What if you’ve come up empty handed here, feeling like everything you’ve tried has been nothing but a loss, but it’s completely redeemable by the Almighty? What if this is empty, but it still has value? What if it didn’t work out, but it is working to guide you to what God has for you next? What if this was really a total misstep on your part, but a misstep God lovingly allowed because it becomes part of the dance?

Today in America, we celebrate our freedom. The 4th of July is a full on celebration with all things red, white and blue. Y’all, I’m legit planning to eat hot dogs and watermelon pretty much all day long while I float in the water. Why? Because I can. Today, I can do that. I’m free to do these things in my life of freedom.

However, sometimes we forget in our life of freedom that we are completely, 100%, fully and totally dependent. We depend on God for the very air that fills our lungs. We depend on God for our world to continue spinning, magically suspended in the universe, the perfect distance form the sun to be warmed but not baked. The slightest change in the Earth’s orbit, and all life ceases to exist. Hey Miss independent, Miss self-sufficient, Miss keep your distance, Miss unafraid, Miss out of my way, Miss don’t let a man interfere, Miss on her own, Miss almost grown … you’re so NOT.

Yes, you have freedom. You’re free to live as you want. Free to make your own choices. Free to run wild or stay at home. Free to show up or sit it out. Free to do it or not do it. But understand this, you’re still dependent on God for your next breath, your next chance, your next day, your next opportunity, your next … everything.

Jesus says in John 15:5 “Apart from me, you can do nothing.” Literally. But guess what you can do with him? Jesus says in Matthew 19:26 “with God, all things are possible.”

Okay, so quite simply – don’t try to do this without God. It’s really not going to work out well. But with God, girl … you don’t even know what awesome thing could be made possible for you!

Jesus has set you free, and John 8:36 reminds us “if the son sets you free, you are free indeed.”

This means Jesus has set you free so that you are no longer held as a victim in bondage. Every single thing that served to hold you back has been demolished by Jesus. Yes, your traumatic childhood, your horribly bad decision you’re still dragging around with you, your anxious and fearful thoughts, your bad habits and addictions, your screwed up choices, your failures and mistakes … you’re set free from all of that. He holds absolutely none of that against you and freely forgives you when you ask. You’re the one who keeps bringing it up, not him. You’re the one dragging it with you, you can just drop it now.

Jesus came to set you free so you can live up to the potential God placed within you. He came to break you out of those old prisons so you can taste and see just how good your God is to you.

YOU ARE FREE, however you’re designed to be dependent upon a loving creator who guides you to your destiny. You need God in this. For this to ever work out, for this to ever come together, for this to ever become something good, you 100% need God in the middle of it.

So, have you asked him to be?

For real, have you asked God to get all up in the middle of your business? Have you asked him to intervene? Have you asked him to be in every detail and guide your steps?

This weekend I was chatting with a beautiful woman I have the opportunity to mentor. She was sharing with me how frustrated she is that every time she thinks she’s doing the right thing, it ends up being the wrong thing. She left a good job in pursuit of what she was sure was a better opportunity, and it ended up being a bad move. So she left that job and went for another opportunity that seemed so much better, but it was even worse. Now, she doesn’t know what to do and she’s questioning what God is doing.

So I asked her … did you seek God for each of these decisions?
Yes, she said, absolutely every time.
So, I told her, know that God allowed it for a purpose and she can drop the regret of bad decisions.

Honey, when you’re truly seeking God’s will and best plans for your life, you can trust that even when it doesn’t turn out the way you had hoped, God is guiding your steps towards a destiny you can trust. Even your mis-steps, when taken in faith, can be used to guide you down a good path.

Maybe it wasn’t a job for you, but it was a relationship. Heck, maybe it was a string of relationships. You thought he was the right one, you prayed and prayed, jumped in, and whew girl, it was a hot mess. And so was the next one, and the next one, and the next one.

Maybe it isn’t a job, or a relationship, but a move of some sort, an attempt to make a change, but that change ended up being worse than where you started. Now you’re frustrated and discouraged, wondering if you’ll ever get it right. Sis, are you still seeking God? Are you looking to him for guidance? Are you asking for his divine direction and holy hook up?

For real, have you ever asked God for a holy hook up? God, I know you know all the things. I know you hold all the answers and all the solutions. I know you have the connections I can’t seem to make on my own, so I’m asking you to hook me up with your connections. I’m asking for your holy hook up!

Understand this my sister, even though this last thing may not have turned out like you had hoped, as you’re seeking God, he makes it REDEEMABLE! Yes, redeemable. Still of value.

Think back to the old glass soda bottles. Printed on them it said, “redeemable.” That meant, even when they were completely empty and of no further use to you, there was still value in them. You could return that empty bottle for a little cash back. The maker wanted it back after it was all used up!

The Maker wants this back now! Oh girl, do you get it? This may be empty to you. This may have led absolutely no where and you may be thoroughly disappointed, but the Maker has requested you to return it and let him redeem it!

You’re holding on to your disappointment, when God says, “I want that back now.” It’s empty to you, but of value to the Maker. Go ahead and bring that emptiness to the Almighty and let him redeem it for something new now. Let him give you something you can use. Let him align that holy hook up for you!

As long as you hold on to it, it remains empty and useless. In the hands of the Maker, it’s redeemed.

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