YouTude Session 2: Attitude a la Carte (11/9/14)

What if improving and changing your life could be as simple as ordering from a menu. Here’s the menu of life … what will you order?

This is a totally unique mentoring session with visuals to help you place your order. This is one you want to WATCH.

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BIG Life Mentoring
November 9, 2014
YouTude: Attitude a la Carte

Our attitude determines how much of this BIG Life we get to see.  You were created for a BIG Life, not a little life, miserable life or boring life.  You were created for a BIG, beautiful, exciting, juicy life and everyday your attitude is determining how much of it you get to see.  Maybe you’re thinking “wow, I want to see more of that BIG Life I was created for” … it all begins with choosing BIG Life attitudes over little life attitudes.

Today isn’t about what life brings us, but what attitude we bring to this day of life.  Tomorrow morning is Monday, what attitude will you bring to Monday morning.  It’s not about what the weather is, what kind of mood your kids wake up in, what’s for breakfast, or what does or doesn’t happen at work … it’s not about what life brings you, it’s all about the attitude you bring to life.  Once you recognize that 90% of this life is up to you, you can stop being a pitiful victim and you can start being a powerful winner.  But how bad do you want it?  Changing that attitude and choosing BIG Life attitudes over little life attitudes will be uncomfortable.

We are where we are because of the dominating attitudes in our minds.  If we’re not happy with where we are in life, the size of our butt, the size of our bank account, the condition of our house, the condition of our marriage, our relationship with our children … if we’re not happy with those things, we must examine our attitudes.  When we change our attitudes, our actions change, and when our actions begin to change, our entire lives begin to change.

Now it’s time to combine INTENTION and ATTITUDE.  Do you make a to-do list or time-block?  That’s creating an intention for your day and it’s a key to BIG Life living.  What if you took your to-do list or your time-block and you combined it with a BIG Life attitude for each task.  Intention meets attitude.  Do you realize how your life would explode?  If your to-do list today includes working out, imagine combining that intention with the attitude of powerful.  Your workout just went to a whole new level.  If you have the intention of cooking dinner for your family and you combined it with the attitude of caring.  Wow, be prepared for one heck of a meal on the table!  How would your normal, everyday tasks look if you began intentionally choosing a BIG Life attitude?

Presenting a complete menu of all the attitudes available to you, Attitude a la Carte.

*(download and print here:… – available in two colors)

The menu is divided into two columns.  Little life on the left, and BIG Life on the right.  Each offers appetizers, main dish options, side dishes and desserts.  Maybe life isn’t looking so good because you’ve been ordering from the wrong side of the menu.  Maybe your kids don’t even know there is a menu of attitudes.  Maybe they’ve never been taught they can choose their attitude.  They’ve been just waking up in a mood and going through the day mindlessly with that mood that may not be serving them.  Why are they doing that?  Because Mama you taught them!  Are you ready to teach them something different?

Some of you plan to print the Attitude a la Carte menu poster size and hang it in your kitchen.  I’ve printed mine and put it in a sheet protector and I can circle my chosen attitudes every day with a dry erase marker.

What if improving and changing our lives could be as easy as ordering from a menu? 

When I go to a restaurant, I love for the menu to show me photos of the food.  I can tell by the photos which salad I would most like.  The photo of the cheesecake brings the flavor to life before I’ve even taken a bite.  I can choose my order based on the photos so much better than just words.  How about you?  Tonight, I present Attitude a la Carte with photos of all your choices.  As you watch, you may realize you’ve been ordering from the little life side of the menu and you don’t like the way it looks any more.  You may suddenly have a hunger for those BIG Life menu items like never before.


*(photos of the menu options begin at 12 minutes in the recording)

*(see what a complete day in little life looks like versus a day in BIG Life beginning at 35 minutes in the recording)

If we ever want to begin living the BIG Life we were created for, we must trade in our grouchy, whiny, ‘have to”, bored and tired, for the BIG Life attitudes of over-joyed, energetic, “get to”, fired up and peppy.  The circumstances don’t have to change, just your attitude.

You will never have your BIG LIFE until you start living a BIG Life day.  One attitude choice at a time, you can begin living a BIG Life day.  Enough BIG Life days, and you have yourself a BIG LIFE!


In a restaurant, when in doubt of what to order, I ask the server for their recommendation.  Let’s pretend I’m your server and you’re studying your Attitude a la Carte menu and you ask me what you could expect from the two sides of the menu.

When ordering from the little life side of the menu, you will get the following:

  • Expect failure
  • Feel overwhelmed
  • Make you want to quit
  • Look for problems
  • Self-Doubt
  • Lack Confidence

When ordering from the BIG Life side of the menu, you will get the following:

  • Expect success
  • Feel inspired
  • Strength to keep going
  • Look for solutions
  • Believe in yourself
  • Boost in confidence

I would love to help you build a BIG Life day for your tomorrow.  I’m asking you to look at the menu and intentionally choose your attitudes in advance.  I choose motivated, happy, flexible, adventurous and frisky.  What’s your choice for your day of life?  Place your order.