The purpose of your life is right in front of you. Always has been. Always will be.

We can complicate it with grandiose visions, degrees, destinations, and 10 year plans. Or we can simplify down to what the purpose of life is at it’s core.


Not endure it. Not survive it. But live it. Fully live it. Embrace it. Grab ahold of the days you have been given and squeeze every ounce of sweet, precious life into your hands and lather it all over you. Wallow in life. Soak it in. Breathe it in. With eyes wide open, mind, body and soul fully awake and ALIVE.

The truth is, very few of our days of life are really spent LIVING.

We spend them working.
We spend them sleeping.
We spend them wishing.

Enduring the daily tasks, while our mind is elsewhere, wishing it could all be different. That isn’t living. That is definitely not the PURPOSE of life!

Where is the LIVING? Where is the “Holy balls, I’m in awe of life!” in our days? Do we save our awe for that big vacation? Well, what if that big vacation came and went? Then what? What if it never comes?

Do we save our awe for those perfect ‘sunny and 75’ days? What about winter? What about those scorching hot summer days? What about thunderstorms and starry nights? There are far more Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays collectively than there are Saturdays. If you only live on Saturdays, that’s 85% of your life forfeited.

Think about it. If the purpose of life is to live it, and you only truly live one day of the week, that’s a 15% fulfilled life.

15%!!!! – Seriously?

Oh good Lord, sweet Jesus above, we can’t settle for that! There has to be more!

You have been given LIFE … LIVE IT!
Live it messy if you gotta, you’ll get better as you go.

Don’t wait for perfect days and full pictures. Don’t wait for degrees and dream jobs. Don’t wait for that goal weight and rocking body. Don’t wait for your marriage to be fixed, your kids to be grown, or the house to be clean.

Life is knocking on your door today. Live it! Live it without expectations of others and unattainable standards of happiness. Just live it, as is, at this moment. As you begin fully living, the magic of purpose appears.

“How you do anything is how you’ll do everything.” ~ Coach John Wooden

First How – Then What

You earn your BIG purpose through fulfilling your purpose in this day, right where you are. You can’t skip this season of life.  You can’t look at the cold, bare, wintry areas of your life and wish for spring. The seasons of growth and change come after you live winter. You weren’t created to hibernate. You were created to live.
Every. Single. Day.

If you’re wiping butts and washing dishes today, that is your purpose. Be the best darn Mom you can be. Open your eyes. Don’t miss it. It’s just a season and it will pass (you WILL miss it later).

Is it possible to wipe the butts and wash the dishes without fulfilling your purpose, you ask? Oh, you bet. Sadly, that’s what most of us do. We’re there, but we’re not really there. We’re complaining. We’re wishing for fully potty trained kids who can wipe their own butts, and a glorious maid to do the dishes for us … or at least a husband that would put his dishes in the sink for heaven’s sake. We miss living those moments because we wish them away.

That’s not really living. Therefore, that’s not fulfilling your purpose.

This whole thing is NOT about WHAT YOU WILL BE WHEN YOU GROW UP. It’s not the WHAT. You can be a doctor, an astronaut, or a freaking real life princess for that matter, and miss your purpose. I don’t give a flying flip WHAT you do… it’s HOW YOU DO IT. How you live your moments … wiping butts.

“As long as you live, keep learning how to live.” ~ Lucius Anneus Seneca

HOW are you living?

Are you there? Really there? Are you living with your eyes wide open? Are you catching all this as life flashes before your eyes? Or are you living half a life?
Half alive.
Paying bills.
Dreading the alarm clock.
So connected that you’re totally DISCONNECTED.
Missing the life right in front of you, and raising little ones to do the same . . . ?

Practice. Living. Better.

Changing the WAY you live is the quickest path to changing anything and everything in your life, and it can happen today.

Without first having the proper mindset of HOW to live, you will get on the hamster wheel of a specific purpose and get stuck there your entire life … and you will be miserable. Purpose starts right here. The purpose of life is to live it.
First HOW. Then WHAT.

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With eyes wide open, breathing in life deep, now you are ready to get a more specific purpose. Remove the pressure and remember the true value is in HOW you live, not WHAT you do when you grow up.

This is the journey of a lifetime. Enjoy it. Embrace it. When your HOW intersects with your WHAT… you’ll discover a magic place where fulfillment resides. This journey is not for the weak. Nor is it for the lazy. If you’re seeking easy, you won’t find it here. Your specific life purpose can only be discovered and lived with tremendous work, effort, and the courage to fail.

Now, our formula to Discover and Live Your Specific Purpose:

While it’s not a magic formula by any stretch of the imagination, it has 4 phases you can follow as a framework to help you uncover the most elusive of things … WHAT YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP.

Phase 1:  Discovery
You are a handcrafted masterpiece; (Ephesians 2:10) uniquely designed with gifts, strengths, abilities, and passions, sprinkled with some major life experiences to form YOU.  The one and only you.  All these things work together to make you a irreplaceable human being to fulfill a specific purpose in this lifetime.
The trinity of circles are formed by:

1.  The things you’re good at
2.  The things you love
3.  The needs around you

Where these 3 intersect is your sweet spot. You’ve likely been so busy just trying to get through life that you don’t really know who YOU are. Now, it’s time for the DISCOVERY OF YOU.

Along the way you will discover these 3 truths:
You are worthy.
You are good enough.
You are needed.

Phase 2:  Date & Adjust

Aren’t you glad you didn’t marry your 7th grade boyfriend/girlfriend? Shewwwwww, me too!

The same is true for purpose. Your first try will likely prove to be a real world class dud…and possibly your second and third tries too. Date a few ideas. Try it on for size. Be willing to be wrong. Really wrong. Then move on. Stepping stones, my dear.

You’ll learn important lessons as you “date” your purpose that you can’t learn by just researching. You gotta get in there and give it a whirl. Look like a fool. Fail. Lick your wounds and know with each one scratched off your list, you’re one step closer to meeting the ‘right one’. It’s all a practice of HOW to live along the way.

Phase 3:  Marriage

Sooner or later, you’ll stumble across the ‘one’ and you’ll just know it. Your mind will race with possibilities. Work won’t seem so much like work because you love it. You’re good at it and it’s needed.

Now, put a ring on it. Make the commitment.

Phase 4:  Invest

Once you’re married, if you stop investing in the relationship, guess what happens?

There will be no marriage left.

The same thing will happen with your purpose. It requires continual investment. Hone your skill. Perfect your craft. You were created to be World Class at something, but World Class will never happen by accident.

Keep getting better. As you climb the ladder, the most important thing you can do is reach down to help the next climber along their journey. That’s true investment.

“You can get everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.” ~ Zig Ziglar

This is success. And it can be yours.
Stop waiting to win the lottery ticket of purpose.
You were created for a BIG Life.
The purpose of your BIG Life is to live it.

Live it big.
Live it all.
Live it fully.
Live it intentionally.
Live it passionately.

This. Is. Your. Purpose.

Start living your life …