daily devotional

I want you to imagine God is preparing for this new month of life. He’s aligning blessings and opportunities for November. He’s creating paths and doorways to dreams that have been sought after for years. He’s planning to make a way where there has been no way, and it’s happening in this new month.

He is searching for the ones who will receive these opportunities. The ones who are ready to rise up to the next level of living. He’s looking for the girls who will appreciate the blessings, the girls who will seize the opportunities, the ones who will make something out of everything she receives.

Will that be you?

2 Chronicles 16:9 says “The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.”

His eyes are looking. They are looking. And today, they are looking at you.

What will he see today when he watches you? How did you receive the gift of this day of life? You see because how you received today is a good indication on how you will receive tomorrow. It’s easy for us to believe on January 1st we will somehow miraculously wake up as a new person with more willpower and determination than we have today on November 1st …. ahhhh, we will likely be disappointed. If you’re not willing to work for it today, what makes you think you will work for it 2 months from today?

God knows better.

Could the very opportunity you seek be locked up and untouchable to you because you haven’t been faithful with what you already have? Yes, absolutely yes.

So here we are, 2 months left in this year. 2 months of holiday baking, travel, family gatherings, feasts, cram packed schedules, and every excuse in the world to just coast. But I’m just saying, what if God is looking for the girls who won’t coast? What if God, while he is aligning blessings and opportunities for this month, is searching for those who are willing to show up and be all in today? What if while God is creating paths and doorways to dreams, he is watching closely to see how we will live THIS day?

Is your heart fully committed to him? Are you so grateful for the gift of today that you wouldn’t dare waste it? Are you all-in in living this life you have been given? All-in for this year and the 2 months left?

Let’s read the rest of 2 Chronicles 16:9 “The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. What a fool you have been! From now on you will be at war.”

What a fool you’ve been. Have we been foolish? Have our actions, or lack of actions casued the turmoil we are currently in? This scripture is taken from a text where a king had looked to God for guidance in the past and experienced victory. Then when he came under attack again, he looked for guidance from others instead of God. How foolish, now he will be at war.

Aren’t we like that King, experiencing success from God, then forgetting where that success came from and take a wrong turn. Oh what messes we create all because our hearts are not fully committed to him. We’re not all-in, therefore we’re not experiencing all he has for us.

Let us look to God and ask how he wants us to show up in these final 2 months of 2019. Let’s remember he is watching. His eyes are searching. He wants to know who will be faithful and committed with everything they have right here and right now in this day before he lines up the blessings and breakthroughs of tomorrow.

What will he sees when he watches you today?

When you have something awesome, don’t you just love to show it to others. If you get a brand new car, don’t you just love to give your girlfriend a ride. Oh yes, come sit in my car, smell that new car smell. It brings you great joy to give her a ride in your new car.

Imagine that is how our God is. He has all these blessings, all this strength, all this goodness and he is looking for someone to share it with. He’s excited to give you a ride! He has something good and it brings him great joy for someone to get to benefit from it.

Now I want you to imagine you have this brand new car with that new car smell, tan leather interior with light beige carpet. Everything is pristine. And you get a call from your woolly friend. Your backwoods friend. Your friend who always has muddy boots and greasy jeans. Now do you really want to give him a ride? Nah, you’ll find some kind of excuse because what you have is so good you can’t just let it be ruined.

I’m telling you what God has available is SO GOOD, he can’t just pour it out on anyone. His eyes are searching, searching and searching over the whole earth looking for hearts that are fully committed to him. Oh yes, those are the ones he can share with. Those are the ones who he can bless. Those are the ones he can do the impossible for. Those are the ones he can give supernatural strength. The hearts that are fully committed to him.

Are you one of those? Is your heart fully committed to God?

God wants all of your heart. A fully committed heart that seeks him, follows him, obeys him, loves him, trusts him, praises him, serves him and works for him.

Where does your heart need a little redirection today? Have you been seeking him? Have you really, fully been trusting him? Have you been taking the time to praise him? Where can you work to get a little better today with your heart towards God?

The psalmist prayed in Psalm 86:11 ‘Give me an undivided heart.’ This is what we need today, an undivided a heart. A heart that is fully committed, fully seeking, fully following, fully trusting God.

This is what God is looking for. His eyes are searching today. He’s looking all over the earth for that undivided heart fully committed to him … and when he finds it, look out. He’s going to pour out his strength. He’s gonna show up and you’ll know it’s him because he’s gong to do what only he can do. His blessings are going to be overwhelming.

Bring it on God, bring it on. I’m right here and I’m going to seek. I’m going to follow, I’m going to obey. I’m going to love. I’m going to trust. I’m going to praise. I’m going to serve. I’m going to work. WITH ALL MY HEART. I’m gonna get my heart right. I’m going to get my heart fully committed to you. And I know when I do my part God, you will without fail, do your part.

Here we are, the final 2 months of 2019. The final 2 months of this decade. God’s eyes are on you. Be the girl he just can’t resist with his blessings. Be the girl who is faithful, fully committed, all-in living!