Today we wake up to the offering of a new month of life. November 2022 has never been seen before. It’s all brand new. You’ve never had a month like this one. You haven’t lived this yet. And maybe that’s really good news to you, because the truth is, October was rough. Life went a little side ways last month and perhaps you struggled to stay on track.

When you have a tough month, you have 3 choices.

Choice number 1 is to dread everything that follows, assuming it will all just be more of the same. Go ahead and check out, there’s nothing thrilling to wake up for here. Not to spoil the surprise or anything, but that’s a sucky choice. Don’t choose that one.

Choice number 2 is to assume you are powerless to create any sort of shift or change in your life, so you hope somehow and someway things will magically just start getting better for you. Maybe the stars will align. Maybe fate will be on your side. Maybe you’ll be holding the lucky number. Counting on luck is a rather sucky choice, Sis. You know why? Because that means there could be bad luck too. If life is left up to luck, the odds are not in your favor. Hoping and wishing, and counting on luck is a choice, but again, not one I would recommend.

Choice number 3, after a tough month, is to declare you may be down, but you’re not staying down. This is a choice to dig deep, remember the joy of the Lord is your strength, and bounce back baby! Show up like last month’s failure has nothing on you … because it doesn’t. It doesn’t have to. That’s done. That’s over. You have been given a fresh clean slate with a new month of life like you’ve never seen before, and all the victorious days of living are here for you to claim.

Micah 7:8 “Do not rejoice over me, my enemy; When I fall, I will arise; When I sit in darkness, The Lord will be a light to me.”

Who fell last month? Who is currently down? Who struggled and stumbled? Who was hit with the tough blows of life and had the wind knocked out of them? Is that you?

Oh, let me tell you, the enemy is rejoicing over you. The devil thinks you’re down and you will stay down. He’s counting on you sitting the rest of this year out. I mean really, who comes back in November? Who tries again on month 11? No body does that! Satan is having him a red carpet, black tie celebration thinking you’ll be wrapped up in a pity party licking your wounds for a while over this one. He probably won’t have to worry about you again until January 1st.

Is he right? Will you be sitting here stuck until the New Year comes? Will you be giving up and assuming your permanent position for the rest of 2022 as being down? Girl, prove him wrong! Shut his celebration dance down!

Enemy, you shouldn’t be rejoicing over me! You’re foolish to count me out. You’re wrong about me. When I fall, I will rise! When that darkness comes, the Lord will be a light to me. And you know what God’s light shows me? It shows me a way out of the dark pits you threaten me with! It shows me the simple next steps I can take to get back up again and move on from this struggle.

Sisters, we have been armed to overcome! Darn right we’re in a battle, but with Jesus we win every single time! A girl like you, with a Savior like him, just can’t stay down. You can’t check out. You can’t waste this opportunity. Here’s a brand new month of life offered to you, and God has good plans for you written all over it! Get on up and grab it!

When the Lord said in Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”, he wasn’t blinkdly throwing an dart in the dark. He wasn’t hoping he was right about you and your future. He knew. He knew it all and then he made that mighty declaration with all of his knowledge about every day of your life and all of his power to ensure his good plans come through.

He knew full well about the struggles of October 2022. He knew the failures of the plans you had and the disappointment you would feel. And he declared November would come as a new month for you, and he still wanted to prosper you. Today arrived right on time for you, just as he planned. A new day beginning a new month, exactly when you needed it.

None of what you are going through is a surprise to the Almighty. He already saw all of this since before your first breath, and declared you would be given a future you could hope in. The enemy just hoped he would distract you from God’s good plans with your current feelings of frustration.

Will the enemy get to do that in your life? Will he get to distract you? Will he get to discourage you? Will he get to cause you to check out for the rest of this year, just hoping for something better come January? Oh dang girl, don’t let him trick you into once again trading the power of living today, assuming some future day it will be easier for you. Satan doesn’t get that real estate in my life. He doesn’t get the space to do his crappy work!

The enemy is rejoicing over you at this moment, thinking ‘ahhhh, she’s out!’ But devil, you’re wrong! She’s not out! She may have fallen, but God’s girl won’t stay down. Your blow might have been a mighty one, but you can’t keep this girl down. Nope, she’s got the Spirit of God living within her, and with God, all things are possible.

It’s possible to live this month of life with gratitude and intention. It’s possible to make the changes you’ve been needing to make for a long time. It’s possible to change your habits, break some chains, and radically shift the trajectory of your life … and it’s possible today! God woke you up today to hear this … You don’t have to stay down!

I’m rising up now. I’m looking for God’s light to bring me out of this darkness. I’m taking the next step as he guides me. I may have hit the ground hard with that fall, but I’ve got some bounce in me!

Bounce with me, bounce with me, bounce with me!

I’m not a fall and splat. I’m a hit and bounce. God’s spirit gives me some bounce.

Enemy, you throw me down, then you just watch me bounce. I’ll bounce right over your head. I’ll bounce right out of your reach. I’ll bounce to higher levels of living and you won’t be able to keep up with me!

This is the time for your bounce back. Bounce back from your fall. Bounce back from that defeat. Bounce back from the pit you’ve been stuck in. Bounce back from the darkness the enemy has threatened you with.

Receive the power of the divine restoration offered through Jesus. Remember that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. So send the fiery arrow of attack on back fire. May every arrow of the enemy targeted at you backfire on him. Throw them right back at him.

Rise up, daughter of the King, and declare your victory. You will not be defeated here. You will not surrender here. You will not assume the position of overwhelm, frustration, or despair. Your destiny has been under attack, but those attacks shall not be successful. The enemy was wrong to celebrate over you!

The Holy Spirit will now consume any evil power that has come up against your life. It shall be stopped. It shall be destroyed! And you shall bounce back!

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