daily devotional

God has a plan beyond the reality you see today. He has a purpose specifically for you that reaches beyond the circumstances of this season. Beyond this pain, beyond this struggle, beyond this uncertainty, God has goodness for you.

The enemy plays in the darkness of your uncertainties. Uncertainties that ask how much longer will I have to wait … how much more can I take … how will this ever be okay again? But remember my friends, we can boldly step into the unknown with our all-knowing God. You don’t have to be certain of timing. You don’t have to be certain of details. You may never know how and when until one day you’re standing in a new reality where you see with your own eyes this new purpose-filled season of your life. Make friends with the uncertainty on the way there my friend.

Paul wrote in Philippians 1:6 “And I am CERTAIN that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns,” and you can now claim it as your personal truth. In a world filled with uncertainties, be certain of this … GOD’S NOT DONE HERE.

God sees you and he is working all things together for good. His eye is on you. He has heard your prayers. He is moved by your petitions. AND HE IS WORKING. Let all the uncertainties remain uncertain because the greatest of all things is absolutely CERTAIN, GOD IS AT WORK.

I rarely stop to recognize God at work when everything is going according to plan. It’s easy to assume it’s my harvest from the good seeds I planted with my hard work, my persistence and my will-power. I’m over here just reaping what I sewed and clearly I did good because ya’ll I’m living in abundance. Until I’m not. Until the same seeds with the same work, the same persistence and the same will-power bring no progress, no success, no harvest.

You ever been there? When what worked before stops working. When you’re humbled to realize the absolute truth that without God’s mighty hand in it all, girl you ain’t getting no where. And maybe that success in the past was FIRST because God gave you the opportunity. But should you ever forget the power of partnership with the Almighty and try to run this show on your own power … get ready for the crash!

And this is where our roll is slowed so we can once again see God at work in everything. Yes, he works in the hardship. He works in the delay. He works in the no just as much as he works in the yes. And he is all up in your current circumstances working to bring you to to a destiny better than you could have ever worked out on your own.

Remember our friends the Israelites in the Bible? They were enslaved in Egypt, then God raised up a leader in Moses to lead them to freedom, but they got stuck on the way there. Stuck in the desert. They got stuck out of fear. They were too afraid to go forward, so they wandered in circles. Circles in the desert for 40 years. And God allowed it. He allowed the hardship. He allowed the delay. But he never forgot what he started in them and the destiny they had ahead. He was faithful even when they were not.

And I promise you my sweet sister, God will be faithful to you even in your times of being unfaithful. Even when you’re wrong, he’s still lovingly guiding you to what is right. Even when you’re wandering down a dangerous path, he’s creating the Uturn sign for your journey back. Even when you’re ready to give up, he’s never calling it quits on you. You simply can’t outrun his goodness with your failure. You can’t outdo his love with your doubt. You can’t undo his certainty with your uncertainty. You’re simply not that powerful.

You know what you will find when you’ve gone down the wrong path? Do you know what you will find when you’ve wandered around in uncertainty? Do you know what you will find when fear caused you to stumble? YOU WILL FIND GRACE.

That’s what the Israelites found.

Jeremiah 31: 2:

“They found grace out in the desert … out looking for a place to rest, they met God out looking for them!”

God’s mighty and powerful grace is meeting you here in your desert. Here in this place where freedom turned into hardship. Here in this place where what was working is no longer working. Here in this place where it’s taking far longer than you imagined, and entirely harder than you were prepared for. This is your desert, and this is where you find grace.

This is where you find God was always out looking for you too. Meet him here. Run to him and surrender to his guidance. Receive his provision. Rest in his shadow where you find peace that straight up doesn’t make sense. Peace that passes understanding, yeah that’s what that means … having peace when you know you shouldn’t have peace, but somehow you do. That’s God meeting you. And God meets you in the deserts of life.


The next verse says:

“God told them, “I’ve never quit loving you and never will. Expect love, love, and more love! And so now I’ll start over with you and build you up again.”

Girl, God is meeting you here today to tell you he has NEVER QUIT loving you. Not for one minute. You can expect his love. You can expect his love to follow you all the days of your life, even when you mess up, even when you give up for a little bit, even when you wander in the desert, especially when you wander in the desert. He meets you with more of his love.

And now he says, I’m starting over with you. Yes, you. He’s starting over with you and building you up again. He’s not done with you yet. You are his masterpiece still in progress, and sometimes masterpieces go through a little reworking. Sometimes master artists take a pause, step back from the work and say “wait, let me make this even better.”

God’s gonna build you up again and make you even better. Just like freeing the Israelites, meeting them in the desert where they wandered lost overcome with fear, he started over with them and built them up in that promised land. He delivered them to the destiny he always had waiting for them.

And won’t he do the same for you? Won’t he build you up again? Won’t he deliver you to your destiny? YES HE WILL!