What if fulfilling your purpose will be really uncomfortable? It will.

What if answering your calling will take you outside of what is easy for you? It will.

What if living up to your God given potential will stretch you and push you? It will.

Oh it will. God never promised this would be comfortable, he never even suggested it. He never said this would be easy. He never said all he has planned for you would be within reach, be visible, or even make sense.

So Sis, why are you still here seeking to be comfortable on this journey? Why are you complaining about how hard this is, tempting yourself to give up? Why are you only entertaining the things that would be certain, would be easy, and would be within reason? Why are you settling for what you know, what you understand, and what you can see? There’s SO MUCH MORE FOR YOU.

God has more for you.

More living.
More purpose.
More impact.
More beauty.
More growth.
More joy.

What you’ve experienced so far is just the tip of this iceberg.

An iceberg in the Arctic waters appears massive, but this mass you see is only a tiny fraction of what is really there. You only see 10% and think it’s big, but 90% remains below the waves in the water. And so it is with all God has planned for you. You see what’s above the water, but honey, there’s so much more for you.

This isn’t all there is. You can’t stop here. You can’t settle here. You can’t say this is good enough. This is that 10% tip of the iceberg, God wants you to dive in the deep waters and discover the true treasure of what he created you for.

What will it require of you?

It will require a willingness to get out of your comfort zone. It will require a willingness to do things that don’t make sense. A willingness to try and potentially fail, then try again. A willingness to look foolish. Why? Because you’re working for the 90% that is still unseen, trusting if God said there’s more for you in this life, then you’re out there looking for it. Diving for it. Digging for it. Going for it.

Why are you holding back? Why are you playing little? Why are you assuming you can’t?

God is calling you forward into bigger things that are way over your head … won’t you follow him there? Won’t you dare to show up for whatever he may be doing and just declare you want to be part of it?!!!

God, I don’t know what you’re doing. I have no idea what’s beneath what I see here, but I want in on it! I’m willing to be uncomfortable to go where you’re leading me. I’m willing to let go of all that is familiar to discover the depths of your plans for me. And I’m willing to do the daily work that appears small right now, proving I’m faithful so I can have a shot at the bigger stuff.

This is the tip of the iceberg … I want to know what else is here for me, God!

When God gave Noah instructions to build a boat, it is believed rain had never fallen on those deserts. They didn’t even know what rain looked like. So talk about being outside of your comfort zone, building a boat in a drought. In a desert place. In a barren land. In the sand.

But when God says build a boat, you build that boat, and you build it in the sand. In the absence of rain. When it doesn’t make sense. When no one else will understand. Why? Because you know what you see is just the tip of the iceberg. God has soooooo much more to still show you.

God had a flood to show Noah. But before he could show him the first rain, he asked him to build a boat.

Yip, build a boat in the sand. Where it had never rained. Where it didn’t make sense. Where he couldn’t see the purpose of all this work.

Genesis 6:14, God said to Noah, “Build a large boat.”

Then verse 22, “So Noah did everything exactly as God had commanded him.”

What if God is asking you to build something that doesn’t make sense to build right now? Will you do it?

What if God is asking you to start something that seems ridiculous to start right now? Will you do it?

What if God is asking you to believe him for something that is totally impossible right now? Will you do it?

What if God is asking you to step out into the unknown, be totally uncomfortable, and do ridiculously hard things? Will you do it?

But it’s not just about that initial leap of faith to start, it’s about your willingness to stick with it when you only see the tip of the iceberg and you’re counting on 90% to be below the crashing waves? What if God is asking you to faithfully show up and do the monotonous work that absolutely no one praises, and do it with a good attitude? Will you do it?

You can’t fulfill your purpose, step into your destiny, and live in your calling, here in your comfort zone. God is calling you out of it. Will you step out today? And will you stay out tomorrow? Will you resist the urge to run back to what is familiar? Will you push through the hard and keep doing the work? Will you stay focused on what God is asking you to do?

What is he asking you to do?

He’s asking you to build a boat.

Do you know the song “Build a Boat” by Colton Dixon? It says:

I will build a boat in the sand where they say it never rains
I will stand up in faith, I’ll do anything it takes
With your wind in my sails, Your love never fails or fades
I’ll build a boat in the desert place
And when the flood and the water starts to rise
I’ll ride the storm ’cause I got you by my side
With your wind in my sails, your love never fails or fades
I’ll build a boat, so let it rain

God is asking you to build that boat. Probably not literally. But that boat represents what will get you from where you are to where God wants to take you. Will you build that? Will you build that kind of faith? That kind of daily commitment and faithfulness? That kind of resolve and tenacity that simply won’t give up? The kind of courage that will look at the tip of the iceberg and know there’s so much more that is unseen.

There’s a key line in the song that I feel God is highlighting today. After the excitement of I’ll build a boat in the sand. After the big claim of purpose and calling. Then it says, “I’ll do anything it takes.”

Oh, that’s what God is looking for. He’s looking for girls that aren’t just excited about having a new boat, but he’s looking for the girls who are fully committed to DO ANYTHING IT TAKES!

Will you really do anything it takes to live up to the potential God has placed within you? Will you do the hard stuff? Will you be out here on the edge where it’s really uncomfortable? Will you do the work, and do it without complaining? And will you keep doing it day after day in faithfulness that won’t quit on your commitment to Him? That’s what doing anything it takes looks like.

If you feel like God doesn’t direct you, could it be because you haven’t been following his promptings in the little things? You haven’t been talking to him when he nudges you to. You haven’t been reading his word when he prompts you to read. You haven’t been stopping to connect with him when you know that’s what you really need. You haven’t been quiet when he tells you to stop yelling. You haven’t reached out when his Spirit within you told you to. You haven’t been willing to open your hands and let his blessings flow through you because of your fear of lack, so you closed your hands and cling to what was never yours to hold forever.

And if you’re not willing to do these little things, God simply doesn’t prompt you to do bigger things. Oh, it’s not that he doesn’t have bigger things planned for you, it’s simply that you haven’t been willing to plant a seed to grow a tree, let alone cut the tree you have grown to begin building that boat. First, you plant seeds. First, you tend the trees. Then God shows you boat plans.

God could trust Noah with the boat plans because Noah had been faithful with all the small things building up to the boat. This is why he received the clear command. Noah had proven his willingness to be uncomfortable, do the hard things, and believe in the 90% below the surface he couldn’t see.

Now, can God trust you? He wants you to build a boat in the sand … but first he’s asking you to rake the sand. He’s asking you to plant a seed. He’s asking you to water what you have growing. And with each act of faithful obedience out here in the land of discomfort, God will lead you to even bigger things.

The enemy tricks us into believing the good stuff is in our comfort zone. Oh how wrong he is. The good stuff isn’t found in that recliner. It isn’t found in the guaranteed paycheck and insurance. It isn’t found in the dream house in the perfect neighborhood, with a mortgage payment that stresses you to the max every month. It isn’t found in your 5 year plan. It isn’t found in your 100% days of trying to be perfect.

The good stuff is out here where we’re raking sand and preparing for things we can’t possibly understand right now, but we’re proving ourselves faithful in the process.

The good stuff is out here where we’re planting seeds without knowing what will grow and how it will all be used for the future God has planned.

The good stuff is hard.
The good stuff is confusing.
The good stuff is uncomfortable.
The good stuff is deeper than you can see.

God sooooo wants to show you the good stuff. Oh how he wants you to step into the fullness of his good plans for your life. But first, he has to know, can he trust you to build a boat? Can he trust you with the unseen? Can he trust you with the daily grind? Can he trust you with the promptings of his Spirit?

If he can … he has some really big things to invite you into!

Listen for what God is commanding you to do today, then jump at the opportunity to do it. With your faithfulness in the uncomfortable and unknown, he will then show you some boat plans, and honey, you’ll get to build that boat, and it will require you to do anything it takes!

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