Are you ever just bored with life?

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Ready to start living BIG?

BIG Life Mentoring can help you begin living the life you've always wanted!
I Want on December's Wait List

Do you sometimes struggle with lack of motivation and the feelings of worry or overwhelm?  Are there days you would rather just sleep right through it all?

Sister, those are symptoms of a ‘little life’. Little life is a disease which zaps our energy and leaves us living a life we don’t really want or love. The truth is, the vast majority of us suffer from these joy-sucking symptoms. BUT WE DON’T HAVE TO. You don’t have to.

The cure for ‘little life’ is to begin living your BIG Life in 3 simple steps:

  • Become Your Best
  • Enjoy the Ride
  • Help Others Do the Same

The moment you begin living by these BIG Life principles, you will experience side-effects such as motivation, energy, pep, passion, purpose and happiness. Yes, it’s true. You can have it all. In fact, you’re meant to have it all. That’s why you feel a void deep within when you’re living with the symptoms of ‘little life’ … life isn’t meant to be endured! You’re so much better than that, and you know it. BIG Life Mentoring is a unique, online mentoring program individually designed to meet you exactly where you are and help you step into the BIG Life you were created for.


  • Monthly Mentoring


$491 Month
  • Give the gift of Mentoring


  • Free Piece of Gear

Why Should You Hire a Mentor?

You already have access to countless books, blogs, and videos which well tell you HOW to do anything and everything you might possibly need to do to change your life.  But that’s the problem, you likely already know HOW.  You have the knowledge, you simply aren’t doing it.  Most of us are going through life with a DOING PROBLEM which once again leads us smack dab to those crappy symptoms of a ‘little life.’

You don’t solve a doing problem with more knowledge.

This problem can only be solved by action.  A mentor doesn’t just share knowledge and tips, a mentor is personally invested in your success.  A mentor pulls you toward the life you want to live through example, encouragement and accountability.  A mentor believes in you until you believe in you.

My BIG Life – Testimonials

test_hollyH2To say that mentoring has changed me is an understatement. It’s more like mentoring has enabled me to create the ME that I always wanted to be. Through deep connections, accountability, and real talk I’ve been able to move my life in the direction I knew I always wanted, but didn’t have the guts to do it alone!

Holly Heartso

valerie_ecton2Witnessing the women here lifting each other up according to their needs instead of tearing each other down brings joy to my heart. I have found practical and concrete ideas and application for ways to live a big life!

Valerie Ecton

I Want on December's Wait List

Ready to start living BIG?

BIG Life Mentoring can help you begin living the life you've always wanted!
I Want on December's Wait List


Why should I be your Mentor?

Over the past 8 years I’ve mentored thousands of women and I know exactly what works. Personally I have struggled, I have survived life-altering setbacks, I have face planted numerous times, and I have pulled my crap together to live a ridiculously good, BIG Life.  I can help you do the same.

Unlike so many “internet celebrities” we see today, I don’t hide behind a facade of perfection. You get the real me.  Me with no makeup, me in an apron cleaning my house while you clean yours, me at 6 am every morning leading you in a live devotional call, me when I’ve failed and when I’ve been wildly successful. But above all, I should be your mentor because no one will care more than me. No one.

Daily I pour my heart and soul into the amazing gals I get to mentor.

I am personally invested. I cry, I cheer, I pray, I hurt and I celebrate with you. And you better believe I will be your biggest fan.

Can you afford a Mentor?

afford_fltHonestly, I paid over $600 per month for my coach and mentor. It was the best money I ever spent on myself because it radically changed my life. However, I recognize that’s not feasible for everyone. YOU CAN AFFORD BIG LIFE MENTORING. Only $50 per month. Yip, you read that right. There isn’t another zero on the end of that. 50 bucks. There are no commitments, try it for a month or stay a lifetime. Gosh girl, don’t you think your happiness, motivation, and zest for life are worth $50. Once your family sees the difference BIG Life Mentoring will make for their wife and mama, they’ll be lined up to pay for your next month.

You’re going to love this and even more importantly, you’re going to love you.

What can you expect in BIG Life Mentoring?

  • Weekly – Live Online Video Session
  • Daily Devotional Calls
  • Daily Personal Texts
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Online Accountability Partners
  • A Private Community like nothing else!
I Want on December’s Wait List


November 2015:  Little Black Book of BIG Life



Do you have time For BIG Life Mentoring?

clockOur program is designed to meet your schedule. Invest as little or as much time as you would like. Watch weekly sessions live, or listen to the recording while you commute, workout, or cook dinner. Weekly sessions are 40 minutes in length and daily devotional calls are 10 minutes. You can dive in to our online community and have an army of women behind you, or be one of our quiet sisters. We encourage you to do what works for you.


Will you fit in?

You will quickly discover a bond between the BIG Life Mentoring girls unlike anything you’ve ever seen. At first glance it appears we’ve all known each other for years, but the truth is the majority of us have never met face to face. The BIG Life environment creates relationships of encouragement and support from day one. With members from 17 to 75; college students, stay at home moms, CEOs, and grandmas are united by one thing: their quest to live the BIG Life they were created for. Our journey is a shared one and we are so much better together. Will you fit in? Heck yeah you will.

We have been waiting for YOU.


Here are just a few features of BIG Life Mentoring

Weekly – Live Online Video Session

Live mentoring sessions with Pamela broadcast each Sunday @ 8 pm CST. Recorded videos, MP3s and printed transcripts are available 24/7.

Daily Devotional Calls

Start your morning with a live devotional and prayer call each weekday with Head Mama Pamela at 6 am CST. Recordings are available 24/7.

Daily Personal Texts

You will receive daily texts directly from Pamela with challenges, timely reminders, and daily doses of inspiration on your cell.  Yes, you can reply … she reads every text.

Weekly Challenges

Each week a special challenge is issued to help you implement the action plan for changing your life.  These challenges deliver the “ah-ha moments” you’ve been looking for.

Online Accountability Partners

Accountability is the key to all lasting changes.  We have hand selected the world’s finest accountability partners, put them all in one place, and they’re standing by to connect with you.

A Private Community like nothing else!

You may have friends, but do you have friends on the same exact journey as you?  Our BIG Life community is hands-down, the best darn thing we have ever seen.  Inspiration galore.

I Want on December’s Wait List

Become Your Best – Enjoy the Ride – Help Others Do the Same