A large audience was once asked if they had ever struggled with procrastination. 98% of them said yes. 2% of them were still thinking about their answer. Why do we delay? Why do we put off until tomorrow what we could do today?

Let me tell you why … because tomorrow sounds easier. Tomorrow lifts the burden of right now. Tomorrow dismisses any pressure of action now, and erases our guilt as we promise we will do it later. But, we don’t. Can you be trusted with tomorrow?

What about today?

13 years ago I hosted our very first BIG Life Retreat. It was in the basement of the city hall of Joplin, MO because it was a meeting space offered for free. And back then, free is what we needed most. I had gathered 50 girls from across the country to do the Mother Road half and full marathon. Hanging on the walls of this basement where we had a pep rally were hand painted paper banners I had made that read, “Today Is My Someday”.

Most of us had always said we would complete a marathon someday. And most of us had spent years putting off the beginning of that journey for tomorrow. And finally, we had declared today was our someday. No more waiting. No more wishing. We were doing it. That day, 10/10/10, was our someday, and I will never forget it. It changed the trajectory of my life.

Do you have one of those days? A day when you stopped waiting to feel like it, and you got started any way?. A day when you laid aside all your great excuses and just showed up. A day when you actually did what you always said you were going to do. It was your “someday”. And looking back, you see how that day changed you. You stepped into a future that had always been waiting for you. It started a series of events that led you to greater things than you could have imagined. That day, you started what you said you would do someday.

My goodness gracious, looking back, aren’t you glad you did it? Now, God has granted you new dreams and new opportunities, and he has been asking you when you’re taking the next step. Have you been saying “someday”? Someday I’m going to simplify my life and travel more. Someday I’m going to start writing that book. Someday I’m going to clean out this house so I can sell it. Someday I’m going to get myself back in the gym and take control of my health. Someday I’m going to get myself in therapy and work on healing. Someday I’m going to get out of debt and be free.

This is our new “someday”. Things we’re going to do, steps we’re going to take, decisions we’re going to make, but they sit and wait in the land of “someday.”

What an arrogant assumption of allotted time we were never promised. What a disservice to this day we have been given. What about THIS DAY? Why would we continue to wait for SOME day?

I read of a famous preacher who set out to search the bible for the most important words in scripture. He looked for the saddest word, then the happiest word. I searched to try and find what his results were, and while I couldn’t find them, I have to think the saddest word must be “wasted”. To have wasted opportunities. To have wasted our lives. To have wasted the invitation of Jesus. That must be the saddest word in scripture. And the happiest word? Oh, there are many, but my heart landed on the word “welcome”. That we are welcomed into the family of God. That we are welcomed into his grace and his mercy. That we are welcomed into an eternal paradise. Welcomed after we have wandered. Welcome means wanted and included, that we belong in a place that is made for us.

While I couldn’t find the results of this famous preacher’s search for these words, I did find his results for what he believed to be the most dangerous word in scripture. What is the most dangerous word? The word the enemy has tricked us with most. The word that has caused us to forfeit opportunities, dreams, and breakthroughs. That word is … “tomorrow”.

What has tomorrow stolen from you? To be clear, it has stolen the action of today. It has stolen the power which God has placed in this day. Tomorrow is your “someday” that dismisses you from deciding today is your day. What has it taken from you? Where are you stuck because of your arrogant assumption that you always have tomorrow?

If tomorrow is the most dangerous word in scripture, the most promising word would be “today”.

Hebrews 4:7, “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts.” Remember when God prompted you before? Remember when he moved in your Spirit to make a decision, to take the next step, to stop procrastinating? Did you do it? You’ve heard his voice. You felt that nudge. Did you respond, or did you delay? We’ve got God on hold. He called. He prompted. We pressed hold. Uhmmmm, yeah, about that, hold on, God. I’m gonna do something about that tomorrow. And with every tomorrow, your heart has grown hard. Girl, if God gives you another opportunity today, will you take it? If he prompts you again, will you respond? If he guides your next step, will you lift up your foot?

2 Corinthians 6:2, “Behold, now is the ‘acceptable time’. Now is the ‘day of salvation’.” My great grandpa waited until he was 90 years old to accept Jesus. Every time we would talk to him about God, he would always say “tomorrow”. He waited until the very final weeks of his life, when his entire life was the acceptable time. Did he make it in time for salvation? Yes, but do you know what he missed? He missed thousands of todays that could have been covered in God’s grace and mercy. He missed all those years of living with God. Every day of his life could have been his “someday”, but he waited. And he forfeited. And I know he regretted it.

If you’re hearing this today, God is saying TODAY, my girl, TODAY. Today is the day for you. Today things can change. Today you can surrender all of this to me and find more grace and mercy than you can possibly imagine. Today you can find purpose in what never made sense before. Today you can find the healing your heart has been waiting for. Today you can be filled with supernatural strength to make the changes you have never been able to make on your own. Today is the day.

You see, some things need more prayer. They need more time. They need our patience. Other things simply need our obedience. It’s already been prayed about. We’ve already waited entirely too long. We’ve wasted (there’s that sad word) entirely too much of our life, and God says TODAY. TODAY, I don’t want another day of this precious life I have given you to be wasted. I’ve already told you what to do. I’ve already given you everything you will need. I’ve already made a way for you. Now, you’re just procrastinating.

If you’re living in tomorrow, you’re missing today.

Psalm 118:24, “The LORD has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad.”

What has the Lord done today? He has given you another chance. He has offered to redeem all you have wasted. He has spoken to you once again to take your next step, respond to his promptings, and walk in faith knowing God will do what only God will do, but you must also do what you can do. Have you done what you can do? Have you done what God has already prompted you to do? You’re sitting here waiting for God to do something miraculous, but his miracle is hidden in your obedience of doing what you can do.

Do not waste today. Waste – what I believe is the saddest word in the bible. Today – what I believe is the most promising word in the bible. Combine those two words and you bring tremendous sadness to the promise. The promise is today. The sadness is wasting of today. What does wasting today sound like? Tomorrow. Tomorrow – the most dangerous word in the bible. The word the enemy has tricked us with countless times. The word that has cost us many breakthroughs and many opportunities.

Once again today, the offer of tomorrow is here. Not literally. Tomorrow is not promised. But the illusion of tomorrow is offered to make us sacrifice the power of today. Don’t accept it. Tomorrow may never come, or tomorrow may come without the same offerings you had today because in the process life radically changed. So don’t waste what you have here today.

Today can be your someday. The day has come to make a decision. The day has come to get started. The day has come to stop making excuses and simply take the next step.

You’ve prayed about it? You feel prompted? Now stop procrastinating! Today is your someday! Tomorrow is dangerous.

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