​Bucket List Retreat

​There is a place where ladies come to not just escape life, but to ensure life doesn’t escape them. ​A weekend of fun, adventure, motivation and friendship that changes lives. T​he ultimate all-girls weekend in the largest log home in the United States!  ​Listed as one of the top places to visit in Utah and featured in magazines and television shows world wide as a bucket list destination.

  • ​Only 65 spots available
  • ​Group Mountain Hiking Adventure
  • ​July 6-8, 2018 (Friday @ 5 – Sunday @ 11)
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    ​All women ages 15+
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    ​Official Retreat shirt
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    ​$450 (payment plan available)
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    ​All-Inclusive (2 Nights Stay + Meals)
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    Timber Lakes, Utah (50 minutes from Salt Lake City Airport)

​​Your experience​ awaits

Friday, July 6th

​You arrive at Timber Moose Lodge on Friday at 5 pm. A true mansion in the mountains with over 27,000 square feet, making it the largest private log home in America.

​I (Pamela, founder of BIG Life) am awaiting your arrival at the front door. You are greeted with gifts and a welcome from friends.

There are countless moments of “I can’t believe I’m here.” The beauty your eyes behold is almost overwhelming. You will get lost in this mansion. Lost in awe and wonder. Lost in gratitude to get to experience this. And the rest of us…well, we are just so grateful to be right here with you.

​After sharing dinner together and meeting your BIG Life Army in person, we gather on the spacious deck. The warm, sunny day is coming to a close and a cool refreshing breeze greets you.

In this moment, we are here and nothing else matters. The surprise theme song plays and you are overcome with the emotions of sheer gratitude and awe...this is truly your life. You will remember this forever.

​​As the sun sets over the mountain and the stars come out to play, you receive the words at the sunset session that will resonate in your mind the entire weekend. Words that guide you in experiencing every moment to its fullest. Words that inspire you to take it all in and go home changed.

​While the excitement is building and your courage is found, the Bucket List adventures begin at this moment with an exhilarating surprise challenge to kick off the most memorable weekend of your life. As for the rest of the evening…well, that’s a surprise, but let’s just say your Bucket List will be well underway at the close of the day.

​While the excitement is building and your courage is found, the Bucket List adventures begin at this moment with an exhilarating surprise challenge to kick off the most memorable weekend of your life. As for the rest of the evening…well, that’s a surprise, but let’s just say your Bucket List will be well underway at the close of the day.

Saturday, July 7th

​​You are invited to meet me back on the wide open deck at dawn to witness the miraculous start of this new day. To be here in this moment together, sharing a cup of coffee, how blessed are we? To think out of all the people in the world, we have been chosen to be here at this moment on this day. The sunrise over the expansive horizon is the gift wrapping on this gift of a new day of life. And what a day it is because big time adventures await us.

​​​A breakfast buffet in the kitchen of eggs, bagels, yogurt, and fresh fruits will fuel you for a great beginning. You also find a deluxe PB&J bar to create and pack your perfect high-energy picnic lunch for the mountain top, complete with all kinds of deluxe nut butters, jellies, breads, fruits, and snacks.

​The sun is up, your backpack is packed, your shoes are tied, now we pile in a caravan of cars and take the scenic drive to the beginning of your chosen trail or outing.

Hike Option 1

​​​Bald Mountain Trail (1 hour 20 minute drive):

​A 5-mile hike, rated moderate in difficulty, climbing to one of the highest peaks in Utah at over 12,000 feet. We take our time on the way up, stopping often for photos and overlooks because every step just gets more beautiful. The trail is steep, but the views are worth it and your company on the trail is nothing but happy, fun loving girls who are excited to share this experience with you.

​​Near the summit, the trail becomes narrow and the drop-offs are steep, but the peak is just ahead. At the top of Bald Mountain, you have a bird’s eye view of 4 rivers and dozens of lakes to the West. As you turn to the East you enjoy a spectacular view of Mirror Lake, Mount Agassiz, and Hayden Peak. Now it’s time for another Bucket List item to be marked off with your very own “victorious mountain top photo”. Proof you did it! A priceless reminder of what you are experiencing in this moment.

​​​The Retreat theme song plays on the mountaintop, we hug one another in celebration, we sing, and we celebrate. It’s a good thing you put mountaintop picnic on your Bucket List, because it’s time to sit down on the majestic boulders and break bread together.  Holding hands in a circle and being led in prayer…wow, what a moment! The sun, the breeze, the indescribable feeling of pride and gratitude…never have you felt more alive. The hike back down the mountain is filled with photos and regaling of the stories that just took place.

Hike Option 2

​​​​Heber Valley Overlook Trail (30 minute drive):

​​A 2.3 mile trail that is rated easy in difficulty. The entire trail is level ground with no climbing or additional elevation. Along the trail you overlook the Provo River, Heber Valley, and Midway Valley, with great views of Timpanogos. You have the luxury of taking your time and soaking it all in.

​​​​You have the luxury of taking your time and soaking it all in. After your picnic lunch at the overlook, connect with your hiking sisters in this special time. You sit back, close your eyes, and soak in the sunshine of the warm day while listening to the Retreat theme song. This is a moment you know you will treasure for all of your days.

Option 3

​​​​​ATV Tour (30 minute drive):

​Perhaps hiking isn’t your thing because of physical restrictions, or you’ve hiked plenty of times and you’re ready for a more exciting adventure to be marked off your Bucket List.

​​​​You have an opportunity to reserve a 6 seat ATV for a 2-hour guided tour of the mountains.  You and 5 of your adventurous BIG Life sisters ($54 each) will ride together  over 22,000 acres of the Wasatch Mountain State Park. This is an unforgettable adventure!

​​​​​After your guided tour through the mountains, you will enjoy your relaxed picnic lunch, soak in the beauty around you, and capture epic photos to remember your adventures together.

Option 4

​​​​​​Queen of the Mansion:

​​Simply being in the mansion is a Bucket List worthy experience. There’s so much of it you haven’t even seen. The huge indoor pool, the hot tub, the multi level decks, the game rooms, and sitting rooms…you can spend hours wandering the halls and exploring.

​If hiking and adventures are not for you, the mansion is! Perhaps you choose to spend quiet time reading, reflecting, or relaxing. Create your own picnic on the deck at lunch time and enjoy the peace while the larger group is away. Pretend it’s all yours…try it on for size.

Upon returning after your day full of adventure, the mansion never looked so good.  Fresh lemonade and iced tea await you as a reward for your hard work and success.  The rest of this day is yours to enjoy as you most desire.

​​Dinner time is here and you have worked up an appetite. We have prepared a Mexican feast for you with a full taco bar, chips and homemade queso, guacamole, salsa, black beans and non-alcoholic margaritas. The music is playing, the fun is all around, and you’re right in the middle of it all, soaking in this beautiful moment of life with your newfound sisters.

​The evening is all yours and the opportunities for your perfect, hand-crafted experience are in abundance. Float around in the cool waters of the pool. Play a game of pool volleyball. Take underwater photos. Relax your tired muscles in the hot tub. Turn on the music and dance with us in the 2,500 square foot ballroom.

​​Sit at the long craft table and let your creativity flow with rock painting. Enjoy fun games and laugh with us until you pee yourself (yes, that happens to all of us). Grab the mic and belt out your greatest karaoke. Whatever your heart desires, whatever you most want to mark off your Bucket List, you get to make it happen now.

​​A Day Well Lived

​What a day of life it has been from the sunrise, to the late hours of laughter. This was a BIG day of living. This day was truly seized. Well lived, sister, well lived.

​Sunday, July 8th

​​​Good morning! Another opportunity to watch the sun rise over the mountains is here. Another cup of coffee to be shared and final moments to be soaked in. The breakfast buffet is set out for you again to enjoy a healthy meal before packing up.

​Before you leave and return home to your normal life, step outside with me one last time. Let’s gather once again on the spacious deck and unite our energy for an ever-so-brief and sweet closing session. Let’s soak these final moments in together.

​​What you experienced here with us this weekend was fun. It’s what you came for after all, but you also experienced a change within that awakened something inside of you. You’re now breathing in life deeper than ever before. The women you shared the past three days with are now your sisters, forever connected by these Bucket List moments and memories. You now see you’re not alone and we’ve got your back.

The Weekend of a Lifetime!

​A final hug goodbye and photos together, then you honk your horn as you drive away, taking one last look at the mansion and the mountains you will forever hold dear.

​You came for the fun.
You experienced the change.
You leave with an Army.

Single Payment


> 2 Nights Stay

> 5 Meals

> Group Hiking

> Official Retreat Shirt

​Payment Plan

> 2 payments of $​235

> 2 Nights Stay

> 5 Meals

> Group Hiking

> Official Retreat Shirt

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