My husband and I have been on a binge lately watching the reality show ALONE. Unlike most reality shows, it’s true reality. 10 people dropped off in separate points within the absolute wilderness of places like Vancouver Island or Patagonia. They are left there to survive all alone, to film and document their own journey, and the last one remaining wins.

It’s a great show to watch while you’re on a juice cleanse because guess what, they’re hungry too. Watching them eat snails and rats isn’t overly appetizing so it serves us well. But I’m learning so much watching this show. I’m learning the secrets of building fire, the value of your shelter, and all the ways to catch fish. But one thing was said by David in season 2 that I just can’t stop thinking about. As he shared his camp with the bear family, as he foraged and hunted for his daily food, as he built a fire to survive the night, he said, “I know the hand of God is over me. I know it is. And I know if he removed his hand, I would feel it instantly.”

Honey, do you realize the hand of God is over you? Do you understand it is him giving you shelter today? It is him providing your food. It is him strengthening you. It is him keeping your mind sane. It is him allowing you to sleep. It is him waking you up. This is all a result of God’s hand over your life.

Envision that now. The hand of God stretched out over you, personally, individually directed toward you and over every detail concerning you. All that is working, all that is now possible, all that has come together, all you are being shielded from, all that is good, that is all a direct result of God’s hand over your life. Everything comes from his hand.

Now imagine for a moment his hand being removed. We can’t because that’s never a reality we’ve faced. And let me tell you, that is something we will never face. God’s hand will be over you all the days of your life. You can rest in that.

But Sis, while we rest in it, let’s not take it for granted. Let’s not overlook his hand. Let’s not grow puffed up and believe we have because we have done. Honey, anything you have done is only because you have been enabled to do! Any gifts of talents you have originated in the hand of God. The credit goes to the hand of God.

What if we could receive a compliment or praise of our own job well done with a humble and genuine, “Thank you so much, God’s hand is over my life.” Wow, write that down. Practice that.

The Hebrew word for hand is “yad”. It also means a source of power and strength. So when God’s hand is over your life, his power is directed toward you. His strength is outstretched toward you.

Deuteronomy 26:8 “So the Lord brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm, with great terror and with signs and wonders.”

The Israelites knew it was the hand of God that was over them because they saw it. They saw the plagues that convinced Pharaoh to set them free. They saw the pillar of cloud that led them by day, and then a pillar of fire at night. They saw the Red Sea part and stand on it’s end, creating a dry path for them to walk through and escape the enemies which pursued them. They saw the manna that rained down from heaven every day to give them food to eat in the wilderness. No doubt, great terror in the plagues, great signs with the pillars of cloud and fire leading them, and wonders with all the provision every step of the way.

But after so many days of God’s continual hand over their lives, they grew accustom to the signs and wonders. They began taking it for granted and even complaining about it.

And isn’t that us? We’ve always woke up to the sun rising, so we’re not only no longer impressed by it, but we complain about it. No, not morning yet! “She wasn’t ready.” We’re just used to having this house as a shelter for our families, now we complain about having to keep it clean. We’re so used to our legs working when we get up out of bed, that we dread having to go for a walk. All of this because God’s hand over our lives has been so steady and consistent.

May we see our lives through a different lens today. May we stop to consider all we have, all we enjoy, all we never have to worry about because God’s hand is steadily and consistently over us, all the days of our life. His power and strength continually and completely cover us.

If he removed it for a moment you would feel it. You would know in an instant all that you have taken for granted was indeed so precious.

Psalm 145: 16 ““You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing.”

Where has God’s hand opened to satisfy you today? Have you stopped to thank him for it? Have you considered it is only because of his strength and power at work in your life? Let it be a continual whisper of your heart today, “God, I see your hand over me here.” Will it change your entire day? You bet your butt it will!

Jesus promised in Matthew 7:7 “Seek and ye shall find.” The problem is, we’ve been seeking things to worry about, then wonder why we are worried. We’ve been seeking what in the world is wrong with people today, and the answer is a whole lot. Now you’re cynical and jaded and pretty sure you don’t even like people anymore. You are the one who sought it, how do you like what you found? If you want to start finding better things, start seeking better things.

Imagine a day where you are continually seeking evidence of God’s hand over your life. Oh, you will find it. You will be overwhelmed with evidence of his power that has been unleashed in your life, but it’s been so smooth and consistent that you’ve previously overlooked the fact that it’s an absolute miracle you live in this reality today.

We’re not overlooking it today. We are seeking all we have, all we get to do, all we are, and all we are becoming because of God’s hand. And there it is … your entire life stands as a testimony of God’s power at work over you personally.

1 Peter 5:6-7 MSG “God’s strong hand is on you; he’ll promote you at the right time. Live carefree before God; he is most careful with you.”

Whatever you’ve been worried about, you can trust God’s hand of mighty power will be over it. Whatever has hurt you, whatever has caused you hardship, God sees it and his hand is over it. At just the right time, he will make this mountain move. At just the right time, he will change hearts. At just the right time, he will open the right doors. At just the right time, you will see proof of his detailed good plans for you personally, and you will be promoted right into them.

Just don’t stop seeking his hand. Don’t stop looking for all he is doing in your life daily.

God’s strong hand is on you, my sister. He will guide you here. He will provide for you now. He will strengthen you to walk in his way. He will lift you up. He will make all things work together for you to live in his will and fulfill his purposes. Seek and find his hand over your life, you will surely discover his power at work in every detail.

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