daily devotional

What is God calling you to? Where is he taking you? And what is he taking you through to get there?

Oh how we all want the promise, but we don’t want the process. We want the success but we don’t want the journey to success. We’re seeking instant, immediate, right now, and God’s plan will take you through a long process of pruning and growing, molding and becoming. It’s in the process we become disheartened. It’s in the process we grow frustrated over the pace and we give up. What you want, you’re simply not ready for. God’s still taking you through the process. What if this time instead of giving up, you lean in and just see what God’s up to.

Imagine waking up every morning with a positive energy of curiosity about every detail in your life. No longer a worry or a fret, but a curious question of “I wonder what God’s up to here?” God has promised that he will work all things together for your good (if you love him and if you are seeking his will in your life). The promise is yours, but the process is his. You don’t get his promise your way.

I feel pretty certain I know where God is taking me. I have hope for that big picture plan over my life. But may I be honest with you here … the process is sometimes more than I bargained for. And every time I complain to God about how long it’s taking or how difficult the journey is, God gently reminds me “sweet girl, you’ve been fighting me. You’ve been getting in the middle of my plans and YOU are responsible for these delays. You haven’t been ready. You still haven’t fully surrendered to me.” And once again, I recommit to going through all I need to go through to get to where he is taking me.

Here’s what God wants to say to you today … IT WILL BE WORTH IT.

Whatever you’re going through today, wherever you find yourself on the journey right now, however hard it may be, however frustrating it may be, it will be worth it.

Look at the process Jesus had to go through to fulfill the promise. Even Jesus wasn’t spared from the process. In Mark chapter 14, we read about Jesus preparing for the cross and he’s in the garden of Gathesemene where he’s praying and preparing. In verse 36 he says

“Abba,Father,everything is possible for you. Take this cup from me. Yet not what I will, but what you will.”

He knew what was ahead. A brutal death on a cross. That was his cup. His portion. And yet he said, not what I will, but what you will. This is the ultimate trust in the father. I want to go where you are taking me, so I’m willing to go through whatever I need to go through to get there.

Jesus knew he had come to bring LIFE, but first he must go through DEATH. Think about that. With that perspective, doesn’t it make more sense that you would be going through what you’re currently going through. God is doing something big in your life, but first, you have so little. He’s building you up, but first you’re stripped down. It doesn’t mean the process will be any easier, but it does mean we can trust the purpose in it.

The message translation of Mark 14:36 says “Papa, Father, you can—can’t you?—get me out of this. Take this cup away from me. But please, not what I want—what do you want?” Not what I want, what do you want God? What a simple and sincere prayer. Can this be your prayer today? Not what I want, what do you want God?

Recognize in an instant God could change everything for you. With one touch absolutely nothing would be the same. And perhaps that is his plan for your life. Be ready for it. Or perhaps he is going to take you through a process that appears the exact opposite of your destiny. It looks like death when he’s taking you to life. It feels like failure when he’s leading you to success.

After all Jesus went through to fulfill the promise, I’m pretty sure he would say it was worth it. It was totally worth it. You were worth it to him. Now, what will you do in response to that? Will you trust the process in your own life? Will you go through this day with a positive energy of curiosity about every detail just wondering what God is up to here? Will your eyes be open to see how God is indeed working everything together for your good? It will be worth it.

Where God is taking you is better than you could have ever imagined. But the process to get there … well, that may be hairy. But you’re never going to be alone. It’s never going to be more than you can handle with God on your side. There will be a way and when it seems impossible, God will move some mountains, part some seas, and tear down some walls just for you.

Today you look at that brick wall standing in front of you, blocking you from the things your heart truly desires and say with that positive energy of curiosity, I wonder what God is up to here?