Are you in a situation that you feel completely helpless to do anything about? It’s someone else’s mood making work so difficult. It’s someone else’s choices creating chaos in your home. Whew, don’t you just hate it. Don’t you just wish you could make them act right? Don’t you wish you could change them? Wouldn’t your home be happier if they would just change? Wouldn’t going in to work be so much easier if every one would just change to the way you are?

You can’t make anyone change, but you can bring Jesus into the room!

Jesus is the one who changes moods, attitudes, hearts and minds. Jesus is the one who turns lives around … not you. Your job is to simply bring Jesus into the room. That’s your superpower … have you forgotten to use it?

Yesterday I received a text from a beautiful woman I get to mentor. She shared with me how her work place had become toxic. Every day, the room carried a darkness with co-workers who were complaining, negative, or trying to avoid actually working for the paycheck. But there were two other co-workers who loved Jesus. Knowing they couldn’t fix the people they worked with, but seriously over the life suck of sharing space with such intently negative people, these three Jesus loving women simply decided to bring Jesus into the room.

How? They began praying over their team. They began praying for their company. They started listening to the devotional together. They stopped trying to fix everyone and everything, and simply invited Jesus in. And y’all, when Jesus shows up, things start changing!

Just in the past few weeks, these 3 praying women have seen a change in the room. The complaining is down. The environment is getting better. And one co-worker is seeking God now and said she can feel her life changing! And God is doing that! How? Well, he was simply invited into the room.

My sister, have you spent more time worrying over your situation, complaining about the circumstances, blaming someone else, and assuming your position of misery, rather than doing the one thing that can change everything? Your role here is to invite Jesus into this room. Not to fix anyone. Not to have all the answers. Not to have a plan. Not to be right. Just bring Jesus in.

A member of my team taught me to pray this prayer, “Jesus, we want your voice to be the loudest voice in this room.” When we prayed that at our Addiction Healing Retreat, I saw miraculous conversations unfold that we could have in no way orchestrated ourselves. That’s what happens when Jesus is invited in.

There’s a story in the bible that shows the 3 things that happen when Jesus comes into the room. This is on a really famous Sunday that we now celebrate as Easter, but on this first Easter, there were more questions than answers and a lot of threats. Jesus had been rumored to have risen from the tomb. The Jewish leaders were on a manhunt for the disciples and anyone else claiming the crucified Jesus was the son of God. So, the disciples were hiding in a room behind locked doors. And then, Jesus walks into the room!

John 20: 19-21, “That Sunday evening the disciples were meeting behind locked doors because they were afraid of the Jewish leaders. Suddenly, Jesus was standing there among them! “Peace be with you,” he said. As he spoke, he showed them the wounds in his hands and his side. They were filled with joy when they saw the Lord! Again he said, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.”

Jesus walked in the room, and three things happen. First, Jesus brings peace into the room.

If you’re in a room where all hell is breaking loose, people are angry, voices are getting loud, and eyeballs are starting to bulge making the angry eyebrows and crazy eyes… girl, get Jesus in the room! Jesus brings peace!

If you’re in a room where there’s confusion, discord, uncertainty, anxiety, and all these choices with no clear answer … girl, get Jesus in the room! Jesus bring peace. With peace comes clarity. Peace calms the storms in our minds and helps us to see things differently. The right answers don’t come from you … they come from Jesus. You can’t control this, Jesus can.

Then, Jesus brings joy into the room. It says the disciples were “filled with joy when they saw the Lord!” Joy, it’s that deep sigh of relief that this is all going to be okay … even more than okay. This is going to work together for something good. This situation isn’t hopeless, this isn’t too far gone, this is perfectly primed for God’s greatest works and we can get excited to see him work.

If you’re in a room where darkness looms, energy is low, and negativity is spoken, you just gotta bring Jesus in!

How do you do that? Let’s go back to the 3 women in the office surrounded by complaining, negative co-workers. They couldn’t change their co-workers, but they could invite Jesus into the room. They started praying over their team and their company. They started listening to the devotional together. So simple. Why do we try to make things so much more complicated? It really is simple.

Anyone could do that … the problem is, we typically don’t. We respond to negativity with negativity. We hear complaining, then we complain. It’s like a nasty infection that spreads and we’re sucked right into the middle of it. When all this time, as girls who love Jesus, we have the power to simply invite Jesus into the room. Jesus brings peace, and Jesus brings joy!

You could just start praying. Not praying that God would fix them, but praying that Jesus would be the loudest voice in the room. Praying that his peace would fill the space. Praying that his joy would be felt, even while things are still hard. Praying that he would calm the storm and clear the confusion. You could listen to upbeat Christian music. Whew, you want to change a mood … turn on the right music. Why do you think everyone is so darn happy in the Chic-fil-A? It’s more than just that delicious moist chicken, it’s the music! Jesus has been invited into that room!

First, Jesus brings peace, then he brings joy. And there’s one more thing that happens when Jesus comes into the room. Read that final sentence in our scripture again. “As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.” Yip, Jesus sends you! He sends YOU into the room to be positive, even when everyone else is negative. He sends you into the room filled with peace to overflow onto others. He sends you as a witness of what Jesus can do in a life that has been less than perfect. He sends you as his representative to fulfill his mission.

What’s the mission? Jesus said in John 10:10, “I have come so that they may have life, and have it to the full.” Now he sends us to show what it looks like to have this full, overflowing, abundant, BIG Life through Jesus. He sends us into the room that is filled with chaos, the office filled with negativity, the situation you just want to avoid, and he says, “Bring me into the room with you and together, let’s show LIFE!”

Show overcoming. Show forgiving. Show healing. Show including. Show loving.

Girl, show up with Jesus today! When you walk in, bring him with you! Watch him bring peace. What him revive joy. And respond to him sending you to bring life!

You know those shirts and hats all the girl groups wear where one says, I’ll bring the fun, I’ll bring the shenanigans, I’ll bring the bail money. You know which one is for YOU, yes you? “I’ll bring Jesus!”

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