God has something for you exactly where you are. Right here, in this season, in this place, he’s doing something. But honey, if you’re just trying to run away from it, escape it, and rush through to the next thing, you’re missing what he’s doing here.

I heard a story of a woman who refused to buy towels because she knew she would be getting towels at her wedding shower. The problem was, she wasn’t even dating anyone. That may not be you, but I bet you have your own equivalent. You won’t enjoy where you’re at because it’s not where you want to stay. You’re missing the fullness of here and now because you’re hyper focused on where you haven’t arrived yet and what you’re still waiting to have.

But you know what God wants for you? God wants you to run so hard in the lane he has given you, that you don’t miss one ounce of joy he has for you along the way. You’re missing it when you continually think you’ll “be happy when”. You’ll be happy when you’re married. You’ll be happy when you have babies. You’ll be happy when you find a different job. You’ll be happy when you get a new house. You’ll be happy when the kids all come home for Christmas. You’ll be happy when your pants fit. You’ll be happy when it’s 80 degrees again.

But honey, if that’s not the lane God has given you right now, you’re missing the journey.

This is the perpetual loop the enemy plays in to make us miss the goodness of our God. Hey, if he can’t wreck your life, he will at least attempt to distract you from your life and get you out of your lane.

What is the lane God has given you, and how can you run in it? Well Sis, you woke up to it this morning. Your reality, as sweet as it may be, or as chaotic and messy as it may be, is your lane. It won’t always be this way because the lane doesn’t stop here, it’s just passing through. But God wants you to be here in your lane, and run this thing. Show up for your life like you actually mean it. Be intentional with your days. Recognize the answered prayers you’re already living in and trust so much more is working together for your future.

But your future depends on today. Today is what you have. Live this one. There’s nothing dangling in your future that holds the key to your happiness. You’ll get there and find it’s never perfect and the path continues.

Matthew 6: 33, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

You’ve likely heard that scripture before, but what does it mean to seek God’s kingdom and righteousness first? Does it mean to only think about heaven and ignore the realities of life here on Earth? Does it mean to refuse to enjoy where you are now because this is not your destination?

If I’m being honest, seeking God’s kingdom and his righteousness doesn’t sound overly exciting to me. It sounds like something I “have to do”, not something I get to do. If I were to declare, today I’m seeking God’s kingdom, I don’t even know what my day should look like. Is God’s kingdom in my dishes? Is God’s kingdom in my workout? Is his righteousness in anything I’m doing at all? And if it were, would it take away all the fun?

If we’re going to apply God’s word to our lives, we must understand it better. So, let’s dig deeper and see what Jesus is really telling us. The MSG translation of Matthew 6: 33-34 puts it like this, “Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.”

Now that makes sense, doesn’t it?!!!!! This is how we run hard in the lane God has given us. This is how we stop wishing our lives away. This is how we stop putting our happiness on hold for some future event. This is how we stop believing when this or that happens then we will be really living. We give our entire attention to what God is dong right now and stop getting all worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow.

If you need towels, get yourself some towels and stop waiting for a wedding shower.
If you have a job, show up with your best self to work hard and stop waiting for a different job.
If you have a little old home, clean it and stop waiting for a bigger new home.
If you have kids, press pause and sit awhile in this stage of their lives.
If you have a body (look down, YOU DO), love it now instead of hating it until it changes.

Stop being an ungrateful brat because you don’t like the weather. God brings sunshine, rain and snow alike. It’s all part of his magnificent creation. You know what will make this season better? Intentionally choose to notice the things only God could do. For real, have you looked at a snowflake? No two are alike! Have you considered the raindrop that hits your head traveled in it’s trajectory towards you for over 2 minutes. Out of all the places on earth it could have landed, it came to you. It’s like a little unlikely miracle perfectly timed! Have you felt the warmth on your face from a ball of firey explosion happening 93 million miles away? Isn’t that just magical?

But we don’t live that way, do we? We don’t notice all the miraculous little things happening all around us. We don’t stop and savor where we are when it’s anything less than perfect. We don’t offer our best if we don’t recognize God’s best is already here for us. You know why? Because we’re not giving our attention to what God is doing right now. We’re somewhere else.

Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now. Yes, your entire attention to here. What is he doing here? Search for his fingerprints and focus on his involvement in the details of your life. Keep your mind right here. Don’t allow your mind to run off into the scenarios of what may or may not happen tomorrow. Don’t allow your life to be put on hold as you wait for some future season you think will make you happier.

God says HERE. Be here. Look for me here. Whatever is coming next, God will help you deal with it when it’s time. But he has you right here because he wants you right here.

This is your lane. Run hard in it and don’t miss an ounce of your allotted joy on the journey.

Christmas is coming, but that’s not today.
2024 is on it’s way, but not today.
Marriage, babies, promotions, moves, travels, changes, surprises … oh, all of these things may be in your future, but God is asking you to stay HERE today. Stay in your lane and run this thing today like you mean it. See what he is doing here today and give your entire attention to it.

And everything else, well, God takes care of that when you stay in your lane and continue your journey.

God is here, notice what he is doing.

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