Do you ever feel like there’s just something holding you back? Something keeping you from your breakthrough. Something preventing you from overcoming your obstacles and rising to new levels of living.

God created you with a great big, beautiful, abundant life in mind. Jesus said in John 10:10 that he “came to give you life, and life to the full.” God perfectly equipped you with every single thing you would need to live this full life he imagined for you. You’re lacking nothing. You are divinely designed.

However, there is resistance.

You feel it. I feel it too.

It’s like you’re bound by a chain that isn’t quite long enough to allow you to reach where you want to be. You used to fight it. You used to give that resistance a real go. Oh, you were a wild buck fighting that chain, but not any more. Now you’ve come to accept you can only reach so far, so you stopped trying for more. You’ve settled where you are, doing what you’ve always done, and that’s as far as you will ever go.

Did you know a massive, full grown elephant can often be held by a small chain and a stake in the ground? The moment it feels the resistance of the chain, it surrenders to the restriction and goes no further. Does it have the power to break that chain? Absolutely! Does it have the strength to rip that stake out of the ground with hardly no effort? No doubt. But that elephant has been broken.

When it was young, it was chained and taught the chain was stronger than him. He would fight, but couldn’t get free. As the elephant grew, he never realized he had grown more powerful than that which held him back. And without ever realizing the strength he has, he stays stuck in his little life of captivity.

Sounds a whole lot like us. Somewhere along the way maybe you were broken. You were held back and restricted. You were told you weren’t good enough, so right there you stayed, not being good enough. You failed and fell, and you treated that bruise more like a tattoo and allowed it to mark you forever.

And all this time, you just have no idea what you’re really capable of. You don’t realize you were designed by the Almighty with immeasurable goodness and overflowing potential. You can go so far beyond this restriction that looking back you wouldn’t even be able to see where you’ve been stuck all this time.

Honey, this chain can be broken now! You don’t have to keep doing the same things you’ve always done. You don’t have to keep feeling the same way you’ve always felt. You don’t have to struggle and wonder if there’s more to life for you for another day. YES there’s more for you and your great big, amazing God has it all available to you. You just have to decide you’re going to break through now.

You’ve been trained to give up the moment it gets a little hard. You’ve learned to listen to your feelings and if your feelings tell you that day ‘I don’t feel like it’, then you don’t do it that day. Once those feelings realize they can have their way, you suddenly don’t feel like it on most days. You’ve been conditioned to receive the slightest bit of resistance as your limitation, and right there you quit.

And so you stand there chained to a stake in the ground, stuck. It’s a stake you could rip out with one hand and be freaking done with it, but you’ve given up. It’s a chain that the chain breaker himself has enabled you to break, but you stopped pulling when you felt resistance again. You’ve settled here. And just like that elephant who could be set free, you remain held back by something that is entirely too weak to really do any damage to you.

Isaiah 54:17 “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.”

This weapon is not great enough to harm you, but have you let it harm you? Have you allowed painful words spoken over you once to become a chain around your neck? Have you allowed past failure to become today’s undisputed defeat? Are you tapping out before you even try? Have you let a struggle define you as a loser instead of challenge you to become a champion?

This weapon formed against you is not strong enough to hold you. 2 Timothy 1:7 tells us “the Spirit which God has given us is of power, love and self-discipline.” You have power within you. Power to overcome every single thing that has served to hold you back from the full life Jesus came to give you. But honey, you have to use that power!

You are stronger than you once were. You’re not that helpless, hopeless little girl anymore. Stop identifying with being broken. Isaiah 53:5 MSG “He took the punishment, and that made us whole. Through his bruises we get healed.”

When you continue to show up as that broken girl, declaring your brokenness, you deny what Jesus did to make you whole. You are made whole in him. You are healed in him. You are not who you once were and you are not limited by that which once held you back. This weapon formed against you shall not prosper. It will not be successful. You will break free of this in Jesus’ name. You walk in strength and power because of the Spirit living within you.

Now girl, push. Push against that resistance. When it gets hard, know you’re making progress. When you don’t feel like doing it anymore, put your feelings in their rightful place of the backseat and let God’s Spirit do the driving. Brokenness is not your destiny.


The real gut check here is, what is this weapon formed against you that has tried to hold you back all this time? Did you form that weapon yourself? Dang, so many times we don’t even need the enemy to come against us, we’ve defeated our own selves already. Sis, are you the weapon standing in your way causing you not to prosper? Is it the things you believe about yourself? Is it the stories you repeat in your own head? Is it your laziness? Your bad habits? Your unwillingness to change?

Some of us need to take a good look in the mirror and say “girl, get out of my way!”

I am created for more than this little life I’ve been living.
God’s intentions were never for me to be stuck in this perpetual insanity of doing the same darn thing over and over again expecting a different result.
I have the Spirit of God within me and that Spirit is of POWER, LOVE and SELF-DISCIPLINE. I’m breaking free of this chain that is no longer stronger than me.

Because of who I am in Christ, I can overcome every single thing in my way. No weapon formed against me shall prosper, including my own darn self that’s been holding me back. Today I declare, I’m getting out of the way. I’m harnessing this power and I’m getting STRONGER. I’ve got a whole life ahead of me just waiting to be lived, and I won’t be held back by a chain I’m totally capable of breaking!

I have to wonder what would happen if these broken, chained elephants saw others breaking their chains. Would it create a “chain reaction” (get it)? Would they recognize their own power, fight the resistance, and live in freedom too? I believe they would. And I believe that’s all we need too. We just need to see someone else who has overcome this same struggle. Someone else who has battled what we battle and now lives a wildly big life.

If that’s you – if you’ve gone through it and been set free, let your story be known!

I’m here as a strong, confident, empowered, fully capable woman living a ridiculously good life of adventure in Jesus, who once struggled with imposter syndrome, jealousy, and materialism, who sinfully sought the approval of others as a prize, then it became a chain. A woman who has given up far too many times, believed she was broken, has been plain down right hateful to herself, who sought pity and the easy way so many times it became a chain. And those chains have been broken and that weapon shall not prosper against me! I had to get out of my own way.

The same can be true for you, Sis. You can break this!

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