BIG Life Mission Adventure

Once a year, we halt the extreme adventures and travels, and we come together for a project bigger and greater than ourselves. This is our Mission Retreat 2023!

Yes, we are returning to the 99+1 Home for Mission 2.0 to complete the 2nd wing with radical transformations!  

Location:  Stratford, Oklahoma (1+ hour from OK City - 2.5 hours from Tulsa)

  • Only 40 spots available (adults only)
  • April 21st-23rd
  • Mission Slumber Party on Location
  • All meals included
  • Official BIG Life Retreat Shirt
  • $430 (payment plan available)

The Mission . . .

We are partnering with a non-profit called 99 + 1 and their mission to house girls who are aging out of the foster care system. At 18, these girls are basically dropped off somewhere, many without family connections or hope for their future, often ending up homeless, jobless, or pregnant.

In October 2022, BIG Life partnered with 99+1 to radically transform the first wing of a former abandoned and condemned nursing home the girls in what they call their "Aging-In Program”.

Mission Retreat 2.0 with 99+1 will be to furnish and deck out the newly renovated space in the 2nd wing of the building. These rooms will include:

• 3 new rooms for girls in the ‘Aging-In Program” (The Enough, Renewed & Treasured Rooms)
•The Naomi (Widow and Guest Suite)
• The Miriam & Tamar (Family suites for Mothers and their children in need of rescue and restoration)
• Two offices
• Counseling Room
• Craft Room
• Music Room
• Workout Room
• Classroom
• Clothing Room

Y'all, we're not talking hand me downs and misfit things, we're talking a professional designer with the things dream
rooms are made of! We're doing it, and we're doing it BIG!!!!!

The Funding . . .

Since our 2022 Retreat, we have been collecting every penny of the proceeds from our BIG Life Gear sales ( for this mission. In addition, we will use ticket sales for funding AND rely on your generous partnership in shopping from the Amazon Wishlist and inviting your friends to do the same!

The Retreat Work . . . 

This retreat is more work and less retreat. We will spend 2 nights sleeping at the Mission House on floor mattresses. It will not be fancy, but wow will it be memorable!

Our meals will be simple and prepared together or by the founders of 99+1. (If you prefer a hotel, we recommend booking a room at the Holiday Inn Express in Paul’s Valley, a 20 minute drive from the 99+1 House.)

Your Part . . .

It’s really simple, we simply ask that you come ready to work as part of a small team to put together one of the studio apartments. We will supply everything needed, you will come in, put together furniture, arrange the room, hang curtains, place all the special items, and make it just perfect for our special girls.

Of course we would love for you to purchase a little something on the Amazon wish list as you feel led. 

When we get to meet some of the girls in the "Aging-In Program", represent who we are in BIG Life and just love the heck out of them,
showing them how we treat one another. Pray over them and bless them. That's it. I know that's what you do so well.

Remember . . . 

We don't do drama. We don't do alcohol. We don't do gossip. WE DO LIFE, and we do it BIG!

All women are welcome here. Retreat is a no judgment, no drama, no alcohol, no excuses, no regrets zone. Every detail specially designed to help you find and love YOU.

100% committed to helping you live a BIG Life.

If you’re struggling in life, we’re eager to help. If you’re going through some problems, let us help you through them. If you’re not perfect, then join the rest of us who are not either. This is a weekend of joy, laughter, breakthroughs, memories, sisterhood, and adventures. If that’s what you need in your life, you’re going to love it here.


Join Us!

Payment Options


Or - 2 Payments of $215

> Mission Slumber Party on Location

> Meals Included

> Official Retreat Shirt

> Doing some good

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