Welcome to TEAM Alpha

While our Mission begins on May 1st, there are many things you can do to set yourself up for success.

My Training Program is a 2 part process:

  1. Build the Machine. This is about building your capacity for production and why I insist on the ‘Basic Soldiering Skills’. Your ability to accomplish goals is in proportion to your capacity to do so. Part of this process will be growing you, so you can grow your life (goals).
  2. Goal Production. Set a goal. Make a basic plan. Execute. Learn. Repeat.

Show up Prepared to go to work.

The ‘Basic Soldiering Skills’ you will need for May 1st:

  1. Workout Plan – have something ready for the 5 days of the week. Even if it is a rest, or stretch day, I will insist you have something there. If fitness, or weight loss is your main goal, I will expect even greater detail.
  2. Meal Plan – Same. For the 5 days of the week, I want to know your breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. If health/weight loss is your main goal, I want this to be good.
  3. Time Block – I will teach a little of this for my first video to you. Have something. You can use the form I have below, or you can use your own, but you must time block your week days.
  4. Morning Routine – You must own the first hour of your day. A great morning routine actually begins the night before. Drink water, have everything ready for the morning, get a good night’s sleep, etc. I want to see your Morning Plan. Again, you can use my simple sheet below to help you.
  5. Goal(s) – This is up to you, just make sure it is not too big or too small. I want you to strive for something this month that will make you feel a great sense of accomplishment once done. For some of you, just doing the first 4 things I’ve listed here would make a huge difference for you. I want a good goal for each of you.

Basic Daily Checklist Here.

Upcoming schedule:

  • You will receive a copy of this Welcome Guide via email
  • April 26th – I will contact you about your goals
  • April 29th – I will upload the first Video and setup the private Facebook Page
  • May 1st – We start taking over the world. There will be 4 separate Zoom conference times available for you to attend. You don’t need the Zoom app, but it might be better for you (free) –  I will record these and make them available to you.

You have plenty of time now to be prepared when we begin. Don’t show up unprepared.

I told you this would be intense. I hope you took me seriously!


If you really need help, you can contact me at: help(at), just please make sure you’ve done what you can first.

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