You have forgotten your power, my sweet sister. You have allowed past failures and current struggles to dim your light, now you’re not shining in the full strength you could be. Today’s message from the Almighty is the perfect and simple wrap up of a big week of God speaking directly to each of us.

On Monday we learned to not get our panties in a wad. Today is a gift, a gift that is under attack, and a gift that must be protected. Satan is continually trying to screw up our day, and he has been training us how to even screw it up on our own. Be a drop out in the school of screw up, get those panties out of a wad, and make sure as you get this day, this day gets YOU. The best of you.

On Tuesday we learned to number our days. Life is brief and it’s passing ever so quickly. Most of us are not content with life passing as it has been, so we recognize our God-given alarm within that wakes us up and says ‘this doesn’t feel good’. If the way we’re living doesn’t feel good inside, then we have to change how we’re living. We start by honoring each day as the stand alone, individual day of potential it is. We don’t wait for a crisis to make time stand still, we stop in the beauty of the ordinary and we choose to stand still and capture the moment in this numbered day.

On Wednesday we learned to stop stressing over all we cannot understand and make peace with the things we question. We’re not dismissed from the good plans God has for us just because we have doubts along the way. God wants to use those of us who still wonder how it’s all possible, those who still pray but sometimes question if God is going to answer. Understand we’re in spiritual PROGRESS here! Perfection comes on the other side of this life. While we’re here we won’t be reaching it, and that’s really okay. It’s okay to question. It’s okay to not know. It’s okay to believe and still have unbelief. Jesus will help you with that unbelief, now keep moving toward the life he has for you here.

On Thursday we learned to forgive ourselves and put the self-sabotage to a stop. The unforgiveness towards ourselves for anything in our past is really a dangerous disobedience. When Jesus taught that we must forgive everyone to receive the full power of his forgiveness, everyone includes OURSELVES. When we hold things from our past against our own selves, we block the full redemptive power of Jesus. We fail to walk in the grace given to us, and this not only hurts us, it hurts others. God declared you worthy of redemption, go ahead and walk fully in it Sis.

And that brings us to today … how do we wrap up a week like this? How do we step into this precious and priceless numbered day of life, with our new found self-forgiveness, unwadded panties, and permission to just be a work in progress? What does God want to tell us next?

This was the sentence He gave me for you right here, right now:


All this time, God has been pouring his truths and his promises into you, carefully ensuring those old wounds are healed, and the past is left in the past.
He’s been teaching you the value of each day of your life, because he’s been bringing you to this day, the day every other day has brought you to. Your whole life has been building up to this.

He’s been showing you your role in this partnership between Him and you. Ahhhh yes, you’re not a puppet on a string, just here playing out days that have already been pre-determined in a life you have no say over. No, you’re here as an active participant, creating with the Almighty! He has given you choices, and the choices are yours to make. He has set paths before you, and with his guidance, you get to walk down the right path. And when you screw that up, he always offers the opportunity to come back to the right path at any moment.

Now, sweet sister, you must know about the power he has put within you. You must know about the life force which you carry within you into this day. You must know you are a vessel for the Almighty and you are here for a purpose to do powerful work God has chosen to do through only you.

1 Corinthians 3:16 “Don’t you realize that all of you together are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God lives in you?”

Yes, God, the one who created all of Heaven and Earth with the power of his words. The one who measures the expanse of the universe in the palm of his hand. The one who ensured the sun came up right on schedule today and keeps your whole world spinning in absolute perfection. That God … HE LIVES IN YOU!

And that is why you are a force to be reckoned with in this world. You’re walking around with that power inside of you. That’s why you can do freaking hard things. You’re equipped by the Almighty, LITERALLY. It’s the Almighty dwelling inside of you. He didn’t just give you what you need, HE IS WHAT YOU NEED and he has declared YOU as the temple where he lives.

So Sister, get yourself on up today. I know you’re tired and maybe this has been a hard week. I know you’re feeling like you’re not good enough to do this and defeat feels immanent. But girl, your feelings can’t be trusted here. Your feelings are fickle and sometimes they lie. The truth is, the God who made this whole world lives within you, and whatever you’re facing today is no match for that power you carry.

Just remember, you carry it, so that means you’re responsible for getting up with it. You’re responsible for showing up with it. You’re responsible for unleashing it in your life. You’ve got the power!

Oh, there’s a song for that. Take yourself back to 2003, C&C Music Factory sang:

I’ve got the power
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh yeah-eah-eah-eah-eah-eah
Gettin’ kinda heavy
It’s gettin’ it’s gettin’ it’s gettin’ kinda hectic

Yessssss girl, when life feels like it’s getting kinda heavy, when everything is getting kinda hectic, you remember … you’ve got the power! You’re a force to be reckoned with in this world because the God who made it lives in you!

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