565 Trials and Triumph

You have permission to breathe now. Maybe you've been holding your breath a lot lately. Most of us have. Uncertain times causes shallow breathing. You know what it can also cause? Shallow living. If we're not careful, these uncertain times and hardships can cause us to get in a rut of shallow breathing and shallow

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564 Overcoming What If’s

Most of us likely feel considerably more anxious today than we did one month ago. Uncertain times and circumstances beyond our control cause our thoughts to wander down dark paths of "what if". What if this gets worse? What if this last for longer than another month? What if we don't have enough? What if

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563 One Out of Ten

Has God been faithful to you? Do you have anything in your life as a direct result of his hand of mercy and grace over you? Does he know how you feel about it? Seriously, does God KNOW you're grateful? Have you told him? Luke 17: 11-19 tells the story of Jesus encountering 10 men

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562 Come Out Better

The non-essentials have been stripped away, and here we are today with a simplified lifestyle. We suddenly see life in a different perspective. We spend our days differently. We eat at home, we stretch what we have, we walk. I don't know about your part of the world, but ya'll our Starbucks have all shut

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561 That Changes Everything

Within you is a power at work. A power touching every area of your life. A power that can and will tear down any stronghold, break any chain, move any mountain. This power is at work today at this very moment, changing the unseen and guiding you into your destiny. Within you. There are a

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560 Make Today Count

Every day of your life has brought you to this day. And this day, the very one you woke up to was known by your Creator before you took your first breath. For me, that first breath was 16,233 days ago and all those days has brought me to today, right here and right now.

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559 Making History

It is no accident you are alive at this very moment. It is not a coincidence your days of life are actually these days. We're making history right now, and you were destined to be part of that history. Our current circumstances and reality have been in the works since the beginning of time and

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558 For This, I Have Jesus

Are you afraid of what may happen next in this story we all find ourselves in? The best meme I've seen says: Does anyone else feel like life is being written by a 4th grader? And there was this virus and everyone was scared. And then the world ran out of toilet paper. Yeah, yeah,

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557 Have You Asked?

What are your needs today? Do you need wisdom? Do you need patience? Do you need provision? Have you asked God to meet those needs? It's natural for us to peak into the future and opt to worry about how everything will work out. However, this isn't the option Jesus recommends. Jesus said in Matthew

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556 Revival Game Plan

What can we do to change what is happening in our world today? It seems overwhelming as the news gets worse, the impact grows and each little square of toilet paper is now being counted. And here we are, seemingly helpless to protect what we have long term. But my God tells me DO NOT

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