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Tearing Down Walls

God has a life of fullness available for you. He has abundance for your future. He has opportunities for your today. But sometimes we are held back from living in this fullness. The abundance that is for us does not flow to us and through us. The opportunities intended for us are sometimes blocked.

Why? Why do we miss out on what God has for us? What is blocking the flow of God’s abundant good plans?

Answer: Walls. Big freaking walls. Walls built brick by brick through hurt, disappointment, fear, and failure.

God isn’t handing us those bricks … those come from our enemy. We accept the bricks and build our walls thinking they protect us, but all they do is barricade us from moving forward, preventing us from stepping into the abundance God offers us.

We all have walls. Some walls were built with absolute justification at the time. Other walls were built out of lies the evil one whispered and we believed.

Within my family, walls have been built. A foundational unresolved hurt securely held each brick the enemy constructed. For years the wall was being built and I didn’t see it. One word mispoken, one failure to respond with love, one missed que. Brick by brick, the wall was built. Until one day, the wall was so tall, it separated one of our most treasured relationships. One of my children left. She left without the intent to return. And when she eventually looked back, she could no longer see the love of a family who would do absolutely anything for her, she could only see the wall.

Walls like the wall of Jericho in Joshua 6. Walls impossible to penetrate. Walls built to keep out, but they also keep in. How do those walls come down? One way … they are circled.

God told Joshua to lead his army in marching around the walls of the city of Jericho. To keep marching in circles, and as nothing appeared to be happening, something tremendous was actually happening. Their circling would eventually cause the miraculous fall of the walls that no one could get through.

But do you know how frustrating it is to circle walls you can’t get through, and day after day seeing absolutely nothing happening as a result of your efforts? Do you know how frustrating it is to try with all your might and still be separated from who you’re trying to reach, what you’re trying to do, or where you’re trying to go, by walls you can’t climb?

Of course you know. You know because you’ve been circling too. You’ve been facing your own walls. Maybe they are walls you helped build too. And as good as you were at helping build those walls, you’re not so good at tearing them down. So you’ve been circling and you’re frustrated as heck because nothing is working.

My sister, keep circling. That wall will not be there forever. Isaiah 25:12 “He will bring down your high fortified walls and lay them low; he will bring them down to the ground, to the very dust.”

This wall is the enemy’s attempt to separate you from the fullness of life offered by God. It is the devil’s scheming to use your hurt and disappointment to create even greater future hurt and disappointment. It is Satan’s grip holding you back, and dang if it isn’t a strong hold. But, scripture tells us something about strongholds.

2 Corinthians 10:4 “The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.”

We have been given weapons with divine power! Divine power that demolish strongholds. What does a stronghold sometimes look like? A wall. A wall between a treasured relationship. A wall between where you are in life and where you want to be in life. A wall between who you were created to be and who you’ve been living as.

How do walls come down? We circle those suckers. We keep marching in faith, knowing when the time is right that wall will come down, and when it does, be ready to run in Sis!

I’ve been circling this wall in our family. A wall the enemy thought was impenetrable. A wall that has stolen years and I’m freaking mad about it. But while I’ve been circling, unseen things have been happening, and let me tell y’all something, yesterday that wall started to fall. Yesterday major progress was made and it was just an ordinary Wednesday where I assumed I would be once again circling with no apparent results.

My sister, your wall shall not remain. This wall of separation shall fall. What the enemy has built here with bricks of disappointment, failure, fear and hurt, will not stand here forever. Circle this. Circle it in prayer. Circle it in faithful marching. Circle it when you’re so darn tired of circling you never want to circle again. Do it because you know God is going to respond and that stronghold will be demolished. And when it is, be ready to answer the phone. Be ready to be there. Be ready to come running in and tromps right through the fallen bricks and keep going. Don’t stop to examine the bricks that built the wall, get over it. Like literally, GET OVER IT and get yourself beyond the wall that has been standing in the way.

Now maybe, just maybe you’ve built a wall between you and God. That wall can be built out of fear. Fear you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing, so you build a wall of separation to hide. That wall can be built out of disappointment. Disappointment that God didn’t do what you thought he should do and you feel let down, so you create distance and keep him out with your wall. That wall can be built out of guilt or shame, hurt or anger, or a handed down image of who God never really was.

And let me tell you something, God’s been circling your wall. He hasn’t given up on you. Why? Because you are his treasured relationship he doesn’t ever want to live without. As much as I haven’t given up on my treasured girl, God hasn’t given up on his treasured girl … that’s YOU! He will circle the wall you’ve built to keep him out as many times as it takes, and honey when that wall starts coming down you better believe he will be totally over everything that’s happened in the past and grab you with both hands and promise he’s never letting go.

Let your wall down.

Ask God what walls you have built. What bricks have you accepted from the enemy and now they are a stronghold in your life, holding you back from the abundance God has available for you? Tell him you’re ready to tear those walls down now.

Ask him to strengthen you as you keep circling walls you can’t tear down. The walls of Jericho came miraculously tumbling down while Joshua and his army were circling them for the 7th time that day. One day the walls that have kept you from that treasured relationship, that destined purpose, that abundant future, that fulfilling destiny, they will miraculously tumble. BE READY FOR IT!

God has a life of fullness available for you, may you step into it. He has abundance for your future, may you receive it. He has opportunities for your today, may you seize them. May nothing hold you back. May nothing block this flow. May no walls of separation stand.