God has blessed you with the opportunity to live a big, beautiful life. He has brought you through the unimaginable. He has made a way where there was no way. He has strengthened you, equipped you, and blessed you. Now, what happens from here, for the most part, is up to you. What will you do with all God has done for you? How will you use what he has already given you?

Here we are waking up to a brand new month of life. The gift of September is here. We’ve never seen September 2023 before. This is all brand new. If you didn’t wake up this morning with great anticipation, you might just be missing the power of this gift. It’s here for you, now what in the world are you going to do with it?

If you use the days of this month to just drag your butt through a meaningless existence, it might not feel very impressive. However, if you use your days to plant every seed given to you, you might just be walking in a bountiful harvest in your future!

You don’t choose the seeds you are given. God creates the seed. He creates the opportunities. He gives the blessings. He provides the start. But I assure you, what God gives you is the beginning of more than you could possibly imagine. Now, it won’t look like much. In fact, seeds never look like what they will become. Have you seen the seed of a massive apple tree? It’s that tiny little nuisance you cut around when peeling an apple. But that seed has the potential to become something so much greater, it just doesn’t look like it in the beginning.

Recognize the little things that seem like a nuisance right now are your seeds. Seeds given to you by a mighty God who wants so much more for your life. Seeds entrusted to you to do something with. Honey, you have no idea what seeds of tremendous potential you’re holding in your hand right now. And while you don’t know what it could become, now is the time to trust God with the future harvest, and plant that seed!

Looking back, wouldn’t you agree it’s funny how life turns out. Can’t you look back and see how your first job led to your next job, and through the twists and turns it brought you to your career? If you would have told 17 year old Pamela that her job making cheeseburgers and french fries at McDonald’s would lead to a career of taking women on adventures around the world, I would have told you to shut the front door. But it did. Every step of the way, I was always being equipped for my future purposes through today’s work.

Yes, today’s work is equipping you for your future purposes. Don’t miss that!

What could today’s work be equipping you for in your future? MORE. BIGGER. GREATER.

That’s the thing about seeds and harvests. Harvests are always more than the seed they started with. They’re always bigger. And they’re always greater.

No, I don’t work at McDonald’s anymore, but I truly believe my weekend 3 am opening shifts were priming me for the very thing I do today. I had to learn how to wake up early. I had to learn how to choose happiness even when everyone else wasn’t. I had to learn how to be intentionally positive. I had to learn how to be faithful. That was the seed. My harvest is more. My harvest is bigger. My harvest is greater.

Look at the harvest of the seeds you have been faithful with. Can’t you see how it all grew to become so much more? And Sis, think about this, God knew all of this goodness was in your future when he gave you those seeds back then to work with. He always intended to bring you to a fulfilling harvest. But, remember, he’s still giving you seeds today. He’s still giving you opportunities to be faithful. This isn’t over. Why? Because God has more, bigger and greater things in your future.

Galatians 6:9, “So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”

Remember back in January when you decided to do all the good things? You were going to get your life on track this year. You were going to show up and do the things you know you needed to do. And maybe you did for a little while. But what about now? Day 1 of month 9. Have you just gotten tired? Have you given up on planting those seeds? Honey, have you neglected the seeds of potential God has given you?

You stopped putting in the work. You stopped showing up with your best effort. You grew bored, distracted, and discouraged because this whole harvesting thing sometimes takes longer than we wish. But God knew that. He knew you might forfeit your harvest of blessings along the way because planting gets old. He knew you would take your future harvest for granted if the process were easy and automatic.

And you know what really sucks … picking weeds. Dang, I hate picking weeds. But, the weeds of life grow naturally and they threaten to choke out the good that is growing. We must protect what God has given us by continually removing the nasty little threats growing in our lives. Those bad habits. Those lazy tendencies. Those little settles along the way that lead to giving up. Those negative thoughts that create inaction. Pluck that sucker out by the roots!

Because here’s what God’s word promises us: We’re promised if we don’t give up, when the time is right, we will reap our harvest of blessings. What will the harvest look like? Probably nothing like the seeds we started with.

I think about my son. Dang he was a cute little boy. He loved his mama and was pure joy … until 12. At the age of 12 he morphed into a disgruntled and difficult little beast with a bad hairdo. In that season of life I began to understand why some animals eat their young. And it got worse before it got better. It’s a miracle we all survived and there was only 1 hole in the wall. (Yes, for real, there was a hole in the wall and I’m not the one who put it there but there were days I wanted to.) We went through seasons of ridiculously bad choices, seasons of lying, seasons of alcoholism, and seasons of losing his Jesus. And now … well now he’s handsome and healthy, married to his dream girl, living in Hawaii. And almost daily he calls his Mama and Daddy to chat about things like investments, marathon running, the power of prayer and the scripture he’s studying.

HARVEST OF BLESSINGS! A harvest that looks absolutely nothing like the seed I was dealing with in past seasons.

Are all my little seeds ready to harvest? No. Some of them are still in that awkward stage of not looking anything like what they have the potential of becoming, and requiring way more work than any growth I see. But that’s just the process.

Whether you’re dealing with a 12 year old who makes you want to punch holes in the wall, a job you dread going to, or the same dang 5 pounds that just keeps coming and going, or praying the same prayers that don’t seem to be working … remember the promise in God’s word. “Don’t get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time, you will reap a harvest of blessing if you don’t give up.”

Yes, on month 9 of this year, don’t you give up! You have seeds to be faithful with here today. Seeds that may just become something this month! And no doubt, you have weeds that need to be pulled. There are threats to all that is trying to grow in your life. Yank that crap out and set it on fire!

2 Corinthians 9:10, “God can pour on the blessings in astonishing ways so that you’re ready for anything and everything.”

You know who God pours astonishing blessings on? The ones who have been faithful with their seeds. The ones who have been ripping out the weeds. The ones who haven’t given up. The ones still working in the fields even when we don’t see change.

Girls, we may not know what our harvest will look like, but we know we have been called to be faithful with our seeds, and we trust these seeds will become more, bigger, and better than anything we could imagine. So today, we’re not giving up!

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