Crypto For Regular People

Don't get left behind with the world's next big technology.

How much has the Internet & Mobile changed our world? Crypto will have an even more profound impact. Now is the time to get prepared.

Crypto has a steep learning curve and significant wait time for approval. Don't wait until you need it. Start learning now.

Who's looking out for regular people?

If you're a techie or part of the financial elite, there are plenty of resources to help you navigate this new world. But for regular folks who aren't coders or don't have financial professionals to guide them, crypto can seem out of reach. 

Why are we doing this?

We are regular people just like you. We want to help equip you to use this new technology so you aren't left behind in a rapidly changing world.

Our Goals:

  1. Prepare you for the future
  2. Help you get rich slowly - responsibly
  3. Take back your financial sovereignty

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Crypto Class Training

Part 1 - Getting Ready for Crypto

If you don't want to lose your crypto, have it stollen or fall victim to a hack, you should take your crypto journey seriously and do it the right way. The first class will walk you through getting prepared for crypto.

Video #1 HERE

Part 2 - Getting Started with Crypto

Very basic crypto class so you can get signed up with your first crypto exchange. After your exchange approval, you'll be ready to buy your first crypto. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and many of the top crypto. We will only use exchanges where you can (don't have to) take ownership of your crypto (not your keys, not your crypto).

New Class coming soon.

Part  - Getting Better with Crypto

Further understanding of what crypto is, how it works and how you can put it to work for you. Self custody wallets, hardware wallets, more exchanges, NFT's, Meta Mask, investing -vs-trading and a roadmap for furthering your crypto journey

New Class coming soon.

Services & Resources

*No affiliate links - I do not use affiliate links for these services. I receive no compensation if you choose to use them.

Browsers - Email Services - VPN's:

  • Brave Browser (or Chrome) - Brave has better privacy, has it's own associated Crypto Token and can resolve ENS and other crypto (web3) domains.
  • SimpleLogin - email Aliasing Service. They give you multiple email aliases that forward to your regular email inbox, allowing for privacy and sorting of your email communications.
  • Proton Mail - Proton mail is an end-to-end encryption email service, meaning they do not have access to your emails. Only you do on your end. Free & Paid services. Even have VPN service and Encrypted Document Drive (paid).
  • VPN - Virtual Private Network. If you access the internet through public or un-vetted wifi's your traffic could be monitored and hacked. Use a VPN service to protect your online activity. Can also geo-locate yourself in different places.
    • Express VPN - easy but not the best security or price.
    • Nord VPN  - about the same
    • IVPN - much more secure, little more $ but not as user friendly.
    • Proton VPN (from same people as Proton Mail) - best combination of security, ease of use and price in my opinion. Has a free option too.

Password Managers:

Your digital life will be MUCH more secure and easier with a Password Manager. It's worth the effort.

  • Lastpass - free, easy and used by many. Just know you're putting trust in a closed service that is impossible to validate. I've used for a long time. With very sensitive information, financial, crypto, etc. I would be careful.
    • secure with a 2FA (see next section) for best security.
  • Bitwarden - More trustworthy because their software is open for verification.
    • again secure with 2FA.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA):

An Extra layer of security for your account login. Will require your password Plus another service to login to your accounts.

  • Google Authenticator (iOS, Android) - better than using your cell phone but still relying on good ol' google.
    • If you do use, HIGHLY recommend you backup to a second device. That way if you lose your primary, you're not stuck. Here is a video to help you. I've included the timestamp so it takes you right to the part you need. If you use Google Authenticator - HIGHLY recommend you have it on 2 devices so you're safe if you lose one. Once you lose it - VERY hard to get back. 
    • Unfortunately, many of the Crypto Services Only allow for Cell Phone 2FA or Google Authenticator.
  • Yubico: Yubikey - This is a physical thumb drive that must be inserted into you device for 2FA authentication. VERY secure option for both Lastpass and Bitwarden. Coinbase also allows it for 2FA.
    • Can be purchased on Amazon as well. Just be sure it's coming from Yubico and not a 3rd party or could be compromised.
    • ALSO - VERY important. Just like with using Google Authenticator, have 2 of these devices (they are not cheap), that way if you lose one, you have a backup and you're not locked out of your account.

US Crypto Exchanges:

An exchange is just what the name implies - a place for you to exchange with others. You can buy & sell with others who are selling/buying. It's also a place where you can exchange your fiat (US Dollars - USD) for crypto (or vis-versa). Understand it's this 2nd aspect of exchanges - trading crypto for fiat, that causes KYC (see below). Whenever you go from 'regular' money to crypto and from crypto to regular money, you must follow the KYC process.

  • Coinbase - This is by far the best place to get started for US citizens. Not perfect, but THE most mainstream source for crypto trading. Highly recommended to have a Coinbase account. It will grow with you. From there, you can expand to different services as your needs change. They offer Pro accounts, business accounts for crypto payments, a Crypto Debit Card, a non-custodial wallet, Ledger Hardware wallet support & Yubico 2FA.
  • Voyager (app only for now) - technically a broker and not an exchange. They have accounts at multiple exchanges and then place buy/sell orders there. Very good earnings program where they pay you interest on funds you hold there. Debit card and Web access coming soon. I've used them for a long time and a good service, but have growing pains like many in the industry.
  • (app only) - This seems to be more where the 'cool kids' go for crypto services. They have a debit card with rewards, and seem to be a serious company looking to grow. Heavy marketing and advertising. I've used this one for a long time and good experience.
  • Kraken - playing catchup with Coinbase but another service to consider.
  • Gemini - same as Kraken, but does have the benefit of being founded by the Winklevoss twins.
  • Binance_US - The US version of the largest Crypto exchange in the world Binance (not available for US customers).
  • KuCoin - My personal favorite Exchange. Available to US residence and access to many crypto assets. A full featured exchange with all the bells and whistles. Not for newcomers though. Put on your roadmap, but get good at the basics first. (no KYC)
  • OpenSea - Ethereum (and Polygon) based NFT Exchange. Biggest of the all.
  • Fractal - Solana based NFT platform.

Other Crypto/banking services:

  • Uphold - this is more of a financial services company than exchange. I am intrigued by their services and will look to test soon.
  • iTrust Crypto IRAs - Love this service. Great tool for tax advantages. Custodial.
  • Coinbase WALLET - not the app, but a Non-Custodial wallet.
  • Exodus Wallet - Another Non-Custodial wallet, for both desktop and mobile app. ALSO has ability to be linked to your Hardware wallet - Trezor.
  • Ledger Hardware Wallet - one the main players in hardware wallets. Can link to your Metamask & Phantom wallet.
  • Trezor Hardware Wallet - the other of the big 2 hardware wallets. I prefer this one, but just personal preference.
  • Metamask Wallet - Browser based (Chrome & Brave) wallet used primarily for NFT exchanges. Non-Custodial.
  • Phantom Wallet - Browser based (Chrome 7 Brave) wallet on the Solana network priamrily used for NFT's.
  • The Sandbox - Metaverse. Watch this grow. Current Ready Player One experience . Decentraland is another.


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