? You’re not

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Bad Long Enough to Get Good

Just How Long Are You Willing To be Bad At This? Your answer will determine your success. There’s something you’re good at.  In fact, you’re so good I could take lessons from you.  Perhaps it’s music, painting, cooking, sales, or … I know what it is … you can change diapers like a freakin’ pro. 

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How Bad Do You Want It? It’s time to do more than dream of the life you want, it’s time to start living it. The difference between those who live the life they want and those who don’t . . .  H-U-N-G-E-R In the past year we have witnessed wild success within the BIG Life

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Goal Setting System

New Year’s Resolutions have an 8% success rate. That’s just not cutting it. 92% chance of failure staring you down is enough to keep you from even trying. BUT, by making a few tweaks and following the system taught in this goal setting broadcast, your odds of success increase by 300%. Oh and did we

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Out With a Bang – The Final Chapter

Out With a Bang - The Final Chapter (12/7/14) The end of 2014 is here.  We can go out with a bang or we can go out with a whimper.  Which do you want?  You have one month to finish the book of 2014.  Make the last chapter exactly as you want it.

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Operation Christmas Pajamas

Your family invitation to get involved. BIG Life has partnered with orphanages and shelters all across the US to provide new, warm pajamas to thousands of children this Christmas. Over the years I have discovered this world is filled with good people.  People who want to give.  People who want to make a difference.  People

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Countdown to Christmas

Sharing our favorite family tradition. Wonderful things come in small packages and my children have found the countdown to Christmas is so exciting with this fun family tradition.  Our hanging Advent calendar, assembled from stretchy gloves, is the perfect way to celebrate Christmas all through December.  By simply gluing felt cut out numbers onto colorful gloves

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The Greatest Attitude of All

YouTude Session 4: The Greatest Attitude of All (11/23/14) The foods that alter your mood, dig you out of depression, make you happy, increase your sex drive, ease your pain, balance your hormones, and increase your energy. Oh, and the foods responsible for your cravings and fat storage! What more can I say? Watch this

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