daily devotional

Jesus came to give you a wide open spacious life. A life of freedom being exactly who you were created to be, confident in doing exactly what you were created to do. But somewhere along the way we went about fencing ourselves in. We started playing little, and in the process, we’ve gotten stuck. Stuck in the monotony of a routine that was never intended to be our entire lives. Stuck as slaves to our habits of watching people live on a 2×5 inch screen, and missing our own lives happening here and now. We’re chained to a rhythm that’s exhausting and unfulfilling, and Jesus is here today to break those chains.

How far have we drifted from our potential? How much have we atrophied from who we were created to be, because we simply haven’t been using what we were given? You know you can sit around choosing not to use a perfectly good leg, and eventually that leg will stop working. The ability to walk will be lost. What God given abilities have we lost because we simply haven’t been using them?

Jesus did some pretty dang amazing things on this earth in front of the disciples, then he looked at them and said in John 14: 12-14 – “I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father. You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father. Yes, ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it!”

Through Christ Jesus, we are to be doing the same works he did here on earth, and even greater! He healed the sick, he showed people the way, he restored hope, he loved the unlovable, he made people believe, he radically changed lives … are we doing those things? Have we forgotten we have been entrusted with this power and full access to Jesus who is waiting to move on our request? Like a perfectly good leg going unused loses it’s ability to function, our ability to fully step into our God given potential and power is diminished when we don’t step up and use it.

Jesus said ASK ME. Have you been asking? He responds to your request. His power is allocated with your prayers. Where do you want to send his power today? Don’t waste what you have been given here. What a shame for the relationships in your life to sit stagnant because you won’t pray over them.

Jesus didn’t sacrifice his life for you to play little with yours. It’s time to show up for your life and live it as your best self. How long has it been since you showed up for a day intentionally as your best self? Maybe so long you’ve forgotten how? Let me tell you how you can get back to that today … it’s your attitude.

Show up today to do whatever you need to do, wherever you need to go, with whoever you need to be with, with your best attitude. An attitude of grace and gratitude. An attitude of passion and purpose. This is who you were created to be and how you were intended to live your life. Not this watered down, lazy, passive version. And not this negative, pessimistic, cynical version. No, this grace filled, loving, passionate, grateful version. That’s you. That’s the real you.

Show up and live today as her. Unleash the power you have within you, the power of a living God who redeems, restores and renews. Walk in confidence today knowing every gift, every talent, and every ability you use today will be strengthened and multiplied for tomorrow. Be faithful with the little you have and it will increase. No more atrophy in your life. No more wasting and withering away because of untapped potential. Nope, we’re showing up and we’re using it all. We can do better, we know we can, and today, we will do better.

Jesus is breaking the rhythm we’ve been chained to, and he’s setting a new rhythm. Hear that beat and follow that beat. See where he is leading you. Trust this journey. When God leads you to the unknown, step boldly into your destiny with faith, trusting he will provide exactly what is needed when it is needed. It’s time to do what you’ve never done before. It’s time to step up your game and break some chains which have been holding you back. Welcome to your BIG life – it’s wide open and spacious out here with massive potential and unlimited opportunities. This is what God has waiting for you when you stop settling.

Don’t settle for “good enough” when God has all of this available for you! Welcome to your unchained life of freedom to be exactly who you were created to be!