Teams head into the locker room at halftime so they can regroup and refocus for the second half. Here in BIG Life, we do the same.  Our mid-year ‘halftime’ has three parts:  Assess, Adjust and Attitude.


In the Army, we had a process called an After Action Review (AAR). After each mission, we took a few minutes to learn from our performance so we could do better next time. 3 simple questions as we take an objective look at our performance so far in 2017.
1) What’s working?
2) What’s not?
3) What can you do better?
Take 1 minute on each question. Do it now.

If things are going well for you, celebrate that! Then, make sure you know WHY you’re winning so it won’t be an accident. Replicate and protect the things that are working.

If you are struggling, chances are you stopped DOING somewhere along the way.
If you are going to correct your mistake, you need to know the cause.

Overwhelm? Trying to do too much? Your answer … Simplify.
Many people struggle with goal setting because of a daunting list. They have a page full of goals and never develop the momentum necessary to achieve any. If a big list works for you, then keep doing it. If not, simplify it down to one big goal. What is the ‘One Thing’ that can make the biggest impact for you? Do that. Is it better to accomplish one big goal or not accomplish many goals? You decide.

Underwhelm? Often overwhelm is really underwhelm in disguise. Mediocre living brings mediocre motivation. Losing weight, paying bills, and Netflix is not very inspiring. Find something that does inspire and you’ll find a BIGger dose of motivation that comes from a BIGger form of living.


Based upon what you discovered in your assessment, now you make adjustments. The point here is to be specific.
What are you going to start doing?
What are you going to stop doing?
What changes to your approach are you going to make?
(definition of insanity right?)

Don’t wait until the year is over and start on New Year’s Day. That’s wasting half the year! Make adjustments now.

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The first two parts (assess & adjust) deal with WHAT you do. Attitude is about HOW.
How you do. Mindset. Focus.

Do you dwell on the negative? Fear of failing, losing, standing out? Worried about what can go wrong? Dreading the work ahead of you? That’s all a negative focus.
You can win or you can lose. Why not focus on winning? Why not focus on what can go right, how you can make a difference in your life and those you care about?

How you approach (attitude) the 2nd half is even more important than the ‘what’. A good, positive, can-do attitude goes A LONG WAY.

Do things, surround yourself by as many people and inputs as you possibly can that build a go-getter, BIG Life attitude.

Life is too short to be a depressed asshole.

Assess how you’re doing.
Adjust what you’re doing.
A good Attitude goes a long way!

Now let’s go kick some butt.