As a little girl, I watched The Price is Right with my grandma. The audience would be filled with hopeful people wearing big name tags, eagerly anticipating the next name called. The camera would pan over the crowd as if looking for just the right person, then Rod Roddy would announce one lucky name. Pamela Crim, come on down. You’re the next contestant on The Price Is Right.

I always wanted to be in that audience. Imagine the excitement of knowing someone was going to be chosen, and it could be you! Your name could be called next. You could be “coming on down” as the next contestant. Oh the anticipation of knowing your name was in the drawing. It could be you!

I also loved watching the game show Let’s Make a Deal. People would dress up in the cheesiest costumes and be all extra in hopes of being chosen to pick a curtain or make a deal.

Oh, to be chosen. To have an opportunity to play and win. To be the one selected in the audience to come on down, to step on up, to make the deal.

Did you know you’re currently in the running for the opportunity of a lifetime? Did you know you’re in a crowd where someone will be selected and that someone could be you. And the prize available is an absolute game changer! Better than a car. Better than a tropical trip. Better than a lump of money. You could win immeasurable strength to do impossible things!

2 Chronicles 16:9 “The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.”

Here we sit in an audience of hopefuls, awaiting the invitation to come on down and have our shot at winning, and God is scanning the crowd. His eyes are searching the whole earth. He is looking. Looking for just the right one to offer his strength that changes absolutely everything.

I want you to imagine God has prepared for this New Year. He’s set the stage. He’s aligned blessings and opportunities. He’s created paths and doorways to dreams that have been sought after for years. He has made a way where there has been no way. He has prepared healing and restoration. He has aligned breakthroughs for what has never been broken through before. He has worked out the details, for higher levels than ever imagined before.

Can’t you just see God preparing? Can’t you see him aligning the opportunities? Can’t you see the stage has been set and names are about to be called.

Now, his eyes are searching the whole earth. He is searching for the ones who will receive these breakthroughs. The one who will respond to the promptings.

The one who will be stirred and go.
The one who will be intentional.
The one who will surrender.
The one who will jump.
The one who will make space.
The one who will give the energy.
The one who will just show up.
The one who will be vibrant with life.
The one who will be ever so grateful.
The one who will be faithful.
The one who finally knows she is enough.
The one who will be reignited.
The one who will be steadfast.
The one who will trust him.
The one who will renew her hope.
The one who will protect the balance.

He’s looking for the girls who will appreciate the blessings, seize the opportunities, and make something out of everything he offers. He’s looking for those who will take it and run with it. Those who will not delay. Those who will not complain. Those who will focus. Those who can be trusted.

Will it be you?

His eyes are looking. They are looking. And today, they are looking at you.

Can he call your name to come on down and receive his strength to do immeasurably more than you could ever ask, think, or imagine?

What will he see today when he watches you? How did you receive the gift of this day of life? You see, how you received today is a good indication on how you will receive tomorrow and the next day and the next. It’s easy for us to believe when circumstances change our actions and attitudes will change as well.

God knows better.

Could the very opportunity you seek be locked up and untouchable to you because you haven’t been faithful with what you already have? Yes, absolutely yes! God instructs us to be faithful with little, then more will be given to us. But if we can’t be faithful with little, we will never be faithful with more. We can’t be trusted. We can’t be called. The opportunity can’t be offered. We can’t be trusted with his supernatural strength.

Understand, today God is creating paths and doorways to dreams, he’s aligning blessings beyond your wildest imagination. He’s stockpiling opportunities that would blow your mind. And he is watching you closely to see how you will respond to this day of life. How will you handle the choices you have today? What will you do with the opportunities in front of you right now?

His eyes are wandering, they’re searching the whole earth, and he’s looking to strengthen the one who is fully committed to him. He WANTS to make it happen for you. He wants to partner with you in making 2023 the year things change. God is ready … the question is, are you?

Is your heart fully committed to him? Are you so grateful for the gift of today that you wouldn’t dare waste it? Are you all-in in living this life you have been given? Do you refuse to wish it away, sleep it away, or waste any bit of it wallowing or complaining? That’s the kind of girl God is looking for. That’s the kind of girl he wants to strengthen. Will it be you?

But it doesn’t end there. It doesn’t end with your name being called and your opportunity to come on down. Now you play. Now you make the deal. Now you win or you lose. Read the rest of the verse.

2 Chronicles 16:9 in full says, “The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. What a fool you have been! From now on you will be at war.”

There was a King who had always looked to God for guidance and he had experienced great victory. However now, when under attack again, he looked for guidance from others instead of God. This is why he is described as a fool and is now at war. He stopped looking to God.

Have we too been foolish? Have we failed to seek God? Have we jumped into making grand plans and writing big goals for 2023 and failed to seek God? We’re being warned here, this is how we bring war upon ourselves. This is how we create a mess. Have we caused the turmoil we find ourselves in? Let us correct that now!

This new year of life is full of potential and possibility … don’t miss it. Decide now that you won’t waste a single opportunity that comes your way. Decide now you will do what you said you would do. Decide now you will follow through, you will show up, and this time you won’t give up.

God is an ever faithful partner on this journey, and he’s asking you to be faithful too.

How many times have we stood him up?

He wants to strengthen you, enable you, equip you and move you forward … won’t you be faithful enough to show up for it?

When you fail to show up today, you lessen the opportunities you will receive tomorrow. Let God know those opportunities won’t be wasted on you! Another chance won’t go unused if it’s given to you! If he chooses you (which by the way, he has), will you be fully committed to him? Will he get your best effort? Will all those old excuses be dropped? Will you feel the fear and move forward any way?

God’s eyes have been searching the whole earth looking to supernaturally strengthen the girl committed to him, and he has called your name. Now, come on down. Make the deal. Give it your best shot. Dare to see what opportunities he has aligned for you, and what he is declaring as possible now.

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