daily devotional

There are two steadfast, unchanging, forever true statements that apply to every single day of your life. If you get these truths down deep in your soul and operate from them, you will struggle less and find joy more.


God is always good and the devil is always a liar. Always. Without fail. God’s goodness surrounds you and the devil’s lies bombard you. God’s goodness goes before you and the devil’s lies chase you. And here’s the thing … neither of those will ever stop.

God is good. It’s who he is and how he operates. There is no bad in him. There are no lengths to which he will not go to prove his goodness to you. He’s already given the ultimate sacrifice in his son for your rescue. That’s how good he is.

I like to think of myself as a good person, but sorry ’boutcha, I’m not giving one of my kids to save your butt. That plain ol’ ain’t happening! But that kind of love has been proven for you. God declared nothing would stand in the way of the goodness he has planned for you, so he cleared every barrier you could ever create. There’s no sin you can’t come back from, no bad path you can’t turn around on, no wrong that hasn’t already been made right. Nothing can stop his goodness from getting through to you. Again and again, God wakes you up with the offering of a life you don’t deserve.

You may think your good deeds have earned you the right to a good life. But look around sister, my guess is you won’t have to look far to find someone who has given more in their life and never wavered from their faith, yet their circumstances are worse than yours. We are entitled to absolutely nothing. None of us get what we deserve, thank God. Everything we have is a gracious blessing from God above. Everything that didn’t go disastrously wrong is a direct result of your good God who saves you again and again.

God is always good. Where that truth gets twisted is when bad things happen. How could a good God allow this to happen? If he has the power to change it or stop it, why doesn’t he? Is he withholding his goodness? I’ve struggled with that question. I would love to tell you I have the answer that will help you never question his goodness again. I don’t. Faith is required here.

We live in a fallen world where we’re all running around with free will. We’re not holy robots operating from a divine motherboard that always does the right thing. We’re human, and humans royally jack things up. We’re like sheep who continually wander off into ditches and ruts and get stuck in the same thing we were just saved from. That’s why God sent us the Good Shepherd. Jesus rescues us time and time again. Every day he brings us back in. Every day he redirects our wandering steps. Every day he cares for us as we snuggle up close one minute, then go running wild the next.

Psalm 106:1 “Praise the Lord! Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His faithful love endures forever.”

God’s goodness never stops. He never stops pursuing you. Never stops rearranging things for you. Never stops making things new again after we screw them up. He is always good. He is always taking what is bad and working it together to make it good. Today’s circumstances may not be good. People may have made the wrong choices and now they effect you. You may have been hurt, used, abandoned, discounted, run-over, over looked, talked about, left out, singled out, pushed out, and counted out, but in the mighty and capable hands of God, every single bit of that can be worked together for good.

In your hands, maybe not so much. That’s why you have to turn it over. Let it go. Hand it over to the God of goodness and let him work with it. What he can do with your broken pieces is greater than you could have ever done with the whole thing!

Whatever you’re going through, God’s love is not going to run out in this. His goodness is not going to be used up. He’s not giving up on you just because you keep taking one step forward and two steps back. The Lord loves a good tango! Your missteps become a beautiful dance with God. His goodness will outlast your circumstances. His goodness will endure this hardship. His goodness will only be multiplied in this struggle.

Go ahead and praise him now for what you can’t see coming. Thank him in advance for his good works concerning you. They’re on their way!

Why? Because God is always good.

And the devil is always a liar. Why are you still shocked by the cunning and crafty ways of the enemy? Why are you still offended by his personal attacks and surprised by his low blows? A snake is a snake, and he’s the king daddy of snakes. Of course he slithers around and strikes. That’s what snakes do!

Let me tell you something … liars lie. The devil is a liar so all he’s going to do is spew his desperate, dark lies towards you, the girl who’s been called to the light and been set free. He wants you back in his darkness. He wants your company in this despair. He craves your depressed thoughts. He feeds on your worries and twists them to become crippling. He holds you back with his whispered lies that twist God’s truths about you and your future to render you incapable of stepping into the power available to you.

The devil is always lying. Jesus told us in John 8: 44 “(The devil) was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

We must learn to recognize his lies. I wonder if you have believed any of his untruths. I wonder what twisted crap from the pits of hell you’ve been tricked into believing in your life. Today, we are walking around as loved and chosen daughters of the King with the spirit of God dwelling within us, but we have surrendered our power because of a lie we have believed. A lie that tells us we’re not good enough. A lie that tells us we can’t. A lie that tells us something bad will happen if we step out and step up. A lie that tells us we are stuck. A lie that tells us we will never change. A lie that tells us we’re broken beyond repair. A lie that tells us we’re inadequate and unworthy.

Have you ever simply asked God to help you single out the lies you’ve believed? Have you asked him for wisdom in knowing the difference between what is truth to push your forward, and a lie to hold you back?

To me, there’s only one way to no longer be fooled by the lies of the enemy. One way to overcome the attacks from the pits of hell that are specially designed to hit your weakness and poke at your wound. Ask God for discernment. Lord, help me to know when I’m hearing a lie. Help me to know when I’m believing a lie. Help me to know when I’m operating from a lie that I’ve believed for years and it’s hindering me from living up to the potential you placed within me.

God is always good. He’s always at work in the details of your life to make them good. He’s always seeking to pour his goodness out for you. He’s always plotting to guide you to the goodness he has in mind for you.

The devil is always lying. Liars lie. End of story. He can never be believed. There is no truth in him. Never again be fooled by his lies and adopt them as your truths. Never again trade your peace in the truth for worries over his lies. Never again accept his dealings of twisted stories and guaranteed defeat. He’s the defeated one, don’t let him drag you down with him.

God is always good. Dwell in his goodness today. The devil is always a liar. Don’t believe him today.