If it were certain, it wouldn’t require faith. If it were easy, faith wouldn’t be necessary. If you knew exactly when and how it was all going to happen, faith would never be exercised. But, it is your FAITH that pleases God. It is your FAITH that makes you righteous. It is your FAITH that brings glory to God. So, girl, of course life isn’t always going to be easy … otherwise, where would faith even be needed?

Those impossible things you face … Those way too little way too late circumstances … Those too far gone and without reasonable hope areas of your life … These are the things that call for your faith. This is where you get to see God do what only God can do. This is where you get to grow. This is where God counts you as righteous. Why? Because you’re tapping into his power instead of your own.

Honey, if you can do this all on your own, it’s nothing more than a temporary success that puts a feather in your hat and you’ll be over it searching for the next thing fast. But when it’s beyond your reach, out of your control, and way bigger than anything you could ever do on your own, it gets the Father involved! And when the Father is involved, miraculous things happen.

Did you know God wants to be involved in your life? He’s not burdened by your impossible, honey, he designed your impossible so you would require him! He’s not avoiding you just hoping you’ll be able to figure this one out without him. No, he’s lovingly awaiting the surrender of your own ways and a faith filled call for help. He wants to show his power in your life. He wants to move your mountains. He wants to unleash his undeniable miracles for you.

The problem is, you want all of that goodness without the hardship first. You want the rainbow without the rain. You want the flowers without the dirt. You want the grandbabies without the teenage years of your own children when you figure out why some animals eat their young. You want the marriage without the snoring, without the toilet lid left up, without the socks on the floor. You want the vacation without the work days. You want the adventure of travel without the hours stuck in a car or airplane. You want muscles without the workout. You want success without the struggle. And you want all your dreams without the wait.

And God says, my girl, that’s not the way I designed life. And while you may not like the design, the design is for a great purpose. The design of waiting, working and wanting grows your faith. And your faith is the one thing that makes you righteous. Without faith, you are not saved. Without faith, you don’t get to walk in the divine purposes of God that make life worth living.

So, of course God is going to design challenges that require faith, because your faith is the ticket to God’s greatest plans for you. And he doesn’t want you to miss what he has for you, Sis.

Why are you waiting? Why are you having to work so hard? Why are you still wanting what you still don’t have? Because something greater is growing stronger within you. That is your faith! And God considers your faith greater than everything else.

Abraham and Sarah waited on a promise of God their entire lives. This promise of a baby when it was way too late for either of them to have a baby. It takes a whole lot of faith to believe at 100 years old it’s not too late for you. It takes a whole lot of faith to believe when all those years have gone by that God hasn’t forgotten you.

Where does it take a whole lot of faith for you to believe things are ever going to change? Where do God’s promises seem too far out of reach and way too late to happen for you? This is exactly what God is calling you to today.

Come stand in the middle of your impossible, and dare to believe God can still do it! He can still make this right. He can still redeem this. He can still heal this. He can still fulfill this. Remember, Jesus said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Your impossible calls in God. His power is brought to your too late, too far gone, and way too hard.

Your job in this is to believe GOD CAN!

Your job is not to understand how God will do it or know when God will do it, it’s simply to have faith that knows he CAN!

Romans 4: 20-22, “Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promises. In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this he brought glory to God. He was fully convinced that God is able to do whatever he promises. And because of Abraham’s faith, God counted him as righteous.”

This is where God wants to bring you and I. He wants to work on us to bring us to this place of unshakable faith that says “I am fully convinced that God is able to do whatever he promises.”

Are you there? Is this were your faith stands? Are you fully convinced God can? Have you fully surrendered your need to control it, understand it, or predict it? Are you living in wild faith that God will do what only God can do and it will happen in God’s divine timing?

At last weekend’s BIG Life Retreat in Lake Tahoe, I found myself in the back seat of a truck with Jennifer from California (who I lovingly refer to as Jenny from the block). Jenny from the block began sharing a bit of her life story with me. For years, she had been single and lonely. The desires of her heart were for a husband and a family. Yet, the years went by and still she was alone. Then, she said the time finally came that she surrendered that desire to God and declared, “God if you only give me my family in Heaven, then I’ll be okay with that. I have you here and that’s enough.” Within a very, very short time of this full surrender and act of faith, God brought her husband and gave them 2 children. Yes, when it was too late. Yes, when it seemed it would never happen. That was her time. Her time came after a faith filled surrender knowing God is able to do whatever he promises, even if that meant in Heaven instead of here on Earth.

In her wait, her faith grew stronger. Through that wait and strong faith, God received glory. It wasn’t that she gave up on her desire, it was that she was fully convinced God was able, and her timeline wasn’t necessary. Her faith changed everything!

So, I don’t know what you’re waiting on … I don’t know what you’re wishing for … I don’t know what you’re working towards … but, I know there’s one thing God wants for you through this … he wants your faith. He wants to show you he is able to do everything he has promised. What he’s waiting on is for you to come to a place where you are fully convinced that he is able, even when you don’t see it, even when you don’t feel it, and even when you don’t understand it.

Be convinced any way. Convinced he is God and he is able. He is God and he knows what he is doing. He is God and he is the one who holds good plans for you in his hands. Not your hands, his. Stop trying to take this out of his hands, and be absolutely convinced he is able to do it! Faith is your ticket to God’s greatest plans for you!

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