daily devotional

Today, the sun came up. Whether you chose to sneak a peak at it or not, it happened. Faithfully, the new day began. It began because God directed it to do so. That is all. Simply nothing else matters beyond God’s direction. Nothing can stop, delay or change what God has directed.

And with the rising of the sun came this new day of life specifically for YOU. Yes, God declared today you would be alive. Today you would be present for this. Today your life would have meaning and purpose and you would wake up for it. Here it is. Nothing can stop that. Nothing can delay this. Nothing can change it. You are here because you’re supposed to be here, and you’re here today for something remarkable.

Why is it most of our days we wake up never expecting anything remarkable? Why is it being alive has grown old to us? Why is it the long list of everything that is working and functioning without a second thought has been overshadowed by the few little aches and pains we obsess over? Why is it we so quickly dismiss the blessing of today with a single burden to be carried?

Just as the sun came up today, the sun will set today. This day will not last forever and it will be sealed with the disappearing light and the return to darkness. Today will only be here for a few hours. The question is, what will you do with the light while it’s here? What will you do with this once in a lifetime, unique opportunity to live?

DO NOT WASTE THIS. Will you promise to not waste this day you have been given?

Psalm 118:24 “This is the day the LORD has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Will we really rejoice and be glad today, or will we save that for a more remarkable day? Afterall, it is just Wednesday. It’s the middle of the week, 3/4 of the way through September. Will we really rejoice today and be glad? Will we really treat today as if it’s something remarkable, or will we just wait for it to pass? Will we dismiss the remarkable gift of being alive because of this less than perfect reality?

The Good News Translation of Psalm 118:24 reads “This is the day of the LORD’s victory; let us be happy, let us celebrate!”

Hasn’t God given you victory over something? Hasn’t he won a battle for you? Think about the thing you once struggled with that you no longer even have to think about. That’s VICTORY! The thing you used to worry about is no longer a concern to you at all. That’s VICTORY! The exact thing you once prayed about is now your every day reality. That’s VICTORY!

Girl, you are walking in absolute, undeniable, pure victory today. God has empowered you to overcome. He has strengthened you to keep going. He has guided you to sweet moments and better days. Here you are!

Now, don’t let the enemy come in and defeat you with his nonsense. Don’t allow the evil one to show up in the middle of your remarkable day of living and end your celebration all because he throws a bone of worry your way. Don’t chew on that! Look where it came from. That bone came from hell! That’s not yours to be chewing on! Dismiss that worry, don’t drag it around with you.

When you allow that worry to infest your mind, your happy celebration for the victory God gave you turns into a dark pity party of defeat. And wow, the devil can sure decorate for a pity party can’t he? He can bring in all the pitiful party favors that remind you it’s so much harder for you than everyone else. It’s so unfair. It’s so scary. And you’re so pitiful.

But sis, that pity is poison. Poison to the power God has placed within you. Poison to all God has declared is possible in your life. And while you may be entitled to that poison and it’s rightfully yours to declare with your pity, remember what you sacrifice in exchange. You sacrifice the victory God has offered you today. You exchange the victory that is already yours for the earned defeat of the evil one. That’s his defeat … NOT YOURS. Misery loves company. The devil is miserable, don’t give him your company and be miserable with him. No more dancing with the devil. You’re better than that!

Today, there is victory for you. Victory over the warfare happening in your head. Victory over the poison of pity you’ve been sipping on. Victory over the bone of worry you’ve drug in your house and been chewing on. God has already gone before you today and declared there is LIFE TODAY!

And he said this day, the sun will come up and it will shine it’s light on every victory God has won for you.

This is NOT the day of the Lord’s defeat, that’s for dang sure. God will not lose today. He will not be overcome. He will not be backed in a corner and surrender to pressure. He will not give up today. GOD WILL WIN TODAY! His victory is guaranteed, and because of that you can be happy and celebrate. You can trust he’s got you and he’s got this. He’s already made a way for victory here. He’s already done something remarkable, whether you see it or not.

It’s here today, and you’re here for it.

You’re not defeated. You’re not overwhelmed. You’re not incapable. You’re not losing. You’re alive on this day of victory, now enjoy the light! This is the day of the Lord’s victory, let us be happy, let us celebrate!

The sun will rise and the sun will set today. What we choose to do with the light while it’s here is up to us.