How to Avoid the Biggest Goal Setting Mistake

It’s that time of year again. The annual ritual of daydreaming about how this year can be different. How we can finally lose the weight, pay off the debt, save some money, and fix a relationship (or three). Too bad January the 2nd has to ruin those plans. The alarm clock might as well be a nuclear bomb to our dreams.

There is the life we want – And then, there’s the life we have.

Yet here we are at the beginning of another year, dreaming of the possibilities. We want more than waking up each morning dreading another day of grinding it out, paying bills, sick and tired of being sick and tired (and teaching little ones to do the same). Truth be told, it’s hard to muster up the motivation to believe this year will be any different than the last. And maybe it won’t.

2017runwayWhat will it take to actually see January 31st arrive with some significant progress towards the goals we set on January 1st?

It will require breaking free of the Number 1 Goal Setting Mistake…

Goal setting is not the Goal – GOAL PRODUCTION is. If we are really honest with ourselves (Stockdale Paradox), typical goal setting is really a load of bullshit. We come up with ‘goals’ that are, in reality, just a wish. We make an elaborate plan for the life we ‘wish’ we had … someday. The body we wish we had, the job we wish we had, the relationships we wish we had, the finances we wish we had, the toys we wish we had. All under the disguise of nice sounding goals. realitychecksign

How many times have you done it? We’ve done it a lot and have seen thousands of others do it too. At some point, we need to have an adult conversation with ourselves and say enough is enough. Why waste the time, energy, and money pursuing a fantasy, only to end up with a broken heart and some major self doubt?

That’s a picture of conventional goal setting. If that’s what you’re after, along with a nice, cute little planner to go with it, then there are countless programs for that. If playing make-believe with the life you want is your goal…then 2017 will be the same. Remember…regret is a POWERFUL thing.

goalproductiongearsWe’re after something completely different here – GOAL PRODUCTION.

(oh, and you can still use that cute little planner, just remember, it is a tool, not the goal.)

Think of your goals like a map. It is a ‘picture’ of the life you want. It is a ‘picture’ of where you want to go. That’s where most people stop though. Create the picture and then…thud.roadmapwrite

The real challenge in goal setting is how to get from where you are, to where you want to be. A system to keep you on the right path.

You probably use such a system most every day. When you are at one place and need help getting to another, what do most of you do? Turn on that GPS right? You use a ‘system’ to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. You have a system that will literally tell you turn here, go 2 miles, turn right, etc.

cellgpsThat’s a picture of the BIG Life GPS. We have designed a system that will help you get from where you are, to where you want to be.

We’ll help you create the map, but we want you to actually arrive at your destination, not just live in a fantasy world of ‘someday’.

How will we do this? So glad you asked…

gpssatLike the actual GPS system (Global Positioning System), there is a foundation in place that makes finding your way possible. The GPS system you use all the time consists of 31 orbiting satellites that serve as fixed known points in the sky to continuously triangulate your position. The technology on your end uses this information to help you find your way by simply using the foundation of those known points in the sky to track where you are. As long as you (your technology) has a fix on those points, it will help you find your way.


Our GPS (Goal Production System) is the same. We have a set of fixed way-points, to serve as a foundation for your Goal Production. They help you “find your way” to where you want to go. Without them, it’s easy to become lost.

And we have an entire Army of people ready to go on that journey with you.

If you are ready to start filling out your Map and want to be introduced to a system (GPS) and an Army to help you actually get there, then we invite you to come see what living a BIG Life is all about.

This year can be different…the choice is yours.

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