daily devotional

Are you ready to really be committed this time? Committing everything you do to God – Will you do that, because you know what happens when you do? This is exciting … HE WILL ESTABLISH YOUR PLANS.

Proverbs 16:3 – Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.

Maybe you’ve committed some things to God in the past … well, it’s time to recommit. Recommit to living the life you were created for, as the girl you were created to be. Oh yeah, it’s time to get back on the horse again sister. It’s time to embrace the grind because actually the grind is good. It’s time to focus on becoming our best, enjoying the ride, and helping others do the same.

We all know when we’re living below our potential. We have that nagging feeling inside that sometimes appears as boredom, and other times it appears as shame or guilt, or regret. You don’t feel good when you’re living below your potential because you’re not supposed to feel good. It’s God’s red flag to you alerting you that something’s not right. And let’s get real clear … you don’t want to have regrets. And you DON’T HAVE TO. You were never intended to live the days of this one precious, beautiful life you have been given in any way short of passionate, purpose filled, intentional and fulfilled.

BUT … that’s going to take some work. Are you willing to work my friend? Are you willing to show up for yourself today and take the next step towards the life God has available to you?

Let’s break down today’s scripture – “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”

1. Commit to the Lord whatever you do.

Commit in Hebrew literally means to roll. Imagine the ideal of rolling something to God. This means you let go and you completely give it over to God in full dependence upon Him. That is how we commit. We roll it on over to God. Everything we have to offer, everything, we completely give to him. Out of our hands and into his.

What a scary way to live – when it’s out of your hands. For my sisters who are control freaks, this is a tall order, and yet it is exactly what you are being called into. Give it to God. Roll it on over to him. Hasn’t he proven he is capable? Hasn’t he proven he is always working for your good?

2. Commit whatever you do. DO. This means you have work to do. You can’t just sit around in those giving up on life pants and say God, I roll this over to you, now you do it all. I’m a just gonna sit here and wait. Girl, you will die a rusted out life full of misery and regret. Commit whatever you DO. Today, you get up and you work for it. You take the next step. The life you want is going to take some “doing” from you … so do it. Now. There is simply no more time to waste.

And then what happens? We commit to the Lord whatever we do, and here comes part 3. THEN HE WILL ESTABLISH YOUR PLANS.

Essentially, you show up, you keep showing up, show up when you’re tired, show up when you don’t feel like it, show up when it doesn’t seem to be working and just do what you can. Keep rolling it over to God. God, this is yours. God I trust you. God I will keep trusting you and then he will establish your plans.

God will do what only he can do. He will open doors only he can open. He will pave the way. He will make the connections. He will move the mountains. He will refresh dry bones and breath life into relationships that were dying.

We do the first part. We commit and we work … and God will establish our plans. God will build it. God will make it all come together. God will make the way. But we can’t expect him to fulfill the 2nd part if we don’t do the first part.

Let us come to a place where we completely depend on God. We depend on him in our work. We depend on him in our goals. We depend on him in our relationships. We depend on him in our finances. We depend on him in our storm. We depend on him in our joy. We depend on him in our delay and we depend on him in our promotion.

The life we want, the life we were created for will come as a result of living our days as the girls we were created to be, continually seeking to roll it all over to God, trust him with the results, and get to work. Keep serving Him. Keep getting up. Keep showing up. Start over if necessary.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.