daily devotional

We are all too familiar with the voice that tells us we’re not good enough. When the voice says ‘you can’t …’, we complete the sentence ourselves. I can’t change. I can’t wake up. I can’t overcome this. I can’t break this habit. I can’t do this. Well here’s a new ending to that sentence for you “I can’t keep listening to this voice!” This is craziness. That voice is the hijacker jacking up your life.

When you realize the origin of that voice is the pits of hell, then you realize the intent of that voice is to do nothing less that steal, kill and destroy. That’s when you decide you can’t keep listening to this voice. It’s still there, it will never go away. But there’s another station you can tune into.

If you’re listening to the radio and a sad sappy song comes on when you’re needing a pump you up jam, what do you do? Do you just sit there and listen to the sad sappiness any way? Do you let those words evoke your feelings and depress your soul? What do you do when gangster rap comes on when the kids are in the car? What do you do when the song you most hate to have stuck in your head comes on the radio. Do you sit there and keep listening? I mean you could, but why? Why would you do that when you have the power to change the station? There’s always something different on if you tune in.

God is always speaking, and always hoping you will tune in. But honey, if you’re still listening to that crappy station of the enemy consuming you with all those negative thoughts, you’re not hearing what God is saying. That’s a different station! You’ll never know what God is saying to you if you’re not tuned in.

It’s time to turn the channel and change the station.

When the enemy’s voice starts whispering at me, I do a physical turn. I turn my head, like I’m turning the dial, and I change the channel. Yeah, yeah devil, I hear you, but what does God say? And with that turn, I tune into a different station and I can hear what God says to me. If I should choose to return to the old station where the enemy yacks at me, then I hear him again, but why do that? Why give him space in my life? Why listen to him for one more minute?

Now maybe you’ve been listening to the enemy so long it’s a pre-set station that comes on first thing in the morning. It’s like starting your car and it just keeps going to that station. Okay, you still have the power to change it as soon as you recognize it, right? Fine tune the alarms in your head to blare “WRONG STATION, WRONG STATION!” Then do your physical turn to see what God is saying instead.

You know the enemy is always talking. He’s always available to cut you down and tear you up. But know this … God is always talking too. God’s power to speak to us is so much greater than the enemies. Sometimes we’re just not tuned into his station. He’s still there. We’re simply not dialed in to hear him.

Maybe you don’t know the station to hear God on. You want to hear him, but the station you’ve been listening to clearly isn’t him. You’re not even sure how to tune into him. It’s been so long since you heard his voice. What should you do?

Ahhhhhh, SEEK!

You know that seek button on your radio that runs through all the stations and stops when one comes in clearly? It’s testing to see what you want to listen to. You hear it, that’s not it, then hit the seek again until you find it.

This is your answer. Keep seeking. Just because you woke up to the wrong station shouting negativity at you, doesn’t mean you have to keep listening to it. CHANGE IT. SEEK SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

Jeremiah 29:13 “You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.”

God, we are seeking you today. We are seeking what you say about us. We are seeking your voice in our lives. Don’t let us stop on any other station until we find you. With all our hearts, we want to hear what you say.

Isn’t that your desire? You’ve come to the place in your life where you don’t give a flying flip what the enemy says, you just want to know what God says. The enemy is going to keep spewing his lies and dealing his insults, but if you aren’t listening to his station anymore, you don’t even hear it. Oh he will try to interrupt, but you have the power to tune him out.

Maybe you’ve been a faithful listener of the enemy’s station for most of your life. You have the bumper sticker at this point. TDSL (The Devil Speaks Loud) 66.6. It’s time to change the station sister! Start seeking what else there is for you. I promise you this, there is so much more for you!

As you seek, you will hear many different voices. Keep seeking until you land on the one you know is God. How will you know it’s him? Something within you just knows. Your spirit confirms THIS IS GOD. Jesus said in John 10:27 “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”

Like the sheep know their shepherd and they respond to his call, we too naturally know our Jesus. Our Spirit responds with a resounding affirmation, yes, this is my God. Yes, this is my truth. Yes, I can trust this.

God says you are chosen.
God says you are created perfectly for a divine purpose.
God says you are his masterpiece.
God says you are destined for good things.
God says you are his beloved.
God says you are never alone.
God says you are redeemed.

That’s the voice you listen to. And anything that tells you otherwise, you need to do a physical turn and seek a different station. You’re seeking his voice!