You’re on your way, but you haven’t arrived yet. You’ve been purchased, but you’re still in transit. You’re not there yet, but you’re getting closer.

Closer to what? Closer to becoming who you were created to be! On your way where? To the life you were created to live. Today is part of the journey there. This is all a process of your becoming.

Do I have any Amazon shoppers listening this morning? You see it, you like it, you buy it, and then you expect it to arrive, right? Well understand this, you have been seen, you have been chosen, and you have been bought, now you’re on your way! Yip, you’re just like that treasured Amazon package awaiting delivery, you’re in transit.

On Sunday morning I listened to Elevation Church online and the guest pastor mentioned the phrase “in transit”, and I can’t stop thinking about it! Isn’t that us? We’re in transit.

You’ve been bought by the blood of Jesus. That’s a mighty high price sister. His life was given for yours. Jesus was sacrificed so that you might have the opportunity to live up to your greatest potential here on Earth, then spend an eternity at the best after party ever with him. So now, you’re just on your way. On your way to your destination of living that life Jesus came to give you. You know, the life Jesus talked about in John 10:10 when he said “I came that they might have more and better life than they ever dreamed of.”

Have you ever tracked a package while you’re awaiting delivery? Have you ever seen it get stuck? A red exclamation mark shows up on the screen with the words “There’s been a delay.” You click to see details and you see it’s been stuck somewhere in Wisconsin for the past 2 days with no further movement. Uhhohhh, that’s a problem folks!

Have you ever been stuck somewhere in Wisconsin for a few days with no further movement? Maybe not Wisconsin, but in worry. Have you ever been stuck in worry? Has your package been delayed in the depression of Delaware, the misery of Missouri, the struggle in South Carolina, the chaos of California, the illness in Illinois, the overwhelm of Oklahoma, or the trouble in Texas? Have you ever fallen of the wagon in Wyoming? Got stuck in a rut in Rhode Island? Are you laying in a ditch somewhere in the Dakotas?

It happens.

Have you ever had a package arrive months later, beat and battered, edges worn and sides caved in? It got lost somewhere along the way, but it was finally found and now here it is!

Girl, isn’t that us?!!!!! We’ve gotten lost somewhere along the way, but thank you Jesus we’ve been found!!!!!! We may not look as good as we once did, and we may be worn out from the journey, but dang it, here we are!

And let me tell you something, God still wants what he ordered in you! When he paid for you with the blood of his son, he did that forever with no returns. He has never given up on you once during your journey here. He’s always known you will make it.

So how about some grace with yourself here today? You aren’t a next day delivery … you’re a lifetime journey. It’s okay that you’re becoming and struggling at the same time. That’s how it works. Yes, you’ve got problems, but those problems do not overshadow God’s purpose for you.

You’re not destined to be stuck here forever, so what do you need to do to get unstuck? Do you need to accept help? Do you need to allow yourself to be picked back up? Do you need to admit your way isn’t really working? Do you need to remember who paid for you and know you’re truly worth something?

Hey God, it’s me over here stuck in this rut in Rhode Island, would you help me out of this?

Lord, I hate to admit it, but it’s me back off the wagon again in Wyoming. I don’t want to live like this.

My good good father, I’m all caught up in this chaos in California, would you help me find my way through this?

Girl, God’s got your tracking number! He know exactly where you’ve been stuck and he’s just been waiting for you to ask for his mighty help. Heck yeah he will come running! Heck yeah he will pick you back up! Heck yeah he will get you back on your way again. After all, his greatest desire for you is to live the life he created you for. Is he willing to help with that? Oh you betcha!

2 Corinthians 5:17 “Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!”

I accepted Jesus for the first time in a purple silk dress my Mama made on Easter morning when I was 15 years old. A new life began for me that day. And let me tell you, I’ve been lost along the way since then more times than I would like to admit. I was a new person who continually slipped back into old ways.

How about you? Is that you too? You have been made new, but you’ve gone back to that old life a few times too many. Well, the good news is, Christ’s offer of that new life wasn’t just a one and done. The offer is here for us with his mercy that is new each and every morning. Lamentations 3: 22-23 “Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”

You may have fallen off the wagon AGAIN, you may be back in the same dang rut you were in last time, you may be back in the struggle, surrounded by chaos, in trouble, and filled with worry, but girl you are NOT CONSUMED. Because of God’s great love, you are not consumed. You are not overwhelmed here. You are not hopeless here. You are not forever lost and never to be found. God says you get to get back on track to becoming a new person again today. Once again, your old life is gone and a new life has begun for you!

You’re in transit, and no you’re not an overnight delivery. You’re a journey that takes a lifetime, but on this journey you’re becoming exactly who God created you to be, stepping into the life he destined you to live. Nothing is wasted on this journey. It’s all used to help you move on in your becoming.

So how about you don’t give up on yourself? How about you do whatever you need to do to get unstuck? How about you believe you are worthy of the high price paid for you and show up like it? How about you receive everything God has for you new here today?

Yeah! And how cool that our journeys have been allowed to cross like this. It’s as if God knew all along or something! (wink) Me and you, we’re both just in transit.

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