daily devotional

Right here where you are anxious … Here where you are totally uncertain … This is where God is about to show you he is faithful.

He is faithful to guide. He is faithful to provide. He is faithful to show his power.

What do you need today? Do you need his guidance into unknown territories? Do you need his provision in the midst of hardship? Do you need his power unleashed in the middle of your impossible? Girl, he’s got you covered. Like literally, YOU ARE COVERED BY THE ALMIGHTY.

You can rest in that, find confidence in that, and be empowered by that. The creator of heaven and earth, the maker of all there is and ever was, the one who holds the whole world in the palm of his hand, sees you, loves you, and covers you.

Have you ever covered for someone? They messed up, they showed up late, they failed in some way, but you covered for them. They didn’t face penalty because you stepped in on their behalf. This is exactly what God does for us. We screw up. We turn left when we should have turned right. We sit and wait when we should have got up and gone. Or we rush ahead when we should have chilled the heck out and taken a holy pause. I feel like sometimes all I do is create messes. I over-commit. I speak when I should have listened. I jump before I look, and I can really screw things up on professional level. Like ya’ll I’m not an amateur at this stuff, I’m a professional mess maker.

And my God, in all his power and perfection looks at me with his mountain moving love and says “I’ll cover for her.” He makes up for my shortcomings. He takes my mess and makes a message. He spans the distance, crosses the divide, fills the space and covers for me.

And honey, you too are covered. Your perfection is not required for your purpose to be fulfilled. So go ahead and boldly move forward in the life you were created for. God is faithful here.

Do you need his guidance into unknown territories? You’re walking through circumstances you have no experience with. You don’t know the way, but your heart desires to go wherever God is leading you. God is faithful here.

When the Israelites were running from the Egyptians for their freedom, they were in deserts they had never seen before. They didn’t have a map and there was no GPS. Ya’ll I would have been screwed! I can’t find my car in the Wal-Mart parking lot, how the heck would I ever find my way through a desert? They were running, running towards the Promised Land, but how did they know which way to run?

God had them covered. Exodus 13:21 says “The LORD went ahead of them. He guided them during the day with a pillar of cloud, and he provided light at night with a pillar of fire.” So all they had to do was follow God’s guide. He lead them exactly where they were to go for an encounter with his sea parting miracle ahead.

Now Lord, here we are, needing you to guide us. Where do we go and what do we do? Will you guide us?

Just in case you didn’t know, his answer to you is YES. Yes, he will guide you. Yes, he will lead you. Yes, he will cover you. Look for him today. He is that still small voice within that says “this way”. He is that feeling in your gut that says “this isn’t right.”

Do you need his provision in the midst of hardship? Things got real and life got hard here. What was once easy and guaranteed has been threatened and you’re unsure of how you will make it through. Oh, our God has you covered sweet girl.

When Ruth and Naomi were in their hardship, having both lost their husbands and struggling to find food to eat, God covered them. He guided Ruth to a field of provision. A field belonging to Boaz, a rich and powerful man. Ruth was there to just gather what the harvesters of the field had dropped, hoping to find enough to eat.

But our God is the Lord of the harvest. When he provides, HE PROVIDES. He worked in the heart of Boaz who instructed his workers in Ruth 2:16 “Pull out some heads of barley from the bundles and drop them on purpose for her. Let her pick them up, and don’t give her a hard time!”

I don’t know how God will provide for you in your hardship, BUT I KNOW HE WILL. He will work through ordinary people to do something extraordinary. He will care for you, he will cover you, and you will make it through this.

Look for his hand at work today. Look for his provision in the details. Don’t miss all he does. Yes, his provision is finding food left in the field on purpose for you. Yes, his provision is having just enough for today. It may seem unimpressive, but this is his provision for you. His faithfulness surrounds you. Receive it with gratitude.

Do you need his power unleashed in the middle of your impossible? Have you done all you can do and you’re now stuck? Ahhhhh, this is where God does his greatest work! Celebrate in this impossible, because God’s about to make it possible.

Joshua led the Israelite army right up to the impossible walls of Jericho. Walls no man could scale. Walls no man could bring down. There was nothing his army could do to overcome this obstacle. But, God had them covered.

He had a plan. Now, God’s plans don’t always sound reasonable. They don’t always make sense. But God is faithful to do what only he can do, and sometimes in ways we simply won’t understand. God spoke to Joshua and gave him the most ridiculous battle plan. March around the walls 6 times for 6 days. On the 7th day, march around the wall 7 times then blow a horn, yell real loud and watch what happens.

That makes absolutely no sense.

Maybe you’re waiting for a plan that makes sense and God is planning something miraculous instead. Hey, bring on the miraculous. Let his power be unleashed here int eh middle of this impossible. Will you stop demanding it make sense and trust God to be faithful?

Joshua and his army did the most ridiculous thing, they started marching. Before it made sense. Before they could rationalize it. They trusted God’s power to be unleashed here. Joshua 6:20 says “When the trumpets sounded, the army shouted, and … the wall collapsed; so everyone charged straight in, and they took the city.”

I have some walls that need to come down. I’ve tried to bring them down on my own and it’s impossible. This is a job for God.

Do you have one of those jobs for God in your life? An impossible situation where you’ve done all you can do and it’s still not enough? Invite God on the scene. Hey God, what’s your plan? And this time, I don’t have to understand your plan to trust it. It doesn’t have to make sense before I start marching. Here’s my impossible, I desperately need your power.

Right here where you are anxious … Here where you are totally uncertain … This is where God is about to show you he is faithful.

He is faithful to guide. He is faithful to provide. He is faithful to show his power.