Can you work on a maybe? Can you proceed with a perhaps? God is asking if your faith will be in action when you’re not 100% sure of the outcome. Will you move forward when there’s a 50/50 chance it won’t work out?

Often we’re waiting on the definite green light from God. That light looked green-ish, but we’re not sure. God was that green, or was that a little yellow? I’ll sit here in caution, just in case that wasn’t really as green as I need it to be. I’ll rehearse all the possible failed outcomes of this until I’m rendered incable of doing anything at all. I’ll build worst case scenarios in my head, in the name of being prepared, but really all I’m doing is building my anxiety and overwhelm.

We’re waiting on the sure sign and confirmation. We have this great idea, perhaps even a spiritual prompting from within, but because it’s not certain, we don’t take action. It’s easy to explain away our inaction in a spiritual way “oh I’m over here waiting on the Lord”, but girl really … are you waiting on the Lord, or is the Lord waiting on you?!!!! Has he given you everything you need to take that next step, and now you’re just waiting him to force you into that step? God’s not into forcing. He’s into faith, and faith must be in action!

What if you’re sitting and waiting, while opportunities aligned by God are passing you by?

What if it will never be 100% certain, and it’s that way by design?

What if God is wanting you to take a flying leap of faith when there’s a chance your feet won’t land on solid ground, because really that’s what faith is. Believing when you can’t see. Trusting when it doesn’t make sense. Going when you’re not certain.

Yes, Sis, what if God is asking you to move on a “maybe”.
On a “perhaps”.
On a green-ish light.
On a stirring within your spirit that might just be nothing more than your own imagination.

You know what God said to me this morning … He said “Tell my girls to stop talking themselves out of going.”

Sometimes God doesn’t make it certain because he wants your faith to grow in the uncertainty. Sometimes God doesn’t make it clear because clarity would be easy, and the good plans God has for you won’t be easy. Sometimes God leaves you hanging with a “maybe this is the way”, or “maybe this will work”, or “maybe I should do this”, because here in the maybe is where we discover our power to work with God and not just sit back and wait for him to do it all for us.

Let me tell you, Sister, God won’t do what he has empowered you to do. He won’t take that first step for you. He won’t pick up the phone and make that call. He won’t knock on the door. That’s what you’re supposed to do. And guess when you’re supposed to do it … when you’re still not 100% sure! When it still has a 50/50 chance of not being right. When it could still go wrong. When the door could slam in your face. When the step could cause you to face plant. When the answer might be no.

This is where God turns to you and says “my girl, I’m waiting for you to do what you can do now.” What happens when you do what you can do, even when you’re not sure it’s the right thing? Then God does what you can’t do!

On Wednesday’s episode, I shared how God instructed Moses to put 2 stones in the ephod the priest would wear. Remember that lesson? When the priest asked God a question, one stone would light up for yes, and the other stone would light up for no. But did you know, there were times when neither stone would light up? Times when God didn’t speak clearly and his people were left to decide.

Now we have the Holy Spirit in place of these stones. We have guidance and direction living within us. His spirit prompts us. It opens our eyes to what we otherwise would not see. It reveals things to us we cannot understand on our own. And sometimes his spirit is quite unclear to us.

Can I be honest, the majority of the time, I’m not absolutely certain of what God’s spirit is telling me. Most of the time, I’m working on a “maybe”. Maybe God is leading me here. Maybe God is prompting me with this. Maybe God wants me to do this now. And all of my biggest breakthroughs and blessings have come by following a maybe!

What if your biggest breakthrough and blessing is on the other side of this ‘maybe’? What if God isn’t going to make this undeniably clear for you with flashing signs and a loud booming voice, because he wants you to exercise your faith where things are uncertain.

James 2:26 “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”

Your body cannot function without your spirit, and honey your faith cannot function without works. You’re not saved by works, that’s what Jesus did, but your faith alone does nothing without you doing something with it. You can sit on your couch eating bonbons all day long with faith that can move mountains, but that mountain won’t move an inch until you show up and start pushing while you believe.

God has great plans for your life, but you don’t get to walk in those plans just because you believe them, you have to take the next step into them. And guess what, the next step isn’t going to be clear. It isn’t going to always make sense. It isn’t going to be certain. There’s going to be a chance it won’t work, a chance it’s wrong, a chance it’s a total waste, but God is asking you to take that chance in faith and go.

What if the next step you take is wrong? What if it doesn’t work? Really, let’s stare down that option and examine it, because the reality is, there’s probably a 50% chance of failure. Don’t you think your God is big enough to use that failure for favor in your future? Don’t you think your God is big enough to take your misstep and turn it into a major step right into his good plans for your life?

You will never know what God was ready, willing, and able to do on your behalf if you don’t show up in the face of your ‘maybe’ and go for it. I’ve learned to trust that if I have truly sought God over it, asked him for his will over my own, released my attachment to the outcome, and taken that next step in obedient faith, God will honor it … even when it wasn’t perfect … even when it wasn’t best … even when it was a messy.

God honors faithful girls in action!

It’s easy to look at someone else’s story and believe they were 100% certain of God’s guidance to where they are today. But I promise you, none of us are certain. I had an idea, I showed up and tried that idea, it kinda worked, so I just kept doing it. I took a chance and it wasn’t a complete disaster, so I kept talking to God about it and taking chances. I asked God if I should take that leap, he didn’t say no and the door still seemed to be somewhat open, so I took a flying leap of faith, and here I am today. I was never certain. I was just willing to go on a ‘maybe’.

2 Samuel 16:12 “Jonathan said to his young armor-bearer, “Come, let’s go over to the outpost of those uncircumcised men. Perhaps the LORD will act in our behalf. Nothing can hinder the LORD from saving, whether by many or by few.”

Did Jonathan know for sure God was going to favor them in battle? No. Did he know for sure his next step was the right step? No. Was it risky? Absolutely. Johnathan wasn’t wearing an ephod. He had no stones to light up with assurance. But he had a prompting and he had the faith to take action on a “perhaps.”

Perhaps the Lord will act on our behalf. And if God acts, nothing can stop him. Jonathan was willing to go into battle on a perhaps. A maybe. He had faith, and he had works. Faith without works is dead. Faith with works can do impossible things as God wills!

Let you faith be at work today. Drop the fear and take the next step. Sometimes that fear holds on tight when you try to drop it, so maybe what you have to do is take that next step even when fear is holding on. Drag it. Kick it. But don’t you let that fear stop you. It may slow you down, but it doesn’t have to stop you.

Perhaps God will do impossible things on your behalf. Maybe God will open doors you never imagined, but you have to step up to the door and start knocking. God won’t knock for you. That’s up to you.

When do you knock? When you’re still unsure. After you’ve talked to God about it, after you’ve surrendered the outcome to him, after you’ve sought his will over your own, then you boldly put your faith into action and go on a ‘maybe.’

Can God honor your works of faith, even when they might not be executed in perfection? ABSOLUTELY! God never asked for perfection. He asked for faith in action!

Go and you will see! Perhaps the Lord will act on your behalf! Today, be a faithful girl in action, willing to go on that ‘maybe’.

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