​You don't have to give up on the life you REALLY want!

Goals - Accountability - Process

​​BIG Life Mentoring

​​Maybe you've tried countless times to lose weight, improve your relationships, fix your finances or declutter your home. Maybe you've lost your spark and life is just a series of boring tasks accumulating faster than you can mark them off. Maybe you're completely overwhelmed and don't even know where to start!

You've found an entire Army of women who've been there, done that, and are winning in life again.

Change :: Why will it be different this time?

We don't offer a better product or a better program, we offer a better you. All the other products and programs have failed you because they did not change you. It will be different this time, because the focus is on a better you. You need a simple program to help YOU fill the GAP between where you are, and where you want to be.

Take Back Your Life Program

1) Decide You're Worth it.

Life is too short to stay stuck.

2) Set a Goal - or two

Make your change Specific. Put it in writing so we can move to step 3.

3) Get Accountability from The World's Best Accountability Team®

An environment of accountability to stimulate action, eliminate excuses and produce results. The BIG Life Army

4) Launch our Simple Action System

A Very Simple System for the most critical aspect of change - Action!

5) Achieve Wild Success with Our Support

Unlock your TRUE Potential to live the life you Really want!

Featured in September //

BIG Life Mentoring presents: S•T•R•O•N•G

This month will be all about returning to the true powerhouse you were created to be.

💪🏼 A woman of strength, honor and peace.
💪🏼A woman who finishes what she starts, is certain and decisive, and unwavering in her priorities.
💪🏼A woman willing to work for it, and unapologetically recognize and celebrate her progress.

🎯 This will be a time to return to good habits and routines and commit to showing up for ourselves.
🎯A time to get serious about our choices and the futures they create.
🎯A time to lock arms as an Army of women on the same journey and come out stronger.

Are you ready to be STRONG in September?!!!!

​Meet some ladies just like you . . .

​All in...I get to...

​"​Before mentoring I was unhealthy, stressed out ​with no fun in my life. My relationships were damaged ​because I put no effort into them. After ​one year, my outlook has changed. ​My husband and family come first. My health is a priority and I have lost a total of 55 lbs​. I love life!"

Terri Long  // 

​ From ordinary to extraordinary...

​Mentoring has elevated all areas of my life​. I've completed 3 half marathons when I’d never even run a 5k! The tools I’ve learned, accountability and sisterhood have been a complete game changer for me.

Claudia Lichtenberger  //  

​My life has changed and I am truly grateful!

​Before ​BIG Life Mentoring, I was overworked, spread ​too thin, and ​extremely unhealthy. I was more unhappy than I even realized. Since then, I joined accountability groups and have learned to believe in myself, soak in life, and truly appreciate the days I receive. I've lost almost 40 lbs and am an avid juicer.

​​Cassie Roberts  // 

​MEET YOUR MENTOR  //  ​Pamela Crim

​Over the past 9 years I’ve mentored thousands of women and I know exactly what works. Personally I have struggled, I have survived life-altering setbacks, I have face planted numerous times, and I have pulled my crap together to live a ridiculously good, BIG Life.  I can help you do the same.

​Daily I pour my heart and soul into the amazing gals I get to mentor. And you better believe, I will be your biggest fan.

​Pamela Crim

​What's ​included with your Mentoring Membership

​Live Weekly Mentoring Sessions (video)
Teaching you how to live a BIG Life and develop a winning mindset.

​​​Mentoring Archive
​Our past Mentoring Sessions in a convenient archive.

​​​Private Facebook ​Group
​Our Members Only group page ​for connection​ and accountability.

​​Daily Personal Text Messages
​Daily Text Message directly from Pamela - you can reply and get feedback.

​​Live Daily ​Devotionals
​Every weekday morning, you can listen or watch the Daily Devotional LIVE!

​Weekly Challenges
​Fun Challenges issued by Pamela and the Leadership Team to help you grow.

​The BIG Life Army
​​The World's Best Accountability Team™ ... solve the doing problem.


​Ready to ​thrive?

​There is a champion inside just waiting to be set free. Sometimes we need someone to believe in us before we beleive in ourselves. ​You have an entire Army of ladies waiting to fight for the person you were Created to be.

Join us for the battle of your life!

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