daily devotional

Sometimes it feels like we don’t have enough. There’s not enough time. Not enough money. Not enough help. Sometimes we feel like we’re not enough. We’re not good enough. Not smart enough. Not pretty enough. Not anything enough.

So, we walk around looking at our life as if nothing is enough. We’re always lacking. Always in need. Always coming up short. Always feeling if we had more of this or more of that we would be better and do better, but we don’t. So we don’t.

God designed your entire life around a relationship with him. If you have an abundance of everything, guess what … you no longer need the Almighty. Your daily need creates a daily relationship with your Creator. Your need and his faithful provision forms a level of trust you wouldn’t know otherwise.

Remember when the Israelites were in the desert, starving because they had run out of food? Do you remember how God provided for them? Was it a Golden Corral buffet with all you can eat meat that popped up overnight? Was it a Chic-fil-A with the world’s best chicken sandwiches on the corner? Was it a Conoco gas station with 24 hour snacks available? No, it was this dew on the ground that when worked became a bread. They called it manna from Heaven. That’s how God provided. The key was, it was just for that day.

Exodus 16: 4-5 “I will rain down bread from heaven for you. The people are to go out each day and gather enough for that day. In this way I will test them and see whether they will follow my instructions. On the sixth day they are to prepare what they bring in, and that is to be twice as much as they gather on the other days.”

Yes, God gave them enough for the day only. Enough. Just for one day. Why? To build their trust and test their faith.

Maybe that’s where you are today. You have enough, but it’s only enough for today. You have no idea how you’re going to make it through tomorrow. You don’t see tomorrow’s provisions here today. And what are you going to do next month? How the heck is this going to work next year? What you have certainly doesn’t look like enough and the truth is you’re freaking out a little. But maybe, just maybe, in this season God is building your trust and testing your faith.

Will you trust his provision is here for today and see that it is enough? Will you have faith he will do the same for you tomorrow too?

What happened when the Israelites didn’t trust for God’s provision the next day and gathered extra manna just in case? It would be filled with maggots and rot. This break in trust and lack of faith created a rot in their provision. It went bad. And sister, the same exact thing happens to us now. When we start thinking God is not trustworthy for our tomorrow, we create a rot in what we do have. Things go rotten for us.

What has grown rotten in your life? What has gone bad? Could it be because you tried to do this thing on your own? Could it be because deep down, you really didn’t trust God was going to show up and do anything for you? Could it be because you needed to know exactly what you would have tomorrow, and this need for security and certainty just turned everything bad?

God wants us to depend on him daily. Honey if you have this whole thing figured out with your fool proof 10 year plan, why would you need God? Eventually you would stop seeking his hand because your hands are already full. So, he fills your hands, but he fills them with only enough for today.

And that is enough. Yes, this is enough. Say it … ENOUGH.

Why does God work this way? So you keep coming back tomorrow. A daily relationship. A daily trust. A daily connection.

I may not be comfortable with the unknown. I may not see how in the world this is going to work out. I may not understand how God is going to show up tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. But I know today he has given me enough.

The Israelites soon became ungrateful for their daily supply of enough and started grumbling and complaining. Whining and wallowing. As a result, they sacrificed where God was leading them and settled in the desert for the rest of their lives. Their potential was unmet. Their Promise Land was unattained. All because what was enough for the day was not enough for their happiness.

Oh sis, don’t let that be us. Don’t let us be spoiled brats complaining over the miraculous provision of God each day. Don’t let us complain over the job we hate while we’re not doing a darn thing to change it. Don’t let us worry over the stresses of tomorrow when tomorrow hasn’t even shown up yet and today is going unlived. Don’t let us waste what we have been given today with an arrogant assumption there will always be more. More time, more opportunities, more blessings. What we have is for today. You can’t save this time for tomorrow. You can’t hold back these opportunities for when you feel more ready. You can’t store up these blessings and hope to pull them out in the future. It’s here for today.

Girl you have enough. Enough for today. Receive it with gratitude, don’t waste it, and trust that tomorrow will come with tomorrow’s provision. Enough.

This is enough. It is enough for me to be happy. It is enough for me to be grateful. It is enough for me to work with. It is enough for me to trust God.

This is a test. A test of trusting God on the daily. How are you doing with that test?

Now, are you ready for a little spin on this to really spark that fire inside you? Oh, girl, get yourself ready! This morning I was listening to an old Elevation Church podcast and he was talking about not only having enough, but being enough.

If you trust God enough to believe he is enough, and do you believe if God is enough, so are you? If God is your Creator, he made you and equipped you, now dwells within you, hasn’t he made you enough?

God will never put you in a situation he will not make you enough for. You may not currently be equipped for the future, but girl when you get there God will have equipped you for it, trained you up, prepared you properly, and you will be made enough by him.

Because of your God, YOU ARE ENOUGH. He is enough, he has given you enough, and he has made you enough.


Enough of that worrying. Enough of that complaining. Enough of that negative role play you’ve got going on in your mind telling stories of future failure and misery. Enough of that waste. Enough! That ends now.

Look around, God has given you everything you need for today. You have enough. You are enough. Now gather up what God has given you and use it today because this stuff can’t be saved for tomorrow!

You’ve got some living to do here and you have just enough to live today!