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​29 Goal ​Checklists Done For You

: ​Goal Setting Checklists Done For You

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Goals and Challenges for Weight Loss, Workouts, Meals and Habits.
​*You are responsible for your health. Ask ​a medical professional for advice on your specific needs.

Eliminate a Bad Habit:

21 day sugar detox
30 days no alchohol
quit smoking
eliminate soda

Basic Health:

take care of me
track progress
drink water
daily food log
read made to crave

Eat Healthy:

whole 30
21 day daniel fast
5 day juice challenge
keto lifestyle
write weekly meal plans
3 day smoothie cleanse

Workout at Home:

2 week tone up plan
2 week body challenge
4 week beginner challenge
21 day better butt
30 day betty rocker
morning yoga

Begin Fitness:

simply walk
30 days of yoga
4 week beginner challenge
group fitness
gym 5 times per week


couch to 5K
train for half marathon
train for full marathon

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