In scripture, mountains represent the problems in our lives. The hardship, the difficulty, the impossible. What is the mountain in your life today? Think of it now. Got it? Now here’s what your mountain needs to know today: Psalm 97:5 says “The mountains melt like wax before the Lord.“ Nahum 1:5 says “The mountains quake before him and hills melt away.”

This is the answer for your problems today, bring them before the Lord. This is where you find your solutions. This is where you find your way. Make your mountains bow before the Lord. Broken relationships, strained finances, delayed dreams, unmet goals, a hurting heart, a weakened spirit, a sickened body are all mountains in our lives, and every single one of them can be shaken by our God. He can make them melt like wax. This mountain must be surrendered.

Under our own power, we are overcome by our problems. We can’t climb these mountains on our own. Oh we’ve tried haven’t we? We may have temporary success, we may think we’ve got it figured out, but we always come tumbling back down don’t we? I’m here to remind you there’s victory available to you. You are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. Through him you will stand on top of this problem victorious. You will overcome. You will rise above. But without him, you will always struggle to find your way.

Why do we keep trying to do this under our own power? Gosh sometimes I look around and realize, GIRL THIS ISN’T WORKING BECAUSE YOU’VE BEEN TRYING TO DO THIS ON YOUR OWN AGAIN! I get so frustrated with myself. I’m a sucky mountain climber on my own! And I don’t have a chance of moving a mountain on my own. And neither do you. Is that what you’ve been trying to do? You’ve been trying to lose the weight, or fix the marriage, or find the job, or get the house, or raise the family without God’s help … not because you don’t believe in God … not because you don’t trust him … but honestly just because you get wrapped up in your world and your mountains and you start trying to push and climb out of habit.

What God wants more than your push is your surrender. Where his power is truly unleashed in your life is when you first surrender to him, then you push WITH him. What could happen in your life with your faithful action? What could move with your obedient push? What could you overcome with your fully surrendered climb?

Answer: More than you ever imagined possible.

For some of us, we’ve been facing the same darn mountain for years. It’s still not happening darn it. We’ve surrendered it before. We’ve even climbed it before. We’ve seen it move a little, but now it seems stuck. You’ve prayed and you’ve pushed, and you’re now on the verge of giving up, believing maybe this mountain will never be moved. Ahhhhhh, my sister I have a scripture for you this morning. Habakkuk 3:7 says “He shatters the everlasting mountains and levels the eternal hills. He is the Eternal One!”

Your everlasting mountain, the thing that has stood in your way and been impossible to overcome FOREVER and a day, is about to be SHATTERED!!!!!! This problem that has lasted and lasted and lasted, exhausting your every means, pushing you to the edge, overwhelming you, frustrating you, making you feel hopeless and helpless, it’s about to be leveled by the Eternal One. It will be no more. It’s coming down!

One touch of the Almighty changes everything in your life. An addiction you’ve battled for 20 years can be shattered. A traumatic childhood can be overcome. A body can be healed. A mind can be restored. A marriage can be saved. A life can be redeemed. A way can be made. A mountain can crumble.

None of this can happen under your own power. This is all the result of bringing it before the Lord. A surrender, then a push. You may need to surrender 97 times today, and 97 times again tomorrow. You may need to push like you’ve never pushed before as God says “okay girl, we’re going to move this mountain together.” Are you willing?

If you give up today, you may miss it. You don’t know all God has been preparing for you. You have no idea what’s just around the corner. Now is not the time to give up. I know it feels like it’s never going to happen. I know you’re getting frustrated and tired, but here’s God saying personally and directly to you today “I CAN DO THIS! I can make this happen. I can melt it down, I can make it move, I can make it shatter. You get in position and trust me. Get ready to push!”

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