Daily Devotional

Proverbs 19:21 “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.”

Lonnie and I have lived all across the country. From the East coast to the West coast and 3 states in between. We are wanderers and adventurers. We move because we love change. We are always the “new family in town”, so our perspective is slightly different than the local who has lived there their entire life. We often see what others don’t see. Why? Because it’s different for us, but all the same for them. We have fresh eyes where the 5th generation local has become a little glazed over with the repetitiveness of life.

As much as you may think you want a predictable, predetermined, safe life where nothing ever changes and all things are guaranteed to stay the same, YOU REALLY DON’T WANT THAT. Your soul is craving change. Your eyes are desperate for new and exciting. And yet we cling to what “has been” with a death grip and fight change like the devil himself.

Let me tell you something, the very change you’re fighting may not be a work of the enemy, it may be the design of our almighty God to keep you fully alive in this life. To open your eyes once again, to snap you out of robotic living. To give you days you will actually REMEMBER instead of weeks, months and years of your life passing in a gradual decline.

It is time for change.

And oh how we serve the God of change. We serve the God of curveballs.

Have you ever been thrown a curveball in life? Things didn’t go the way you imagined? Yeah, me too. What does it mean when life seems to get out of control? What does it mean when the bottom drops out of your plans and you’re striking out?

How do you receive change? Do you flip out? Do you panic? Do you begin imagining your ultimate failure and demise immediately? Do you quit? Or do you TRUST? Do you trust that change is God’s curveball to keep you IN THE GAME. it’s not to strike you out; but rather so you can hit it out of the park.

Change is God’s curveball to give you fresh eyes, to wake you up, to keep you from growing so comfortable that you just drift through this week, this month, this year with that ever so gradual decline.

CHANGE IS FOR YOU. For your benefit.

What is your curveball? What is your unexpected change? What is your disappointing pitch right now? Life isn’t in control, God is. Let me say that again. Life isn’t in control. Your life is totally out of control. All your planning and work will NOT control your life. God is in control. Complete control.

And God not only allows curveballs, he stands on the pitcher’s mound and he throws them. And while you may not always understand God’s ways, you can always trust his heart. Always. He is always working everything out for your good. You can bet on that. He’s not out to destroy you or punish you.

He is making you better. He is making you stronger. He is making you into the woman he created you to be, so much more than you ever imagined.

Now, listen to me closely and let me give you a word for today. You’ve been thrown a curve ball. Right now it seems like the thing you are striving for is NOT working. It seems to be going away from you instead of to you. But you keep standing in faith. Keep your eye on what you want. It’s a curveball and it’s going to turn and come RIGHT TO YOU. Be faithful. Keep your eyes fresh. Don’t grow lazy. Don’t allow disappointment to lessen your grip on the tools you have been given. Get ready. Get ready. Get ready. It’s a curveball and it’s going to turn and come right to you.

Whenever God throws you a curveball, it’s not to strike you out; but rather so you can hit it out of the park. That’s because he is for you, not against you!