Session 1: YouTude – The Birth of Attitude (11/2/14)

Here it is, the session that has everyone thinking like never before.  It’s YouTude, the Birth of Attitude.  In this session we ask do you have an attitude, how did you get it, is it serving you and how can you change it?  We also share the four ways to change a bad attitude.

(Sorry for the poor image quality. Had some issues with the studio camera and had to switch to the webcam at the last minute.)

Printed Transcript can be found here.

Session 2: YouTude – Attitude a la Carte (11/9/14)

What if improving and changing your life could be as simple as ordering from a menu. Here’s the menu of life … what will you order?  This is a totally unique mentoring session with visuals to help you place your order. This is one you want to WATCH.

Printed Transcript found here.

Session 3: YouTude – Food and Mood (11/16/14)

The foods that alter your mood, dig you out of depression, make you happy, increase your sex drive, ease your pain, balance your hormones, and increase your energy. Oh, and the foods responsible for your cravings and fat storage! What more can I say? Watch this one! (And the printed transcript is so useful! Use it as your shopping list!)

Printed Transcript found here.

Session 4: YouTude – The Greatest Attitude of All (11/23/14)


Printed Transcript found here.