Do you have a life purpose statement? Like a mantra that shifts your perspective and helps you see your overall life and it’s purpose more clearly? I’m going to suggest that in the busyness of this life that gets really loud and chaotic, you get yourself a life purpose statement. One that remains true regardless of the season you may be going through, or the feelings you have about it. A statement that snaps your thoughts back in alignment with God’s purpose for your days.

Mine is very simple, and over the years it has evolved to 3 short bullet points for a total of 7 words. I share it with you today, hoping it inspires you to create your own life purpose statement, or heck, use mine. The truth is, mine isn’t even original any way. My Southern California friend named Bill who owns all the vintage VW buses I rent for my coastal camping adventures shared this with me. I proudly stole it and claim it as my own. You can do the same if it fits.

The purpose of my life in 3 bullets:

• Love God
• Love People
• Have a Blast

Every single day, this is the purpose of the time I am given, and this life purpose statement helps me keep it all in perspective. It’s Wednesday, June 21st, the alarm rings at the buttcrack of dawn … it’s time to love God, love people, and have a blast. It’s exactly why I am here and it’s exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.

Gosh, doesn’t it make this fussy complicated life a whole lot more simple when you already know what you’re here to do? That’s the power of your life purpose statement. Again, if you don’t have one, why not use mine as a template to get started!

Over the next 3 episodes, I’m going to teach one bullet at a time to tell you why this is my daily focus and what God is showing me in the process. Today, we will begin with Bullet 1: Love God.

Mark 12:30 tells us the greatest commandment of Jesus, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”

Okay, love God. Sounds simple. But how do you love someone you can’t see? How do you love someone you can’t sit down with for a cup of coffee? How can you love someone you can’t even talk to? I don’t know … that would be really difficult. I’m grateful our God can be seen, we can have a cup of coffee with him, and we can talk to him!

God can be seen, He is all around you. When you grow to see the sunrise and know that’s God, then you get it. When you look out on the green pastures, the turquoise ocean, or the towering mountains, you see God. When you sit and watch people and all their uniqueness, you see God.

Every cup of coffee you have can be a cup with Jesus. It’s simply a matter of your intentional awareness. His presence can be felt, when invited. You can talk your little heart out to him, and he will listen. But even more than that, he will talk to you too. When you learn to listen, your spirit will be prompted by his word and direction. The interaction is real!

A beautiful Texas gal I mentor named Debra shared a powerful thought yesterday. She said, “Can you imagine where we would be if we checked in with God as much as we check our phones?” Hello, SPIRIT CHECK! My phone gets countless check-ins from me at all times of the day. What does God get? The one who holds my whole world in his hands, the one who has the power to divinely direct my every step, the one who has every answer to the questions I haven’t even thought to ask yet … he gets a whole lot less check-ins from me than my phone.

How about you?

Really, how many times in a day do you check your phone? And why are you checking it?

You check your phone to see what time it is. What if before you did that, you checked with God and simply asked him what time it is for you? God, what should I be doing right now? What is it time for today according to your will?

You check your phone to see if anyone has messaged you. What if before you checked your messages, you did a quick check in with God for any messages he has for you. God, is there anything you want to tell me right now? Anything you’ve been trying to say to me? Did I miss your prompting earlier? Did I overlook what you were trying to show me? I’m looking now.

You check your phone to share your life. You post your photos, you tell about your day, you share things that others may find funny or useful. Hey, think about this for a second … do you share your life with God as much as you do your social media friends? Do you talk to God about your day? Do you show him what you’re grateful for? Do you brag to him about all he made possible?

When you love someone, you think about them, you talk about them, you spend time with them, and you invest in your relationship with them. And Jesus says God should get our love first. God should be the first person I think about and want to talk to when I wake up. Literally, it’s why I’ve trained my body to roll out of bed, and let my knees hit the pillow waiting for me on the floor. He’s my first thought. He’s my first conversation. He’s my first minutes. Why? Because he’s my first love.

Have you trained your body to roll out of bed onto your knees to give your FIRST to God? I’m telling you, it’s a game changer. No, it’s not easy in the beginning, and it will take a whole lot of practice. But there was a time when you trained yourself to set the alarm on your phone instead of a clock sitting on your night stand. You trained yourself to check your phone for the time instead of the clock on the wall. You can train yourself to check-in with God before you check-in on your phone!

God wants first place in our lives. Plain and simple. That’s what he’s been trying to show you. You’re asking, “God, what are you trying to tell me here?” Well, here’s your answer … he wants to be first!

He wants to be our first choice, not our last resort. 3 of the gospels quote Jesus on his teaching of the greatest commandment, and all 3 tell us to love with all our HEART, all our SOUL, all our MIND and all our STRENGTH. Jesus is making it clear, this is EVERYTHING within us loving God.

Why is that? It’s so that we are securely centered with our love on God, grounded, steady, unshakable and unsinkable. It’s so that our moment by moment thoughts are permeated with love for God. What does that do for us? It keeps us from being overwhelmed in our circumstances, and divided in our mind.

Hey, all my scattered girls out there chasing squirrels, this is for you. Helloooooo, can you hear me? I have to be sure because I know you were doing 10 other things while you were listening, so you’re not really fully listening. I’m talking to you, my scattered, ADD, multi-tasking, squirrel chasing friend: Loving God first keeps you FOCUSED! This is the answer for you. Try this. God gets your first and your best. Give him the first 10 minutes of your day. Give him your first check-in, before your phone gets your check-in. Give him your first sip of coffee, instead of the news. You’ve been chasing squirrels, but God says, “girl, I’m right here, look for me first. I control the squirrels you chase!”

When we love God with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind and all our strength, we are seeking Him with passion. This is not a passive search for God in our day, this is a passionate hunt for God in the details. In God we find our deepest satisfaction. We find the missing piece and fill that empty space that nothing else could fill.

The problem is, we’ve been searching for something or someone to fulfill us, and it’s all failed miserably. That’s because there is no relationship that will fill the hole of God. There’s no career that fulfills you like God. You can have it all and still feel ridiculously empty. There’s no mountain climbed, goal achieve, or hunted down destination that will give you that sense of truly belonging and genuinely mattering like God can. I once heard that we’re all created with a God sized hole in us. And I believe that to be true.

Only loving God will fill that space. Only loving God makes you whole. Only loving God gives you a deeper purpose.

God created you for good plans. Yeah, remember the plans he talks about in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Well those plans are ONLY fulfilled when we love God first with our best. Loving God transforms our lives into His image and likeness. Then, and only then, will we be able to fulfill his great plans for our lives. Loving God opens the door to living within his perfect and good will. Our love for him guides us to step squarely into what He has been working on from the beginning for us to be part of.

So, my personal life purpose statement all starts with LOVE GOD.

It’s so simple, and it will take me the rest of my life to figure it out. We’re all a work in progress, and that’s the key. Make sure you’re working on really LOVING GOD with a passionate pursuit to put him in first place.

Love God by seeing him today. Love God by spending time with him today. Love God by talking to him today. Love God by investing in your relationship with him today. And try doing it every time BEFORE you grab your phone.

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