Oh to be a girl who’s living her best life. Is that you? Are you walking in your fullest days, meeting your greatest potential, living your best life?

How exactly do you do that?

I will tell you plain and simple how a girl like me, and a girl like you, lives her best life … she invites Jesus into it.

It’s not about the house you live in, the career you build, the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the places you travel, or the goals you slay, this is about a life that is guided by Jesus. This is about days that are full because Jesus makes them full. This is about walking down the right path because you are fully dependent upon Jesus to direct your every step. This is about living up to your God given potential because his Spirit dwelling within you won’t let you settle for anything less.

One simple daily practice has radically changed my life more than anything else. It’s a practice that requires only seconds of my day, but impacts every moment of my day afterwards. If I shared this practice with you with a guarantee it would change your life too, would you do it?

Here it is, every morning when my alarm rings, I roll myself out of bed and my knees land on the pillows on the floor, and there I begin my day talking to God. I thank him for the gift of a new day of life, I pray over my family and a few specific requests, then I invite Jesus into my day. I say these specific words: “God, I am an available vessel responding to your promptings, so prompt me today. Jesus, what awesome things can we do together here?”

And what God has shown me is my best life.

Girls, this is the secret. Could it be possible that the secret to your best life is in something as small and as simple as this? Could it be that all this time you’ve been searching for the thing to help you live better, and you’ve always had it?

Now, here’s what the enemy does. He plays in your doubts and makes you question if God would really respond to your prayers. Would the great big God who created the entire universe really come down to direct your steps? Would God even have time to hear your requests and care enough to respond to you personally? Can his supernatural powers really align you with divine plans?

You know what else the enemy does? He distracts you. He makes your life so busy and chaotic, or so boring and monotonous, that you check out. You get overwhelmed in your struggles and you get discouraged on your journey, then you begin to believe the lies whispered by the enemy that tell you this is all there is for you. So, you stop seeking.

Have you stopped seeking? You’ve stopped seeking your best life because of your past failures. You’ve stopped trying because you are a perpetual disappointment to yourself. And so the enemy and his whispered lies become your defeated truth, and you settle into a ‘less-than’ life believing this ‘best life’ stuff is for people who are better than you.

Girl, you stop that right now! Check the source of these whispers you are believing. Has God ever said you are unworthy? Has he ever said you are hopeless? Has he ever said he made some sort of critical error designing you? Has he ever said he’s giving up on you? Has he ever said there’s nothing more for you? No, never. In fact, quite the opposite. God says you are worthy of the life of his Son given for you. He says you can do all things through Christ who will give you strength. He says you are his masterpiece. He says his grace is sufficient for you. He says he has plans for you that are ridiculously good.

You’ve stopped seeking, that is why you stopped finding. You’ve allowed the enemy to distract you here. His darkness has discouraged you, and in that discouragement you dismissed the little things you can do now. Little things that become HUGE things. Little things like hitting those knees when you wake up and seeking God’s divine direction for your day.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 7: 7-8 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”

Then James 4:2 says “You do not have because you do not ask God.”

My best life has been revealed to me with the daily practice of asking God. When I started inviting Jesus into it, things worked that had never worked before. Mountains moved, seas parted, walls came tumbling down.

Has it made everything easy? Absolutely not.
Have there been hard days? You bet your butt there have been.
Is everything perfect? Far from it.

But every day I’m receiving guidance because I ask for it. Every day I’m supernaturally guided because I’m seeking Jesus to be in it with me. I didn’t have to get everything in order first. I didn’t have to laminate my fool proof 10 year plan first. I didn’t even have to memorize a single scripture, join a church, give away money, or cut out all social media first. Nope, I simply had to create a daily practice of seeking God and I started finding.

Isaiah 48:17 MSG ““I am God, your God, who teaches you how to live right and well. I show you what to do, where to go.”

You know what this scripture is perfect for? It’s perfect for addressing God. You pray it back to him. You say, “You are my God. You are the one who teaches me how to live right and do well. You show me what to do and where to go.” Then I would just add, “Jesus get in the middle of this. Let’s do some awesome things together today!”

How do you get yourself into the habit of seeking God every day like this? Well, how about a super practical tip? This is something I learned several years ago from a woman in AA. Her sponsor had taught her to put her alarm under her bed every night before she went to sleep. Then, when the alarm rang, she would automatically roll out of bed, drop to her knees and reach for the alarm. This became her reminder to seek God and invite Jesus into her day.

When she shared this with me, I literally felt my Spirit leap within me. This was exactly what I needed. My intentions had always been good, but my busy mind was always distracted. I would often go through an entire day forgetting to seek God, then come to the end of the day so tired I couldn’t stay awake to pray. Does that happen to you too? So that night, I plugged in my phone and I put it under my bed. The next morning, I hit my knees and started my day right. It made a difference.

For years since learning this, I’ve done it most every single day. The result has no doubt been my best life.

My best life seeks God first. My best life invites Jesus into it every single day.

And so does yours!

Proverbs 20:24 ““The Lord directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?”

You don’t even need to know what your best life will look like. Stop trying to understand it. Trust God in it. Trust that as you seek him, you will find him. He will direct your steps down paths you could have never imagined on your own. As he directs your steps, know that he delights in every detail of your life, because this is your BEST LIFE!

Will you put your alarm under your bed tonight? (If you can’t be trusted to remember, set a reminder in your phone right now for your bedtime. A reminder that says, “put your alarm under the bed now.” Don’t be afraid to make your walk with God simple and practical like this. The enemy hates this because he wants to make us overwhelmed, frustrated and scattered. He loses here!)

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