Today I had a light bulb moment. A moment of complete clarity to see where we’ve been holding on to what needs to go and throwing out what we need to keep. The throwing of one thing and holding of the other brings great peace when we get it right, but when we switch the hands we experience chaos.

Maybe you’ve been throwing away what was meant to be held on to, and clinging to what you were meant to drop a long time ago. Let’s check our hands today and make sure we’re doing this thing right!

What does the bible say about casting? Most of us are somewhat familiar with 1 Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

This means we throw all the things we worry about to God, and release our grip on the outcome. We turn it over and forfeit ownership of our worries. Girl, there is such power in simply saying “this isn’t mine to worry over.”

Have you been assuming ownership of orphaned worries? You just go around collecting things to worry about like stray cats, and bring them all home with you. You’re worse than crazy cat lady, you’re crazy worry lady. All the worries, all the time, right on your lap. And these worries have become your continual companions, now you don’t know what to think about if it’s not a worry. You literally don’t know how to carry on a conversation without worry being your lead.

And God says, “Hey, throw that to me. I never intended for you to carry that around.”

What are you holding back sis? What anxiety have you claimed as your own, believing it’s just who you are and how you function, and now it rules you? You’re hearing this today because God is asking you once again to give that to him. Throw it on over. Don’t hold this in your hands. Don’t walk around with it in your head. Don’t carry it in your heart.

When those old familiar worries come knocking on your door, trying to claim their familiar space in your life, you need to quickly declare “NOT IT!” I won’t be the one to drag this worry home and feed it. I won’t be the one to claim this worry as my truth. I won’t be the one to welcome this worry in my day and let it infect every area of my life. I’m not it. I don’t want it. It’s not for me. God, here you go.

The less time you let that anxiety sit in your hands, the better you will be. And aren’t we all here this year trying to get better? Aren’t we seeking to live better, do better, and be better? Great … this is a very practical way to do that. Let the worries spend less time in your hands and cast them faster.

Girl, you should have thrown that anxiety 5 years ago, but instead you’ve been holding on to it. That was your choice. Make a better one now. God is open, throw it to him! It’s like a game of hot potato, the object is to hold that in your hands for as little time as possible. Sometimes people throw crap on you that you didn’t ask for. Hot potato, don’t hold it, pass it. Not mine, God it’s yours!

As parents we sometimes take our kids hot potato and carry it around for them. Mama, you’re doing them no favors. This isn’t your worry to carry. Now you’re burdened and your child has only learned how to throw their problems on other people instead of casting them on God. Teach them now you can’t fix their problems, but if they will throw it to God, he will.

Repeat after me: This isn’t my burden to carry.

Okay? This isn’t your cat to take home. Don’t feed that. You’re allergic to this chaos. Seriously, you don’t react well to this anxiety, so don’t gather it up for yourself. God says he wants it, dang it, give it to him!

I have some worries that keep coming to my front door over and over again, and I’ve learned instead of opening the door and letting them in, I have to send them to their rightful destination. Not my house. Not my heart. Not my mind. Nope, you don’t belong here. I’m allergic. I’m sending you directly to God. It’s not that I don’t care. It’s that I care so much I want it to be placed in hands that can really fix it, and those hands aren’t mine.

Understand, your worry fixes nothing. Absolutely nothing has ever gotten better because you stressed over it. So if all you can do is worry about it, stop holding up the healing and cast it now!

Okay, so we are to cast our worries and anxieties on God. That’s the stuff we’re supposed to let go of. Great, now what are we supposed to keep? This is where it gets good sister, and this might be where you’ve been getting it wrong.

Hebrews 10:35 “So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.”

Say what? Your confidence … yip, that’s what it said. Don’t throw that away! This is where we’ve gotten the hands switched. We’ve been throwing away our confidence and holding on to our worries … no wonder we’re a hot mess!

You’ve stopped believing things could ever be different for you. You’ve stopped believing victory is really your destiny. You’ve thrown your confidence right out the window and forgotten that actually you’re more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. You’ve stopped showing up for your life as the bold and courageous soul you were created to be, and you’ve taken on worries, stresses and burdens that were never yours to carry.

Oh girl, can’t you see it? You’ve been casting your confidence and clinging to worry. Just switch that. Cast your worry and cling to your confidence.

What is your confidence? Ahhh, I’m glad you asked. Philippians 1:6 “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

I am confident God started something good in me, and he’s not done yet. I’m confident God uses all things together for good in my life. I’m confident he designed me for a purpose, and I’m here to walk in that purpose. Yeah girl, hold on to that!

No matter what life may bring, you hold on to that confidence. That’s yours to carry. That’s yours to build your entire life around. Never let that go!

So, check your hands. A whole lot of us got them switched somewhere along the way. We cast our confidence and we kept our worries. We promoted our anxiety and we pitched our courage. We adopted our worry and we abandoned our confidence.

Now God says check your hands and lets get this right. Cast you worries on me, don’t hold that in. Hold on to your confidence. Remember who I made you to be and don’t let that go. Yes, that’s the way your life was designed to flow.

I’ll leave you today with the same verse, Hebrews 10:35 in the Message translation: “Don’t throw it all away now. You were sure of yourselves then. It’s still a sure thing! But you need to stick it out, staying with God’s plan so you’ll be there for the promised completion.”

Don’t you want to see the promised completion of what God started in you? Give him your worries, and you keep your confidence.

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