516 No More Settling

Your faith summons the almighty God to unleash his power in your life. But sometimes his power is at work behind the scenes so right now you don't see a whole lot of unleashing, you just see a whole lot of the same old mess. That's okay, God is still working. Your faith is the

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515 The Greatest Journey

I grew up in the Bible belt, but no amount of yelling "repent or go to hell" was going to bring me to a personal relationship with Jesus. It might scare me, but it wouldn't change me. One thing changes us, and one thing alone. Jesus. It is an understanding of who we truly are,

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514 Good News-Bad News

God designed life with a great balance. Where there is darkness, he brings light. Where there is struggle, he creates growth. Where there is bad, he promises good. There is not one without the other. It's the yin and yang of life. The pull and the push required to help us become who we were

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513 Here Comes the Sun

Most every morning I hear my husband singing in the kitchen "here comes the sun, little darling, here comes the sun and I say, it's all right." Mornings are my favorite. That's one of the many reasons why. Here's another: Lamentations 3: 22-23 says "The Lord's unfailing love and mercy still continue, fresh as the

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512 The Master Plan

If you have a dog, you understand the importance of obedience. If you have a big dog that can launch you into a face plant, you really understand the importance of obedience. Our yellow lab is appropriately named Tank. He's 130 pounds of curiosity and ambition. He loves his mama because I sneak him table

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511 Full Circle

Our God is the God of full circle. He is always at work to bring all things together for good. He is forever using mayhem for miracles and destruction for destiny. He is the one who creates beauty from ashes, and he's also the God who allows the fire to first create the ashes before

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510 God’s Wrecking Ball

One of the most powerful prayers I know to pray is the wreck it prayer. God, here are my plans, if you have something better in mind, wreck it. And often he does. I can spend days creating an elaborate plan of action, I can even be in the middle of working the plan, and

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509 You Will Win

In this life you will have battles to fight. It's guaranteed. We were never promised a trouble free life. But we were promised victory through Christ Jesus. There will be victory! Whatever you're facing, whatever your struggle, somehow, someway, there will be victory. Sometimes our human eyes and limited understanding struggle to see it because

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508 The Return Home

Yesterday morning I led the 12 women here for the BIG Life Goal Setting Retreat on a walk on the island. The sun was shining, the beach was practically all ours and we set our sights to the west and we started walking. We reached the tip of the island and turned around. And that's

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507 Launch Into the Deep

If you were to launch this year, what would that mean for you? If you were to go all-in, holding nothing back, really have your take off, and break free from the shallows of living, what would life look like for you? This is a question posed to our group of 12 women at our

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