daily devotional

Psalm 42:7 – Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me.

Deep calls to deep. Understand this, God is calling you out into the deep. Out of shallow living. He calls you out to a life where you can’t touch the bottom, where it’s sink or swim and only he can equip you to swim. Out in the deep is where you experience life on a whole new level. Where the once impossible is now part of your daily life. Think about it, you are likely already living in deeper waters than you once were. You have come a long way. There’s something in your life that was once impossible, but as you followed God into deeper waters he equipped you. Now that impossible is your possible and you do it every day. Don’t miss that.

Now, the deep is calling you out deeper. Deeper, where you trust fully in God for your every move and he meets you right where you are and continues to carry you out deeper.

The spirit of God wants to reach deep into the spirit of his children and take us deeper.

Imagine if you could see things through God’s perspective. If you could understand how all things work together and see the end from the beginning. This is the deeper living God desires for us. To become more and more like him. To see situations and circumstances as he sees them. What does that mean? To be able to not completely flip out when the car breaks down or the pipes burst or the school principle calls or hubby gets laid off. But to know this too shall pass and when it does it will be used for good. All of it. Yes, everything in your entire life can be used for good. And this is how God sees it. Even your biggest mistake and most shameful failure can be used for something good out here in the deep. But not in the shallow. In the shallow when life happens it is all we see. And God is calling us out into the deep where life is more. More than our circumstances. More than bills and 5 pound fluctuations on the scale.

If you want more, you must be willing to go out into the deep. This is where God is calling you. This is where you belong.

And in the deep is where his waves sweep over you. And listen to me, that’s not a bad thing. Remember God is for you, not against you.

These waves are God’s love. His love in wave after wave crashes over you. You are covered in God’s love.
Sometimes we can see the waves all wrong. We see it as one thing after another happening to us and we miss that God is working FOR us. Your world’s not falling apart, it’s falling into place. And these waves are His love crashing into you in the moments you need it most. We are literally swept away in his love, taken from all that which worries and overwhelms us and simply surrounded by his care. These are the moments of that “peace that passeth understanding” which scripture talks about. Peace that doesn’t make sense. Peace when everything around you says you should be in an uproar, and yet you are calm and confident of the one who is crashing over you in wave after wave.

Today, deep is calling you into deep. Where has your living been shallow. Where have you been just surface level with your time, talents and treasures? Will you take them deeper. Will you dare to go all in? And remember when life comes crashing in on you, these are God’s waves of love when you need it most. Be swept away in his care and receive the peace he is offering today.